Crystal Constellations

Self-Inflicted Carpal Tunnel

Even before getting hit in the face by a window and getting its outline imprinted on her face, Lin Songmeis mood was already rock bottom.

She spent the entire day filling out reflection forms about the school year, one for each class… and she had 8 classes. It was already post-graduation, the school year had already ended but here she was, spending the first day of break filling out these forms during a massive rainstorm.

Sitting at her desk, Songmei spent the entire day filling out these asinine forms, hand-writing them since her school apparently was living 50 years in the past. Didn they know everyone just used terminals these days? Even she, who lived in what could only be called an orphanage, had the cheapest model.

Therefore, since the head lady, the woman in charge of managing everyone in this, ”Government Funded Public Home For Those Without Homes ”, or an orphanage as everyone called it, ordered everyone to finish these before they could start their summer, Songmei spent the day destroying her wrist while staring at her reflection in the window.

Throughout the day, when not giving herself carpal tunnel syndrome, Songmei got a great view of the rain, her reflection, and some more rain. Of course, because it was… her, she knew her reflection quite well, so staring at her reflection wasn ground-breaking entertainment.

She had silver eyes that seemed to, for some incomprehensible reason, hold less life than usual, white-silver hair that changed color under the light, and a reasonable enough looking face… probably? It wasn like she was going to get any action at 16 while living in an orphanage.

Well, needless to say, added to her features was also a bright red imprint of the window, why did the window have to open inward anyway?

Now, sitting there, after closing the window, Songmei had some time to weigh the positives and negatives of getting some temporary body art done by the brilliant artist, the window.


The negative was too big. Without a doubt it destroyed the positive like an adult going against a child in a competition of who could do their taxes the best.

With the negative being the fact that half of her hand-written forms were now utterly useless because they were soaked in rain. The ink that she had used to write the forms now formed some… amazingly beautiful streams that mimicked nature while being as useful as literally NOTHING.

At least she had a more interesting reflection to look at in the mirror now, something to distract herself while mourning the loss of half her days work.

But sitting there mourning wouldn do her any good, so with a deep breath, a light slap to the cheek that ended up hurting a lot more than it shouldve, Songmei got back to work, rewriting how she thoroughly enjoyed math class this year, and how it was such an enriching subject that she felt truly changed her life in a way never before.

Her pen moving without break, probably to the point that if it had a will itd be filing for workers compensation, Songmei kept one hand on the window to keep it from bursting open again, the elbow on that same arm on her paper, and her other hand on the pen, writing as if her break depended on it… which it did.

”… Im done with this. ”

Almost throwing down her pen, then realizing it was one of the two pens she had, Songmei put down her pen like a precious treasure, stretching a little while keeping her hand planted on the window.


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