The last thing he remembered was a sound too painful to listen to calling. He did not know to whom, neither did he know who it belonged to. He wanted to look around but his body could not move. He tried recalling what had happened before then and the pain intensified.

For some reason, he was sure that remembering would only hurt him more. He was scared. Scared of the voice calling. Scared of the sound. Scared of this feeling that he was entirely doomed without knowing why. And scared of the silence that was slowly swallowing him whole.

He wanted to scream. He had to call for someone but, who would he call? Faces of people he knew flashed before his eyes but he could not assign them their names.

He tried again and again but each time this happened, the well outlined faces in his memory would become blurrier and blurrier until, they became faceless. Their voices, muted. The warmth they provided, gone.

The only thing left were his eyes. They were looking at a scenery playing right in front of him. His mind went blank and he could only spectate as events unfolded before his very eyes. Numb to the feelings being poured out to him, he felt nothing, heard nothing and soon, saw nothing.

His eyes cut his sight as they closed and he became trapped in the void that was endless. His body grew colder and colder. He whimpered. He tried curling himself but his body had groan stiff. A groaning sound was heard making him snap out of it. Just a little bit.

He looked up, only to see nothing.

”I- is anyone there. ” He dared to ask. His own voice sounded foreign to him.

His body tensed up, and his senses screamed at him. His instincts were on high alert. Something out there was coming at him and every inch of his body told him to make a run for it. He felt his body move on its own and he stood. He could now hear the sound of whatever it was.

The sound of shoes against the ground were heard, and they grew louder and louder. The owner of this steps did not falter and they took their time, taunting the boy. One could almost feel their sneers behind the darkness as they took their time.

Alma, who was already on his feet turned around and made a run for it. On seeing this, the footsteps stopped, only to hear them at a running pace.

His legs turned to jelly and he stumbled upon the realization that hat thing was hot on its heels, after him. He pumped more power into the legs that were ready to give out at any moment and made a last attempt to get away.

His eyes, were sticky and wet. He could not see where he was running of to. The probability of it being more dangerous than what he was running from, was pretty high. However, his mind was convinced that if hat thing touched him, it was game over.

Alma felt his chest tighten. He began wheezing. The temperature around him dropped suddenly. His body got slower and the running became faster.

He panicked. Closing his eyes, he prayed for some miracle cause he really needed one. The steps grew louder meaning that it was close.

Using his hands, he crawled in an attempt to get further. The steps grew louder and… BAM.

He crouched on the ground to shelter himself from whatever that thing was. Behind him, it struggled and struggled to get through but it was futile. Alma, whose heart had forsaken him for a moment there, banged louder in his ears.

He took in deep breathes before touching his chest to confirm if he was really alive. Once he was totally convinced, he sighed. The sounds form behind him became more desperate. He did not look back.

”Young one, ” he froze. ”You do not belong here. ” A voice said.

He felt his heart shatter from these words. Tears continued streaming from his already dry eyes. They hurt. Everything in him hurt.

The person was surprised by this and they looked around the new comer. Their eyes caught on the shadow behind him and they understood why he was scared.

Reaching down, they picked up the boy who did not seem to register his actions. It troubled the person deeply.

”I am deeply sorry for the misunderstanding, but, that is not what I meant. ” He emphasized.

They new comer called down, and they wiped his tears. Alma looked up. The person smiled. Alma tilted his head in wonder.

”You do not belong their either. ”


The new comer opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

«It has already gone that far?» they thought.

”These things take time. ” He turned and began walking away from the shadows. Alma was curious as to what was chasing him but the person who carried him shielded his eyes. As if to tell him, that is not something for you to see.

Their walk wasn long. The silence was comfortable and the hug reminded him of one that he would usually receive from someone. The person smiled. Alma tried remembering this person and faces came to mind.

The first was a woman with dark hair and light brown eyes. She had a mole under her left eye which brought out her warmth every time she smiled at him. She wasn that tall and her strength was also surprising as many seemed to underestimate her. She called out to him softly and this made him want to go to her every time.

The second was a large man, his shoulders were broad and he had a few scars he had managed to see under his clothes. He too had black hair, silver eyes that turned purple at times.

He seemed like a very scary man but when he looked at him, he would always smile and pick him up. He was good at telling stories and very bad at keeping time. He always seemed to get scolded by the woman with a mile under her left eye.

Next were three faces that looked alike. They all had black hair with different eye color. The lady had silver eyes, the first boy also had silver eyes and the younger boy had light brown eyes. They looked at him and smiled. Holding out their hands they called out to him.

”Alma. ”

Right, his name. He remembered his name. In excitement he looked up to see an old man looking back at him.

”You remembered. ” He nodded

”You know where you belong right? ” he paused. ”Want to head back? ”

”Mmh. ”

”One more thing, Beware of the crystal one. Promise me that youll remember. ” He said concerned.

”Mmh. ”

He felt his consciousness drift making him groan. A sweet scent called to him in the embrace he was in and he leaned into it. He had forgotten to ask the old man his name but he was happy that his little miracle had come to life.

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