The Apple Of Reset

”Get away from her! ” Chen said as he moved quickly and stood in front of her.

”Come on now… If you give her to me, I will get rid of your debt and give you an extra ten thousand dollars, ” Chief Enzo proposed once again with a grin plastered on his face.

Petes sister hid behind Chens back with a frightened look. She didn like the way he was staring at her.

”Shes not for sale! ” Chen shouted out with a tone full of annoyance.

”Tch, well too bad, ” Chief Enzo said and turned around.

”Lets go boys! ” He commanded.

The ten men trashing the place earlier followed behind him while giving Chen a provocative glance.

”Ill be back next month, have my money ready by then… Or I will take the girl forcefully! ” Chief Enzo voiced out before leaving through the broken-down door.

”Bastard! Youll only get her over my dead body! ” Chen shouted out with a tone of anguish but they were already gone.

He heard a small whimper behind him and turned around.

”Big brother are they gonna take me away? ” Petes sis asked with a sad expression.

”No Remi, I won let them take you away! ” Chen said and pulled her into an embrace.

He rubbed her hair gently to comfort her for a few seconds before letting her go.

”Don worry, big brother will do something about this, ” Chen added and turned around to arrange the disorganized living room.

Remi stared at him with a contemplative expression.

Why does he look so lively today? She wondered internally.

Pete was always looking moppy and severely crestfallen even when he tried to act happy but today it seemed like there was a truly positive outlook on him compared to before.

She decided not to think about it too much after concluding that it was a good thing.

She smiled and went to join him in arranging the place.

Is big brother back to being his old self?

An hour later Chen was back in his room.

His performance earlier was based on Petes memories.

The emotions of regret and the feeling of wanting to protect his sister were still within Pete even though he had passed.

Chen now saw Remi as his sister and Pete as a part of himself.

I have only a single month… I need to find a way out of this mess before then, Pete walked towards the immersion pod and entered it.

He laid down inside and the pod closed up itself.

Tum! Tum!

The inside of the pod lit up with green and blue lights.

Chen held the helmet up and stared at it for a few seconds before placing it on his head.

Now lets see how this world looks, He said internally after placing it on his head.




Chen heard these notifications in his ears as his mind was being pulled into another world.

He was unable to see anything besides white light for a few seconds.


Chen found himself inside a small village square the moment the bright light disappeared.

”So boorish… who uses their real name in a game? ” Chen was disappointed at Petes lack of creativity.

He looked around the village to see small houses made of wood and villagers in poor outfits moving about.

He checked himself out and noticed he was dressed in a black leather jacket and brown pants. He had two daggers strapped to his sides and was putting on brown boots.

He looked pretty decent compared to the villagers.

”Wow, ” Chen raised his arms and stared at them with a look of astonishment.

”It doesn even feel like a game… it looks so real, ” He looked at himself and then observed the surroundings.

If this was where he found himself when he woke the other time, he would believe it was real.

He moved about while checking his surroundings.

”Everything feels so real, ” Chen said with an excited expression.

breathing, walking, talking, He even pinched himself to see how it will feel.

There was literally no difference between this and reality except for the fact that he could see some villagers with abnormal looks.

Some villagers looked completely human while some were half human half beasts.

Chen recalled from Petes memories that this was Brether mist village.

A village within the game that had half beasts and humans living together.

This was where Pete had spawned six months ago when he started the game.

There used to be a lot of players here but now everyone had gone to the city after leveling up beyond the standards of the village.

He had never been able to leave the village due to his level.

Until a player reaches level ten, it was impossible to leave the village you spawned in.

Chen combed through Petes memories and turned northeast.

He had to turn right and left twice after walking to the end of two streets before arriving in front of a Plainfield.

Ahead was a slightly dense forest.

This forest was where Pete visited to grind low leveled monsters for EXP.

Chen wanted to try killing some monsters to confirm the issue of not leveling up.

”Player stats! ” He called out while walking through the forest.

A wall of blue appeared in front of him with words written on them.


Player Name: Pete Evans

Title: none

Class: Assassin

Level: 8

HP: 400/400

MP: 40/40

EXP: 9000/64,000


Attack power: 29

Strength: 35

Mental strength: 34

Endurance: 33

Intelligence: 21

Defense: 27

Agility: 31

Speed: 37


Chop » Level 2

Slash » Level 3

Parry » Level 3

Silent steps » Level 4

Dagger dance » Level 3

Dash » Level 4




Twin copper daggers (common)


jacket (common)

Boots (common)

Cloak (common)


Chen was especially focused on the exp.

He wasn that much of a game player back in his former world but he knew that increase in exp was what determined leveling up.

Also, he still had Petes memories so he understood everything he saw.

He walked through the forest till he came across a pack of white wolves.

They were about ten in number and each one was taller than six feet.

Chen knew these were level three timber wolves so he wasn even bothered.

The experience of fighting them was already in this body that he currently occupied.

”According to what I remember his exp never increases even after defeating monsters, ” Chen recalled this also.


The wolves noticed him and started moving towards him.

Chen moved once and appeared behind one of the wolves causing a small gust of wind to spread across the place.

He unsheathed his daggers and swung the one on his right hand towards the neck of the wolf.


His daggers cut an arc across the neck of the wolf, decapitating it completely.



The head of the wolf flew across the air while its body dropped limply to the ground.

<+1500 EXP>

Everything happened so quickly that the wolves were still looking around in confusion.

Chen who had successfully decapitated the wolf suddenly dashed backward and ran towards the direction he was coming from.

The wolves saw him running away but they didn have the guts to chase him after what had just happened.

Chen kept running till he was out of the forest.

Killing that wolf felt very natural to him so he wasn in any way uncomfortable with what had just happened.

His reason for running was, that he got EXP from the wolf he killed so the next step was to check his player stats to see if it was added.


Player Name: Pete Evans

Title: none

Class: Assassin

Level: 8

HP: 400

EXP: 9000/64,000


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