Someone was approaching. Their steps resonated with the walls. The hard cold floor anticipated and welcomed this new found pleasure, as it had been days since someone gave them a purpose. The dimly lit path became darker and darker with each step, however, the person id not hesitate taking one more. Moreover, whoever it was did not look displeased in the least.

Those who had occupied the
ormal part of the bar, took care of what was on their own tables, some were even asking for more. Only a selected few, those who knew where that path led to, looked at the stranger in anticipation.

Was it another spy? Or was it just some loser who had lost their way? They wondered. In addition, a small part of them wondered if they would finally get to see some action for a change. Those concerned with security, readied themselves to act if necessary. They adjusted their hidden equipment while taking a sip of booze, telling stories or for some, laughing at what had just been said.

To any other normal person, this was a normal bar, full of normal people. However, to those who new the meaning behind the words that made the bar known all over the place, came there for things other than drinking. The Lotus Premium was a bar just like any other but had its added privileges.

To some, it was an information hub while to others, it was a place that could hold their deepest, darkest secrets. To a few, it was place they could get away from it all and to others, it was the best place to get a job for cheap as very little was required to sign up. of course, on the surface it was very legal, however, it was widely known that the brightest light cast the darkest shadows.

The person was coming to the end of the designated path. They were dressed in black which was no doubt suspicious. It was in the middle of the day, the sun was ten times hotter and this person was still dressed in black with their hood on. The stranger stopped before the guard by the door. The guard questioned the actions of this person whom he considered a nuisance.

The man had clad in jungle green robes. Their hair was left unattended to as it fell down his back. it made him loo insane and more dangerous. It was believed that his hair had gotten to that point due to certain unforeseen circumstances.

His muscular figure was intimidating enough to keep anyone with silly ideas away. his experience told him that this person was either another idiot or a client. However, procedure had to be followed hence, he acted like the stranger was the former not the latter.

The ends of his robe was folded, revealing his gigantic arms and to emphasize this point, he folded them, making him more intimidating but the person did not turn back.

Instead, the person looked up to meet their gaze underneath their hood. They smiled and waited. The man in jungle green lifted an eyebrow trying to weigh his options. ”This is truly and idiot, ” he thought. He was getting tired of these minions that did not know their place. It was getting annoying too.

However, the pay was good so he always found himself coming back. The insurance was also top notch. He looked back to the small person before him. They were analyzing him as well. He could sense the smile behind their hood.

”I would like to order camel meat, doused in the great fires of hell. ” The voice was that of a woman!


”The counter is that way, maam. ” He said gesturing the way from which she had come from.

She did not look back. Instead, she sighed.

”It is a chilly morning we
e having. ” She hugged herself and shivered. Her fingers tapped in a strange way.

The man dropped his hands casually before opening the door behind him. They did not waste any time and got in through the opened door. There were three entrances before the stranger and she went straight to the darkest one. The man was taken aback but shut the door behind her.

Once inside, she dropped her hood. Straight brown hair fell from inside and she shook her head to allow cool air in. She looked displeased about something. Her footsteps grew faster and more aggressive. Her brown eyes searched for something, or perhaps someone.

She swallowed a sigh and the annoyed look on her face grew further. She saw some faint light to her right and went toward it. On reaching the door, she found it ajar. Her face grew alert and she took a stance. Approaching the door slowly, she tried figuring out who it was that had entered that room.

Taking in a deep breathe, she stepped in front of the door, knife in hand and opened it. She saw the faint outline of a man. It was someone she knew very well so she returned the knife back and let out a relived sigh.

”Ive been looking for you. ” She said almost out of breathe.

The man didn budge. Instead, he reached out his hand and held whatever was that was in front of him. The woman looked at it as well. Her eyes dulled in sadness. She saw the legs of someone, probably a woman. She approached them.

A woman was trapped inside an ice coffin. Her features were beautiful even though she was the same temperature as the ice. The man lifted his hand and water droplets came off. He clenched his teeth in anger. He looked desperate. he seemed to want to say something but his words were relayed by her intead.

”Its melting. ”

”I know. ”


She walked close to him and held onto his hand. He could feel her shaking. Pulling her in, he hugged her and for a while, they stood their in each others warmth. When they tore apart from each other, the looks on their faces were alike.

The woman wiped her face, ” It had been eighteen years since, waiting one more year shouldn be that hard. ” She said.

Approaching the coffin, she whispered something. Placed her head on the edge and lifted herself up. She took in her appearance once more before turning to the man. They both walked out and closed the door.

”Is it confirmed. ”

She stopped and turned around, completely pissed. The frail woman before was no more. The man had the same look in his eyes. They had done this for far longer than they would have hoped. The curse people believed in was, mostly their fault. They both had blood on their hands but that was little price they had to pay considering to what she (the woman trapped in the ice) went through.

They both just wanted her back. They were willing to do anything and now that they were this close, they could not afford to mess it up.

”Just do your job. ” She said while walking away.

In a hurry, she left the space that was guarded by the man. Only when she was outside, did she realize that her hood was down. A man in the shadows, spotted her and reported back to someone.

”Reporting in, I found her. ”

”Don lose her. ” Someone responded in his mind.

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