It was said that her name was a taboo among taboos. Her smile had slayed many. Her body was captivating and her figure, made all attracted to her. That was until they realized that beauty was all she had.

A woman who was colder than ice and stronger than a beast. She was even faster than darkness itself. Her name, which meant only death, lived up to its meaning. Those that wronged her died in the most gruesome ways imaginable and till today, they would still cringe in their graves at the thought of what they went through.

Those who were unlucky enough to be visited by her personally due to calling out her name had it even worse. Nevertheless, there was only one way out for both these cases, death. Sometime later, it was said that meeting her through the former was much worse than the latter case. But, some still wondered if it was truly the full story.

Her death too was one mostly talked about. As they brought her to the stake, she cursed them. She cursed them all for killing her without any proof of what she had done wrong. Without hesitation, they ended her and smiled when her corpse was burned to ashes, not taking any meaning to her words. They continued living their own lives. That was until one after another, it happened.

The children born in the night of her death resembled her. They had her white hair, her blue eyes and most importantly, her cold and ruthless heart. However, they were either born of unsound mind or slowly ran mad. The one thing they all had in common was that they all died young.

It was the fourth month of the year according to the Tiger calendar.

The night was dark, as blessings from heaven descended and made contact with the earth. The people had long since waited for this moment. They had prepared their fields, ready for the blessings to descend upon them.

Thus, in their homes they sat around their tables and ate, while others looked out their windows and smiled up at the sky. Relief washed over them as this year was one full of good promises. The children were tucked in their beds as the dreams took them for a ride.

Those who had no homes made sure to stay dry. The strays were nowhere to be seen. Those who had a nut or two loose screws were still out, wondering what was happening. They would stand, dance and look like they were fighting with someone the next minute. When these people were asked what it was they saw, they could not give an answer, for they themselves did not understand.

On that night, in a particular household, the silence that had befallen the villages and surrounding area was naught. Scream echoed and bounced off the walls of the house, drowning out the noise of the rain. Outside the house was a man pacing up and down in distress.

Every time a scream echoed he would wince and fold his hands into fists, each time tighter than the last. He sourly wished that he could help the woman that lay inside the house.

He utterly detested this feeling of helplessness. However, it went without saying that this was not his department or field. He was truly useless in the situation.

The screaming went on for hours and he began getting worried. The love of his life was in there, while he was outside, unable to be of any use.

His heart ached as he thought of how much she was suffering. This brought him much sorrow, however, what would come after was a bundle of bright light in this dark night. He looked up at the cloud covered sky. Just then, the moon peeked out from beneath the dark clouds.

Although it was for a mere second, he felt as if his worries had been illuminated slightly. Yes. There would be a bright bundle of light. He raised his hand, allowing his palm to be drenched by the rain.

The screams stopped, causing him to swivel his neck to look back at the house. The rain echoed, thunder struck and there it was. The sound both of them had been waiting for. A cry was heard as it called out to the world. At that moment he ran in without a second thought.

Inside lay the most beautiful woman in the world in his eyes. Her skin was sweaty, and her eyes fell shut for a few seconds before she looked up at him. He had burst suddenly into the room, startling the midwives. However, she gave him a small but tired smile. Her eyes lifted up at the sides, and she cocked her finger, beckoning him over.

His eyes lit up when they saw the both of them, and despite being the man of the family, he felt tears pool at the corners of his eyes. He approached them and the midwives gave him way.

One of them, the younger one who was still in her teens, walked forward and bowed before him. He gave her a small nod, allowing her to speak.

”Its a boy… but… ” She hesitated for a few seconds, glancing back at the older midwife who was packing up the tools that they had used.

”You may leave. ” A weak voice pleaded. He swiveled his neck to look at the woman who lay on the bed, and squinted his eyes slightly.

”Dear. ” He spoke softly.

The midwives did as they were told, leaving the two of them alone in the room. The scent of blood pierced his nostrils, but he still took a few steps forward, approaching her. She retracted herself afraid of what he might do if he saw their child. The child was swaddled tightly in clothing that only showed his small wrinkled up face.

However, he only noticed the look in her eyes.

She was now willing to part with him for the sake of her child. His life, which was yet to begin, was far more important than hers. He wordlessly took a seat beside her bed. She was exhausted but still managed to glare at him with those needlessly bright eyes of hers.

He sighed, clicking his tongue. He silently made up his mind to take the task on and protect both of them. She, who lay on the bed still holding their child tightly in her arms, she saw that the look in his eyes had changed. There was determination and kindness to them. Her body rela

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