ted numbers.
First, Ye Zhou said his level, so Dugu Zhuo remembered that “3” was “3”.
When he leveled up, he learned “4” and “5”.
With Ye Zhou slashing monsters producing +100 and +100, Dugu Zhuo quickly remembered the characters 1 through 9 and understood the meaning of “0”.
One more “0” is a multiple of 10..

After reading the numbers, he realized that as the level increased, the experience needed to upgrade also rose.
He used 200 experience to upgrade from level 3 to level 4, 400 from level 4 to level 5, and it takes 1000 to go from level 5 to level 6.According to this growth rate, isn’t a terrifying amount of experience needed to can reach level 80 where they can use the combined skills?

The monsters in the karma forest were not enough, and Dugu Zhuo looked at the unending beasts on the ground with some worry.

The upgraded weapon greatly improved Ye Zhou’s efficiency, and two rounds of monsters were quickly cleared.

He landed in front of Dugu Zhuo and let out a sigh of relief.
“Finally, unlocked the group attack skill at level 10.
But the cost to upgrade has reached 4000.
There’s not enough mobs here; let’s go to other maps tomorrow.
I hope that there will be fewer players on the next map.
At one time when I first started doing quests in Novice Village, there were more players than quests!”

There are other players? And a lot of them?

Dugu Zhuo: “There are only two of us ‘players’ here.”

“Because it’s not easy to reach here,” Ye Zhou said proudly.
“I took a quest to buy incense from Tanye Temple in Xinshou Village.
Seeing players snatching incense at the door, I didn’t want to squeeze in with them, so I went for a walk in the sparsely populated bamboo forest.
I accidentally touched a purple bamboo and was transported here.
How did you come in?”

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“Same as you.” Dugu Zhuo said.

“It’s time for me to go offline,” Ye Zhou said.
“My family controls my game time very strictly, and can’t go online for too long every day.
Uh, why don’t you first stay here and reach level 10, then look for other places.
I’ll find you when I’m online.

He’s leaving? Dugu Zhuo looked at Ye Zhou reluctantly; he only saw Ye Zhou for a moment.

Emotionally, he doesn’t want to be separated from Ye Zhou.
But intellectually, he knows that this is not the real world, and Ye Zhou must return to reality.
Even in the Qingtian Sword Sect, it is impossible for disciples to stay in the mystic realm for too long, their bodies will gradually dry up with divine consciousness.

After a long minute, he finally uttered a sentence.
“Tomorrow, how can I find you?”

“The flow of game time and real time seems to be the same,” Ye Zhou said.
“I will be online at about 9 am and get off around noon.
Then from 3 to 6pm in the afternoon, and will not be online at night.”

Seeing that Dugu Zhuo was ignorant about things, Ye Zhou urged: “If you encounter other players, try not to have any disputes.
If nothing else works, go offline.
Don’t expose that special skill.
Those players are desperate to upgrade and can suck you dry.
Focus on upgrading step by step, and I will send a paper crane transmission tomorrow when I go online.”

Dugu Zhuo could only say: “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Ye Zhou took out his jade slip, which represents the control panel, and opened the log off button.
Before leaving, he glanced at Dugu Zhuo standing in the woods, and finally plucked up the courage to ask: “Er… do you really look like this in reality? The appearance adjusted to 80% can still do this, this…”

Dugu Zhuo touched his face subconsciously; he knew that his face was very attractive.

Although Ye Zhou hadn’t praised him for being good-looking, Dugu Zhuo knew that Ye Zhou cared about his appearance.
There was a time when he fought with a fellow disciple, leaving several blood stains on his face, and internal injuries.
After the battle, Ye Zhou threw him a few bottles of medicine for external injuries, while Dugu Zhuo had to go the deacon’s hall to receive the medicine for internal injuries.

After Ye Zhou left, there were ten years of wind and frost.
Dugu Zhuo hadn’t paid attention to his appearance for a long time, which was much worse than it was at his peak.

“It’s worse.” Dugu Zhuo had a nostalgic smile.

“!” Ye Zhou logged off with his heart in his mouth.
Even this can be considered a bit worse! He couldn’t communicate with Dugu Zhuo for the time being.
He was angry and jealous!

Seeing him disappear into thin air, Dugu Zhuo’s smile solidified.
His joy faded, leaving only the loneliness and the confusion of being in a strange world.

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Standing in the forest, the corpse of the monsters under his feet disappeared, and the rustling sounds came from inside the forest again.

In Ye Zhou’s words, “the mobs have refreshed.”

Ugly monsters emerged from the forest, and will respawn after they are killed.
Like the karma forest known to Dugu Zhuo, countless monsters will be born continuously.

Monster will instinctively attack people, and Dugu Zhuo was quickly surrounded by small monsters.

After rubbing experience from Ye Zhou just now, he has risen to level 7.
There is true qi flowing in his body, and he may be able to use some of the techniques he has learned before.

Level 10 in the game is considered the early qi refining level.
Dugu Zhuo’s current level is not even as good as ordinary outer disciples, and the true essence in the body is simply not enough to use skills.

But cultivators feeling the way of heaven, and arousing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, can often use power hundreds and thousands times their level.

He used to be a quasi-god who stepped on the Tianzhu, driving the two divine swords to smash the Tianzhu with the power of nine heavens.
No one knows how to communicate with the heavens and the earth better than him.

Here, heaven and earth are full of aura.

Dugu Zhuo urged the few strands of true qi in his body and used his sword art.
The aura of heaven and earth in the karma forest was attracted to Dugu Zhuo, condensing around him, to be used by him.

“Huh? There is a teleportation formation here.
Ah, there are a group of mobs over there!” Not far away, two players suddenly appeared in the karma forest.
Apparently, like Ye Zhou, they discovered the secret of the bamboo forest of Tanye Temple.

After they approached, they found a person standing among a group of monsters.

Fallen leaves in the bamboo forest rotate without wind, spinning around the person’s body.
His index and middle fingers came together, and lightly tapped a bamboo leaf in front of him.

Countless bamboo leaves flew out like blades.
The bodies of the dozens of monsters surrounding him were shot through by the bamboo leaves, and fell heavily to the ground.

The man’s hair bun was cut by a bamboo leaf, long hair scattering, flying amongst the bamboo leaves.

The black-clothed man standing in the corpse of the monster beast turned his body sideways and looked at the two players coldly, his eyes full of killing intent.

The two players made a decisive decision.
Taking out an escape prop, they immediately turned and ran.
Paper cranes were used to transmit a message to their teammates as they ran: “Help! There is a good-looking person in the bamboo forest of Tanye Temple.
At least level 50 or above.
A boss!”

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