Our third and final day in this world is upon us and from the looks of it more people are coming in for a drink since they heard that Big Boss has returned which is my Master. And it became a bit more busy than yesterday. Which is at least nice to remove some dead air that has been our problem two days ago.

Also I learned again that the Former Hero formed a Mafia here I was quite surprised that its still alive all these centuries now. Well knowing that a bond of a family is strong enough to last a very long time.

”Hey kid you looked curious on the history of your boss. You wanna know the story of Familia Bravado? ” Said by an old regular

”Well if you have the time, sir. Sure I would be glad to hear it. ”

”Familia Bravado was one of the oldest running mafia families in the world some didn survive and had to merge with them just to survive. But during those times the family only had 6 members including your boss. They were a ruthless family yet kind to those innocent people who got caught on the collateral.

Your boss was the head of that family and he was the one taking the shots, you get what Im saying? He did what no family head here has ever done. Make the entire world a better place to live in. The fact that he was able to turn things around for everyone because of the monster or some kind of demon who were for the longest time manipulating our decisions and making us go to war on each other.

He and his other family members took down that monster within months. They went through a lot as a small mafia family of 6 but those 6 members are deadly on their own. 1 member of their family could take on at least 30-50 members of a normal mafia. So if you add them all up, the manpower of those 6 members are over 300 members combined.

They set foot the stone for future families to follow. I do still see small wars between families but they now take it more serious and preventing any collateral damage to the innocent people. It might be a weird rule to still have wars between families but it make sense in this world. Since wars do stimulate the trades between families.

You can ask your boss on the finer details but from what my great great grandfather saw and experienced he was one of the men that were saved by that family. So I am in debt to your boss for saving my family bloodline. ” Said the old regular.

”You don have to worry about being in debt to someone. You
e great great grandfather was a very capable man himself. He even wanted to be fighting in the frontlines despite being heavily injured. I have to give credit to where credit is due.

Your ancestors live to my expectations don worry Ill make sure my successors will keep it that way. Familia Bravado will always be the ones who will keep the peace of this world of yours. Sadly we don have enough time to meet everyone here. Since we have drinks to serve in the other worlds. But its been nice that I was able to meet up with his great great grandson. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Pleasure to be in your presences. ” Said the old regular as he shakes Masters hand.

Its interesting that Master has this much experience and Im quite surprised how much he remembers despite being over centuries old now. And Im just human, to be honest I wanna know how he keeps up being an immortal hero.

Understanding how you live your life being an immortal is probably hard. Lets forget the details for now we have customers to serve. The last day is most likely the most people at a single day since we
e gonna leave for a while people most likely go to the bar more frequently now than before.

After a while and shifting to our night shift now a lot of the customers are giving a greeting gesture to Master more frequently now. Seems like they just caught wind to on my Masters identity.

”Vic, don get too distracted on the people waving. Remember you have to serve those drinks to people too. ” Said Mr. Erik

”Oh right. Sorry for spacing out Master. ”

”I know the past 9 days has been quite the information bomb but do keep in mind you
e still working. Don you forget about it. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”I understand Master don worry about it. ”

”Well then what if I make you a drink as a sign of trust. I remember making this to my other family members of the old Bravado. Oh yeah Lea was part of that too by the way. ” Said Mr. Erik.

”Woah, she must have her own collection of stories about it then. ”

”She might have some but anyways heres gonna be your drink. Its just a simple two-ingredient drink. Lets get a coupe glass, then I grab a bottle of absinthe you know this is strong stuff. Pour in 1 1/2 ounces of it, I prefer it to eyeball it to be honest. Then you grab your chilled champagne are you catching my drift here Vic. Watch closely, next is you slowly and I mean slowly top up the glass with champagne.

I recommend you drink 3 to 5 of it slowly to feel its effects. And voila, Death by the Afternoon. A very potent, and a very very good drink. ” Said Mr. Erik as he hands me the glass.

I did what he instructed drink slowly. So I took my time sipping the drink out until I feel the drinks effects.

”You feeling it now ,Vic? ” Said Mr. Erik

I nodded in reply.

”Now that you put your trust into me after this pact. You will be now a member of Familia Bravado. Welcome to the family, and lets enjoy the last night we have here for today. ” Said Mr. Erik.

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