She started falling from the hill. Then she got hold of a stone. Suddenly her eyes went down and it was very deep. Seeing the abyss, her heart trembled. She started shouting out loud save-save. Her husband and children standing far away came running. When her husband extended his hand, her heart was filled with hatred. She forgot to scream and looked at her husband with deep and open eyes. A slight smile emerged on her face. The husband lowered his hand further.

Then, while easing herself from the stone holding her, she pushed her body towards the ditch, while extending both her hands, not holding her husbands hand.

A loud scream came out of her husbands mouth, the children also started crying along with their fathers voice. There was silence in that precious place of nature. She was falling towards the ditch. Thats when she realized that she was feeling safe in the hands of some invisible force. Her eyes were being rolled over. Then that invisible power takes her to some world; Where she has no acquaintance, nor any family member, nor any known acquaintance. The invisible force that saved her was a demon, who had brought her to the world of demons.

Even before that, that demon had changed her appearance and made her costumes like demoneass. At the time of entering the city, the woman whose name was Ulmi was with this demon and fell into the ditch. He had explained everything to her that how she had to live among the demons. While walking together she remembers how all this happened and why she is suddenly with this demon. In fact, she thought a lot about her life while falling. She was remembering every single moment.

It is said that when someone dies, he sees his whole life in front of his eyes like a movie.

The same happened with her. Thats when she remembers some kind of power that can save her life and gives her the opportunity to bring out her feelings. Because she hates her husband very much and wishes to take revenge on him. Cannot let her life end by burning in the flame of vengeance. Then a demon saves her by filling it in his arms and brings her to his city.

Thinking this, she returns to the present. Ulmis appearance and costume had changed, but still human smell is coming from Ulmis body. He knows that if he takes her to their city, his parents and family will kill him and eat him. He could not see Ulmi dying because first he had saved her life and secondly, as soon as he left her to save her, his heart started beating louder.

He liked Ulmi very much but Ulmi was completely unaware of this. Till then she did not know the expressions of the demon. and past of her. Till then he kept looking at Ulmi. Until Ulmi was brought to a safe place. The sadness was clearly visible on Ulmis face. He asked Ulmi

”Who are you? Where did you come from and why did you push yourself into the abyss? While a man was also trying to save you? ”

After listening to the young demon, Ulmi said with a smile full of disgust.

”Savior… It was my husband. I came to visit for the first time with my husband and kids…. The same lowly had pushed me…..and he had pretended

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