from the lag just now, I haven’t found any other problems.
But you are more like a bug.”

Dugu Zhuo: “Me? Do I have any problems?”

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[email protected]: “Just that a disposable item.
Everyone is focused on grinding and leveling, but you can clear dozens of mobs in a second.
Isn’t that a bug? What is the name of the one-time item you found? Send it me to see if the value is broken.
If there is a problem, I’ll also report this prop as a bug.”

Problems, broken values, loopholes… Dugu Zhuo extracted key words.

Dugu Zhuo’s understanding is – as soon as an existence beyond the control of the rules is discovered, the rules will try to find and erase it.
This is a bug.

He ignored [email protected]’s ask to send over props, turned around and walked outside the Tanye Temple.
[email protected] quickly followed, muttering, “Don’t be so stingy.
If you have a good prop, share it.
By the way, share where you got it.
Even if it’s a one-off, it’s not bad.
The game has just started, and this powerful item is very valuable.”

Qingyuelove and [email protected], one who was dazed by his appearance and the other who wanted news about a powerful item.
The two of them followed Dugu Zhuo and left Tanye Temple like Siamese twins, with a black cat trailing behind them.

The black cat’s foot pads were very soft, and there was no sound when they stepped on the ground, so Qingyuelove and [email protected] did not find him.

Dugu Zhuo immediately noticed the demon qi, and picked it up, grabbing the black cat by the nape.

“Huh? When did the cat follow? Demon race?” [email protected]

“Wow! What a cute kitten, can I pet you?” Qingyuelove said.

“Don’t think about touching me!” The black cat licked his paws.
“It’s forbidden to molest players in-game.
Of course, it’s okay for me to touch myself.
Oh, I’m so cute.”

The black cat nudged his paw hard, revealing drunken eyes.

Qingyue lost interest in an instant, and said blankly, “You are too wretched, a waste a cute cat face.”

[email protected] doesn’t like cats very much, and he is very resistant to black cats.
He is warily asked: “What are you doing following us?”

“Who’s following you, I’m following him.” The black cat twisted his body.
Being held in Dugu Zhuo’s hand, it was a bit difficult to move.
“I think when you just tried to test the old monk, it was very powerful at the time.
Not only was it not punished, but also gained some clues, so I came over to ask if you have any upgrade methods for the monster race2.”

“Can’t the monster clan perform quest upgrades like us?” Qingyue asked.

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The black cat bowed his head in frustration: “Hey, we can’t do all the tasks that the human race can do, and we can’t treat diseases and save people for experience like the spirit race.
Low-level monsters can’t beat the mobs.
It’s hard and hard to upgrade, you see.
Just look at the level of the monsters on the rankings.”

[email protected] opened the rankings and screened out the monsters.
Sure enough, he saw all the monsters were only level 1.

“I say, when I sent them a message for help, why didn’t I even get a reply for so long? It turned out to be only level 1!” [email protected]

Dugu Zhuo said at the right time: “Seek help?”

Qingyue explained to him: “Before, the two of us thought you were a boss, so we asked our teammates for help.
The message was sent nowhere.3 It seems that they haven’t found a way to upgrade the monster race yet.”

“In the keyboard era, no matter which race one is, the tasks are the same.
Many changes have happened after the upgrade.” The black cat sighed.
“I reached an agreement with a player to let him take me along.
I thought I could upgrade, but I didn’t expect to be killed by a monk.
There is no place for me to upgrade in Tanye Temple.
I have to find another way.”

Dugu Zhuo put down the frowning black cat, thinking about the monster race he had encountered before.

Some monster races concentrate on cultivation and absorb the essence of the sun and moon, and the cultivation speed is a bit slower.
Other demon races confuse humans and absorb human qi.
Their cultivation is very fast, but the lightning catastrophe will also be more difficult.

Dugu Zhuo said to the black cat: “The monster race should increase its strength by bathing in the moonlight.
If you can get a set of cultivation methods, it will be faster.
Of course, you can also try to confuse humans.”

“I actually have a talent called ‘Charm’ that’s useless for mobs.
There is also a “Moon Worship Technique” training skill, but the game started at 8 o’clock in the morning, and I haven’t seen the moon yet.” The black cat replied.

He thought for a while, jumped onto an ordinary NPC on the side of the Tanye Temple, displayed the “Charm” skill, and whispered “meow” at that person.

The man immediately hugged the black cat as if he had lost his soul, sucked hard at the cat’s fur, and fell down helplessly.

“Huh? I leveled up! Up to level 5 all of a sudden!” Black cat said happily, “It turns out that the demon’s talent is to absorb the essence of NPCs to upgrade.
The upgrade speed is really fast.
I’m going to find humans…”

Before the words finished, the monk in front of the Tanye Temple got a Zen stick from nowhere and slammed it heavily on the black cat.
The protector monk shouted: “Gan! Bold evildoer, dare to kill people in front of the Tanye Temple!”

Black cat:” …… ”

Turns out races also have to choose their leveling spots, the Tanye Temple is an anti-demon location!

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