Second day in this world full of mafia families. Its still a slow day but the mysterious men arrived again. From the looks of it a bit more dignified. Probably because theres a lot of people inside the bar already.

”Kid, come here. Tell the owner we
e gonna order 3 more crates okay could you do that? ” Said the mysterious suspicious man.

”Sure thing. ”

I told the Master about the orders and he just told me the same thing as before. Load up the trolley with the 3 crates in the back and give it to them with no questions asked. I hate to see unpaid goods go out of the bar. But since I have to put my trust into Master I have to.

A few hours into the morning rush of small regulars of this world. Which surprising enough there is a lot of them. My master seems to like making drinks for them so eagerly without batting an eye.

”Hey, Master what drinks do they mostly order from you? ”

”Well, since theres an order for one why not I show you. First I grab a rocks glass and put a sugar cube and 3 dashes of angostura bitters. Then we muddle the sugar until fully dissolved into the bitters. Then we add ice and our alcohol of choice, bourbon while stirring gently.

And finally we take an orange peel and express the essential oils of the peel on the glass then put it into the drink. There you have it an Old Fashioned. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”I see so most of them are simple drinkers. ”

”Pretty much or sometimes they order it just on the rocks. ” Said Mr. Erik.

I nod my head since I can see most mafias only drinks simple or straight up alcohol on the rocks. Quite reasonable if a bit bland.

”Vic, you handle the counter for now. I have to check the storage, Ill be back. ” Said Mr. Erik as he went to the storage room.

I have to hold down the fort while hes busy doing something in the storage room. But things didn go well in the first few minutes in as the same group of mafia looking members from before from the looks of it theres a lot more of them this time.

Sounds like and looks like trouble is coming.

”Hey! Wheres the owner of the bar? ” Said one of the mafia members who just entered the bar.

e too loud! ” Said one of the regulars.

”What did you say punk? ” Said the guy who shouted.

”You shouted in a quiet place you know the rules right? Punk. ” Said the regular.

Well this is escalating real quick. As I hear footsteps seemingly heavy from the back.

”Now, now gentlemen this is not the place for a fight. ” Said Mr. Erik as he looked serious coming out of the storage room.

”You! The boss wants to see you. ” Said the shouty man.

”Yes, why? And what is his business with me? ” Said Mr. Erik.

”He has a problem with you. ” Said the Shouty man.

”Stop shouting Derick. No need for your sorry. We
e just here to pick up after th- OH MY GOD! ” As the Boss steps up and got surprised.

”Been a while Grevnov. I see your members here are still rude like before. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Hey, who do you think you are that can speak casually in front of the bos- ” As Derick gets slapped by Grevnov.

”Do you know who he is Derick? This man right here in front of you. Owner of this fine establishment is. One of the great founding fathers of our mafia. The Hero that saved this world from a horrible beast that controlled the minds of every innocent being. Hes the one responsible for the peace of our world.

The last thing you want to be in the eyes of our founder is to piss him off. We
e terribly sorry Master Erik hes just a rookie and that he- ” As Grevnov explains the situation while being cut short by Mr. Erik.

”No worries. At this age of mine barely anyone would notice who I was. But he did try to cause a ruckus in my bar then again he is a rookie after all. Ill let it slide for today. Anyways state your business here. ” Said Mr. Erik.

As everyone in the room bows in his direction.

”We bid your forgiveness Big Boss! ” Said Everyone in the room.

”Well this is weird since last time I was called Big Boss. That was like centuries ago ever since I brought peace to this world everything changed from the looks of it. But I hope you guys keep your wars to a minimum on collateral. ” Said Mr. Erik

Seems like Master is really full of surprises. Each world is a different sight to behold I guess. This time he looked a bit more dignified than yesterday. Well mostly Queen Lea was on his neck. But since like he is a bit of a powerful figure to these people in this world I could understand his dignified personality.

You got to show your best and most serious look when family is involved is what Masters body language is saying. The power of authority is really visible and the genuine respect from people of this world towards Master is every inch visible.

”Vic, Im sorry if you feel a bit intimidated from the show of my history. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Im fine Master don worry about it. Its not that its overwhelming the fact that you founded a mafia here is awesome to be honest. ”

”I see but then again that is my past I couldn hide it all from you especially since you
e my assistant and pupil. Im just as concern of my past being leaked out in the real world if people hears about this they would go nuts. Especially since cross-world travel just began to be normalized in the real world. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Don worry about the privacy Master I always keep my word if I hear someones secret. ”

That is true, Masters past would become a HUGE problem if the people in our world hears about this and may cause a lot of headaches for us in the long term. For now I have learned more from Master.

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