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The regulators were said to be a government agency with recruits that were also players in Overworld and had acquired superhuman abilities from the game. They were in charge of bringing those who committed crimes with the abilities acquired from Overworld to justice.

They were able to reduce the crime rate that came from the usage of these abilities but it was impossible to exterminate such criminals entirely.

The population of normal citizens playing the game to regulators was like a hundred thousand to one.

The regulators were also playing Overworld like everyone else so they also had to level up to increase their strength which meant there would still be people out there with the same level of strength or higher.

The only advantage they had was they were trained in deadly combat. The mixture of this with the leveling up from the game increased their combat force exponentially.

As Chen transversed the streets to the nearest bus station, he noticed that this world was not very different from the earth he came from.

He could notice some differences like names of cities, continents, and structures but generally, both worlds still looked very similar.

Chen boarded the public transport to the factory Pete worked in.

In about twenty minutes he arrived at a part of the city where factories of different kinds could be seen.

This entire area only had industrialized structures lined up.

Not a single apartment-like building could be seen around here.

He headed for the seventh factory northwards.

Thirty minutes later Chen was already moving from place to place within the factory, lifting some large bags.

It was a sugar company and he had to take the bags from the factory to the vehicle outside.

He had been moving these bags for the last thirty minutes and he still wasn close to finishing.

It was really a tedious job for Chen since Petes body was very weak.

Pete had been doing this for months before he died yet his body never really adapted to it because he was hardly eating.

The work was constant but there were times that he didn eat for a whole day so he could feed his sister.

He finished loading two more bags into the truck and was on his way back into the factory when he bumped into a fellow worker who happened to be a six feet male with a small mustache.


”Hey buddy, ” The Young man tapped and greeted him.

”Huff, Hey Arjun, ” Chen replied. He was out of breath due to the heavy lifting which was why he responded that way.

Petes memories with this person were revealed to him making their conversation smooth.

”How is it going? You look brighter than usual, ” Arjun said while scrutinizing Chen from head to toe.

”Haha, I don know what you
e talking about… how is your wife? ” Chen quickly changed the topic.

”Shes alive and kicking… ” Arjun replied with a jovial smile.

”Shouldn the baby be the one kicking? ” Chen asked with a peal of light laughter.

”Ah, thats right, hahaha, ” Arjun replied while scratching the back of his head.

”She will be due three months from now right? ” Chen asked.

”Two and the half months to be precise.. hehe I still can believe that Im gonna be a father, ”

”Arjun I promise to pay… ” Chen was interrupted before he finished speaking.


Arjun placed his hand on Chens shoulder.

”Pete, Ive told you to forget about it… worry about the others that you owe, don worry about paying me, I don mind! ” Arjun said with a look of concern.

Chen was speechless after hearing this.

”Just take care of yourself and your sister… thats the most important thing right now. I and my wife can handle ourselves, okay? ” Arjun raised his thumb after he finished speaking.

”Hnmm, ” Chen nodded with a smile hung on his face.

”Thank you, ” He added.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

”Haha, you don have to be modest about it, ” Arjun said while tapping Chens shoulders.

”Now lets get back to work, ” Arjun added and proceeded to walk towards the truck.

Chen stared at Arjuns back with a smile on his face.

In Petes memories, Arjun was also a school dropout who came from a rich family.

He impregnated his girlfriend when he was still a student at a well-renowned university but his parents asked him to destroy the pregnancy since his girlfriend happened to be of a lower class in the society and attended the same university with him on a scholarship.

They didn want to be affiliated with such a person.

Arjun disobeyed his father who already planned to get the girl assassinated. He had to elope with her to this city.

They had been living here for several months now and also got married here.

Arjun no longer had any riches since he eloped from home so he had to work here to take care of his family.

Even with the little that he was earning, he had saved Pete and his sister from starving several times. He had lent Pete money on numerous occasions and never asked him to pay it back.

He had such a wonderful personality that Pete started feeling ashamed to ask him for money after knowing of his predicament.

Even in death you still have people who care about you, Chen felt that even though Petes life ended miserably he still had people valuable relationships.

In Chens past life he had no such relations. He was crazily rich but he had been living an empty life. No bonds, no relations, or anything like that.

He just kept making money and more money but it could never fill the hole of emptiness within even though he had slept with countless women.

His life and that of Petes were polar opposite.

Chen got back to work and resumed the transporting of bags to the truck outside.

By the time he was done, it was already four am in the morning, he really pulled an all-nighter.

He felt so tired afterward. This wasn the first time he was pulling an all-nighter. He had done business meetings in the middle of the night countless times but this was the first time he was doing such heavy tasks, especially in a body that he was still kinda unfamiliar with.

Chen went to take his bath in one of the factorys shower rooms.


The water rained down upon his head as he reminisced about yesterdays events.

All of a sudden a splitting headache assaulted his senses again.

”Argh, ” He held his head while a memory from last evening played out in his mind.




”That was why I passed out the other time, ” Chen remembered the voice he heard in his head before passing out yesterday evening.

”That sounded no different from the voice I heard when diving into the game world.

”Initiating Overworld system? ” Chen said with a confused expression.


”What the? ” Chen saw a blue notification panel appear in front of him.

”This is just like the game, ” Chen recollected that it looked exactly like how notifications would pop up in Overworld.

Chen had a suspicious look as the blue notification stared back at him glowing bright light within the small bathroom.

”Player stats! ” Chen decided to confirm his suspicions.


Player Name:???

Title: none


Level: 8

HP: 400

EXP: 9000/64,000


Attack power: 29

Strength: 35

Mental strength: 34

Endurance: 33

Intelligence: 21

Defense: 27

Agility: 31

Speed: 37


Chop » Level 2

Slash » Level 3

Parry » Level 3

Silent steps » Level 4

Dagger dance » Level 3

Dash » Level 4




Twin copper daggers (common)


jacket (common )

Boots (common)

Cloak (common)


”How am I able to see the game stats in reality? ” Chens eyes widened in bewilderment.

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