Reaching Level 10



This was the first thing Chen heard immediately he regained his vision.

He could see himself in a dark space where the only sources of light were some white glowing lines all around him.

He noticed that he was also naked in this state.

”Huh? Where is this? Why am I naked? ” He had expected that he would appear within the village-like last time but for some reason, this was where he found himself.


The robotic voice stated once again and that was when he noticed the blue lump of light floating behind him.

The voice was coming from it.



”Oh, It seems my game character also underwent reset… I thought it only affected the game character if it was consumed within the game, ” Chen had a contemplative expression on his face as he thought.

Nonetheless, he remembered he still had the same stats as before so this made it even more confusing for him.

”Pete named himself Pete which seems pretty bland so how about I go for something a little more sophisticated, ” Chen thought before responding to the blob of light.

”I like to stand out but… I don want to totally erase Petes identity so… ”

”CR5… sounds bad but who cares, ” Chen said with a burst of light laughter.

Chen remembered that in the earth where he came, the name Peter was of a Greek origin which translates to
ock. The C at the front was a way he decided to incorporate his own identity into it.

Also, Peter was a five-letter word, which was where the number 5 at the end came from.

After deciding on the name, a voice was heard from the blue lump of light again.




A holographic table of different wordings was displayed next.







Chens mind recalled Petes first time making his choice of class and realized that not all classes were always displayed. According to information on the game all across the world, the system always displayed classes that suited specific people after scanning their brain waves.

The players would then have to make their choices from the classes displayed. Most times only two or three classes would be displayed for a player.

A person who the system examined to have good potential could get up to four choices. Chen was surprised that he was seeing all classes being displayed here.


While Chen was checking out the list a notification popped up on the holographic table being displayed.

[Due to player unique properties a secret class option has been added to the list]

Chen noticed the new class added after reading the notification.


(This allows the player to add properties from two other classes to the Enchanter class, giving the player a unique Ad Mage class.)

Chen had an astonished expression as he stared at the written explanation of this new class.

It turned out this was a magic class but at the same time, he could decide to add the properties of the assassin class which was Petes original class, and one other class of his choice.

Anyone that had the chance to pick such a class would definitely have an advantage over the other players as they could switch classes midway in a battle to suit the situation.

It felt too good to be true but Chen wasn going to pass up such an amazing opportunity.

He proceeded to voice out his choice and the blue lump of light made a low chiming sound as the robotic voice was heard next.



The characters on the screen with the classes didn disappear but Ad-Mage was now crossed out. Chen had to pick two others now.

Without wasting time, he picked the Assassin class first since this was Petes signature class.

The second one he decided to go with was the Warrior class. Chen felt that based on the information he had seen so far, the mage class would grant him long-range abilities. The assassin class would grant him stealth-like abilities that would make it easy to sneak up on his opponents and end them in one fell swoop. While the warrior class would make up for close-range battles if he couldn handle such with any of the other two.

Chen felt everything was balanced perfectly after making these picks.



The instant these words were completely voiced out, Chen felt a pull on his mind as his line of sight turned into fluorescent color for a bit.

In the next moment, he found himself standing in the Brether Mist Village just like when he first arrived here as Petes game character.

Just like before, some villagers looked completely human while some were half human half beasts. They were all moving around in poor-looking sack-like outfits.

However, Chen noticed something…

”I still look the same as last time, ” He mumbled as he felt like nothing had changed.

He was still clad in a black leather jacket and brown pants. The two daggers he was equipped with earlier were still here as well.

”Player stats! ” He called out.

A wall of blue appeared in front of him with words written on them.


Player Name: CR5

Title: none

Class: Ad-Mage (Assassin + Warrior)

Level: 8

HP: 400/400

MP: 50/50

EXP: 9000/64,000


Attack power: 52

Strength: 47

Mental strength: 43

Endurance: 45

Intelligence: 32

Defense: 34

Agility: 42

Speed: 49


(Enchanter Class)

Wind blaze » Level 1

Manifestation » Level 1

(Assassin Class)

Chop » Level 2

Slash » Level 3

Parry » Level 3

Silent steps » Level 4

Dagger dance » Level 3

Dash » Level 4

(Warrior Class)

Fortress » Level 1

Charge » Level 1




Twin copper daggers (common)


jacket (common)

Boots (common)

Cloak (common)


Spare Attribute Points: 0


Chen was surprised to find out he was still a level 8 player and his stats hadn completely undergone reset. The difference he noticed was his attributes had higher points than before but he suspected this might be due to picking the Ad-Mage class.

The Assassin Class skills Pete had initially picked up were still present and available for use. There were also two sets of skills available for the other two classes.

From what Chen knew, skills were unlocked as a player leveled up and could also be unlocked with spare attributes points but there were always default skills that would usually be a part of a players stats at level 1 after they had picked their class.

With these two default skills for the Mage and Warrior class, it was like Pete was a level 1 since no other skill was unlocked for them. Chen felt it was normal, considering these classes were just added and none had been used since this game character was in level 1.

”This reset ability… I still have to experiment with it and find out what exactly it can do, ” Chen recalled his experience trying to activate it in the factorys shower.

Although it did get activated, he had no idea what it could do because he didn have the time to properly test it out. Based on what he got from Petes memories, abilities unlike skills didn have levels.

They were always very powerful compared to skills and would increase in effectiveness the higher a players level.

Chen decided to stop thinking about this at the moment. All he felt that needed to be done right now was grind.

”I need to test out if the level issue has truly been resolved, ” Chen muttered as he began to head west.

The villagers greeted him as he walked past some of them almost like they weren NPCs. Just as mentioned earlier, with the way the game looked immensely realistic, one could mistake it for the real world if they found themselves here suddenly.

The details in everything and the way the NPCs acted were superb.

Chen arrived at the path that led to the forest after a few minutes of walking. He was heading towards the area where he met with the pack of Timber Wolves earlier.

-Minutes Later

Slash! Slash!



Within a grassy forest area, blood was spilled as Chen dashed across the place while swinging his daggers sideways.

The Timber Wolves were gathered in a group as they tried fending him off but Chen only needed to take a step to the side and he would appear seven feet away from his initial position.

This was the power of dash but each time he made use of it he expended one mana so he made sure not to use it too much.


Another wolfs head was sent flying as his dagger sliced through its neck area. At this point, four of them had already been cut down and only five more were left.

<+1500 EXP>

The fourth notification appeared in front of him after he killed this one.

Four of the wolves leaped towards him at the same time from different directions.



An outburst of wind, blasted forth from his figure sending all the wolves flying backward from the force of the wind.

A few seconds later all the Timber wolves were lying in pools of blood scattered across the place. They slowly began to disintegrate into light particles which was normal for creatures after death.

Chen sheathed his daggers as he stared at the loot these dead wolves had dropped after their bodies disappeared but he wasn too interested in that right now.

”Player Stats, ” Chen voiced out.

It was time to check if his EXP had increased.

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