Crystal Constellations

Does Talking Count As Golddigging?

The bus had dropped them off in front of what could only be described as a fortress. A sprawling complex of buildings, all gleaming bright white with blue highlights under the sun. However, even with the large windows that lined the futuristic-looking buildings, the number of armed guards and the official procedures taking place made this place only seem like a government building or a military fortress… or both?

Walking up to the building, Songmei could only think maybe it was both, theyd take the test and anyone who was good enough would instantly be kidnapped into a sect, thats the secret yep.

In actuality though, spread across every major city was one of these testing centers, with everyone getting a different time spread across about a week. The time, in the end, didn really matter though, it was just a way to keep things organized, test times were given based on the area of the city you lived in.

Yet, of course, certain test times would have media swarming over them, test times that might have a descendent from some famous cultivators, sects, or family clans.

Songmei however, remembering back to the teacher at the school recounting how he was in the same group as one of the now famous cultivators, couldn help but lament, Theres literally not a single media person… not one at all. I think I could count more suns in the sky than media personnel… and theres only a single sun…

Her thoughts keeping her occupied as she filed into a sprawling auditorium, Songmei was jolted out of her thinking as she bumped into the person in front of her. Making a quick apology, Songmei looked around the area, finding a place where no one was sitting.


Lamenting the sudden loss of her hearing and all of her future hearing capabilities, Songmeis attention was directed to a raised podium in the center of the auditorium that now held an apologetic-looking man.

”So… Im a cultivator from the nearby alliance. First of all, sorry I didn think itd be that loud… ”

”However! Im here to tell you about how itll go today! ”

”First, theres a team of staff going around, RIGHT NOW! These staff will, based on your name, give you a number. Then, when we call a range of numbers, these people will go towards their designated test site! You can find the corridors leading to them spread out around you! ”

Swiveling her head, Songmei did see several parts of the web-like walls fold outward, forming corridors towards other places.

”Other than that though, feel free to hang out! Talk to your friends, talk to some strangers and make some friends, theres not much to do really… However, since youll be spending all day here, we will be providing breakfast shortly, and then lunch later! Youll be out before dinner I assure you, so have fun! ”

With a bright smile that seemed to illuminate the auditorium, the man raised his hand, snapped his fingers, and disappeared in a shower of yellow leaves.

Hot damn…

Stunned, Songmei along with everyone else in the auditorium almost forgot the contents of the cultivators words, instead, everyone was in awe of the cultivators mystical technique… that could be theirs! This was the place where dreams were made or shattered.

Pressing her hands together, Songmeis eyebrows furrowed as she began to pray, Please… if theres anyone looking down on me… actually there are a lot of those, Im poor, but in the other way, if theres anyone looking down on me, please give me some talent, I just want a nice house, tasty food, and more than a single drawers worth of clothing…

Her eyes opened after she felt… absolutely nothing, from her small prayer to… absolutely nothing, Songmei found an open space near a wall, sitting against it while preparing to spend the day bored out of her mind.

I shouldve brought a book… though I only have three and Ive memorized them all cover to cover…

Fighting the urge to fall asleep—she knew that if she fell asleep shed miss the one of the team members who were handing out numbers along with the free breakfast—Songmei sat against the wall, admiring the exquisite architecture that the hall was made of.

”Heeeeey~ ”


Poke. Poke.

e alone too, why don we talk and become friends! ”


Did her prayer instead send a curse towards her?

Turning towards the source of the voice and pokes, Songmei, with dead eyes, was greeted with a girl with deep blue hair… and bright golden eyes flecked with ruby-like dots.

Putting on a small smile, Songmei looked into the girls eyes once more, only to have a strange feeling blossom in her heart, one that she couldn quite name.

Those eyes are definitely not normal. Lets just be polite, not too cold and not too eager. Don be too cold, you can talk to people Songmei!

”Hello. ”


As the single word left her mouth, Songmei felt the urge to throw up blood, composing herself before trying again. ”Hi, nice to meet you, whats your name? ”

A smile blossoming on the girls face, taking her already attractive looks to another level, the girl introduced herself in an excited whisper, careful not to draw the attention of anyone around her, ”Im Yan Mingqing, nice to meet you! Whats your name? Something told me you were a nice person, and also you were sitting alone so I decided to come talk! I love talking to people just… I don get the chance to talk to many people… ”

Touching her ear a few times to make sure it hadn fallen off from the stream of words, Songmei introduced herself while beginning to lament the situation she had gotten herself into (she really was doing a lot of lamenting these days). ”Im Lin Songmei, nice to meet you too. Why don you get to talk to people much? I feel like approaching a stranger during this time where everyone is stressed isn the best way to socialize… ”

”Well you see… ” Mingqing began in a hushed tone, leaning into Songmeis ear to whisper, ”Im actually the second child of the direct lineage of the Kunpeng clan… ”

Stiffening up hearing Mingqings confession, Songmei once more began to lament the situation she was in, if Mingqing was telling the truth, this was someone Songmei couldn offend.

It went from annoying extrovert to the child of one of the richest people in the world, and one of the most powerful clans in the world… Is this good or bad… is my luck dog excrement or pure gold…

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