New Configuration

”How am I able to see the game stats in reality? ” Chens eyes widened in bewilderment.

The panel was displayed right before his eyes just like the way it appeared in the game.

Chen had to close and open his eyes severally while also cleaning them as he stood underneath the shower because he couldn believe that he was truly seeing the game stats in the real world.

He combed through Petes memories and tried checking if such a thing had ever happened but there was no such news in this world.

Pete was very up to date on information regarding the game since he wanted to cure himself this was necessary so he practically knew everything that had happened since the start of the game and there had never been a case when someone was able to see the game stats in the real world.

Strength from the game started manifesting in the real world when a player got to level 10 but the game panel never appeared in the world when that happened.

Players were always able to feel it within their bodies.

”In this world, anything is practically possible, ” Chen decided not to sweat it.

Being able to bring a game ability to the real world was already an impossible feat so this wasn any different.

”Why are the stats greyed out? ” Chen noticed that the stats were grey instead of white.

The attributes, items, skills, and weapons were greyed out.

Chen suspected that this meant he wouldn be able to use the game skills but he still decided to confirm it.

He tried activating Dash only for a notification to appear in front of him.

He wasn surprised since he already thought this was going to be the case.

”Then, whats the point of having this in the real world if I can make use of it? ” Chen muttered with a look of disappointment.

If he was able to use his game stats in the real world he could really become stronger than a lot of people immediately since the increase in strength only came after every ten levels which meant, a player would still be weaker in reality than in the game even though they had acquired a part of their strength from their stats in the game.

Also, not all skills and abilities could be brought into the real world which was another reason why Chen was disappointed.

This was practically being able to bring everything into the real world yet, he couldn access them.

Chen caught sight of something while browsing through the blue panel in front of him.

Among all the greyed-out stats, only one was white.

Chen was shocked because, unlike the others, this particular stat had nothing underneath it beforehand.




”Reset? What does this mean? ” Chen stared at it with a suspicious look.

”Pete never unlocked an ability formerly so the ability slot was always empty but after I ate the apple of reset… Wait… ” Different speculations formed in his mind.

”Could this have anything to do with the apple of reset? Might I have gained the ability of the fruit? ” Chens eyes widened in disbelief as he speculated.

”its too early to tell… I should try activating it first before jumping to any conclusions, ” Chen said with a decisive look.

[Player Has Activated The Skill; RESET!]

Chen went on to activate the skill and just as he thought earlier, the activation worked.

The problem that came next was how he was supposed to make use of the ability since it didn come with any manuals.

The instant he thought about making use of the ability something happened.


His palms suddenly lit up with a purple glow.

Chen raised both his palms to stare at them.

His face showed confusion, ”What..? ”

”Pete! You
e there buddy? ”

He was drawn out of his thoughts by Arjuns voice coming from outside the small cubicle he was currently bathing in.

”Hey, Buddy! You okay? ” Arjun asked again when he didn get any response.

”Im fine Arjun, Ill be out in a bit, ” Chen voiced out as he reached out for the showers faucet and turned off the shower.

Chen quickly hurried out of the shower after turning it off.

Arjun was outside waiting for him.

”Oh its good that you
e okay, I was starting to get worried for a bit here hehe, ” Arjun laughed wryly.

He also just finished taking a shower so a towel was also strapped around his waist.

”Huh? ” Chens face shone with confusion after hearing Arjuns statement

Even though he had spent longer than twenty minutes in the shower but he felt Arjun was kinda overreacting until a strange memory belonging to Pete drifted into his mind.

Oh so thats why, Chen said internally as he moved to the locker area with Arjun to put on his clothes.

In the past, a factory worker drowned while showering in the factory which was why Arjun was very worried when Pete was spending a lot of time in the bathroom.

After Chen left the bathroom a small purple glow suddenly appeared on the showers faucet.

it spread across the wall to the shower above.

Crack! Crack!

Cracks similar to spiderwebs started appearing on the wall.

In a few seconds, the head, pipes, faucet, and other parts of the shower fell out of the wall as the cracks split it open.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

They all fell to the ground and dislodged from one another.

At the moment Chen and Arjun were leaving the factory so they had no idea of what went down in the bathroom.

”Take care buddy, you better start eating well so you can grow some good-sized body to add with that pretty face of yours, ” Arjun voiced out while laughing as he jumped onto the back of the small truck heading in the direction of his home.

Chen laughed lightly while waving at him, ”Take care you too. My regards to Cecile and the baby, ” He shouted out as the small truck disappeared into the distance.

Arjun didn stop smiling at him until the vehicle was out of sight.

Chen stopped waving and stared at the sky that was starting to brighten up.

I promise to take care of the people that did right by you, Chen swore within himself before turning around and heading towards the nearest bus station.

He traveled back to his home by public transport and on the way, he kept staring at the different structures.

Since the skies were starting to brighten up he was able to see the surroundings more clearly.

He saw a few skyscrapers but most of the buildings around were just a few stories tall.

The roads were constructed well in commercial areas but when it came to streets like the one he lived in with his sister, it wasn all that great.

Of course, he couldn recognize any of the structures here but the similarities between them and his former world were still present as he noticed earlier.

After thirty minutes Chen arrived in front of his apartment.

Kom! Kom!

He knocked twice and a familiar voice responded from within.

”Coming, ” It was the sweet voice of Remi.


Her beautiful face was once again revealed to him.

”Big brother you
e back, ” She voiced out in joy and jumped into his embrace.

Chen was caught unawares so his eyes widened as her body glued to his and he breathed in her alluring fragrance.

His sense was knocked out of him for a second as he felt her warmth.

Oh wait shes his sister, I can harbor any thoughts, Chen remembered and pulled her from his embrace.

”Erm Remi maybe you shouldn … you
e a big girl now you know, ” Chen said with a bashful expression.

”What are you talking about big brother? ” Remi asked with an innocent expression.

Hmm, they are siblings so I guess Im the one being weird here,

”Anyways lets go in, ” Chen said and walked in with her.

Immediately after entering the house he quickly climbed up the stairs.

”Why are you such in a hurry big brother? ” Remi asked while standing in the middle of the living room.

”I need to get into Overworld, ” Chen answered before entering the small passageway that led to his room.

”Aren you going to have breakfast? ” Remi voiced out.

”Later, ” Chen replied.


Remi heard the sound of his door closing up and shook her head with a smile.

”Big brother seems to have resumed playing that game… well, it doesn matter so long as he is happy, ” She muttered and proceeded to head towards the kitchen.

”Ill store his food away for now, ”

The moment Chen got into his room he walked towards the immersion pod and got in.

He proceeded to put the helmet on his head as the pod lit up on the inside.




Chen felt his consciousness being pulled into another world.



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