Don know why but she was not able to understand Uthappas love deeply. She considered Uthappa as her well-wisher and friend but could not understand his love. From morning he sent message with swan that

”Come soon my dear friend. I am waiting for you and will also introduce you to a wonderful person. ”

Writing these things, he sent a message to him. After Hans left, he started preparing for the arrival of his friend. His heart was pounding. He started decorating the whole house, bringing everything he liked. he told Ulmi

”I had to cook only the dishes of my friends choice. ”

Drav was his best friend. Both the friends used to sprinkle their lives on each other. Although both the friends met in the forest. Uthappa had never seen Dravs parents. Because he was cursed by the demons of his tribe that whoever enters his kingdom will become ashes and will eat peoples stumbling blocks for seven births. Whereas in the kingdom of Drav and Uthappa used to come and go frequently. Because of this, the friendship of both of them became stronger.

The days were passing slowly. Today when the sunrise happened and the whistle of the forest gave a voice and told that it is morning. When Uthappa and Ulmi got up quickly, after retiring from those daily tasks, they started decorating the house. Ulmi had prepared different types of dishes. He had punished himself. Uthappas happiness knew no bounds. Then the horses were heard thumping. At the same time, a swan with golden wings came and sat on Uthappas shoulder. Uthappa understood that his dear friend was about to come. He came out of the house and waited for the drav. Ulmi stood hiding behind the door. Her heart was also beating fast, the reason for which she did not know. Her feet were trembling.

After a while the horse came and stopped. A beautiful and beautiful demon was sitting above him. Drav quickly got off the horse and hugged Uthappa. Uthappa cried loudly while hugging him

”Drav! My best friend! How are you? ”

Only then, Ulmi who was hiding from the door, came out and looked at the door lightly, then her eyes met with Drav. Both had four eyes. Both kept gazing at each other. Then Uthappas voice distracted both of them.

”Where did you go man? Right now I want to introduce you to a wonderful person. ”

Uthappa did not know that Ulmi and Drava knew each other at first sight. Or say you have given each other heart. Still the unknown Drav said

”Quickly introduce me friend, that wonderful person. ”

Uthappa called Ulmi with a voice. Then Ulmi came out with breakfast decorated and kept breakfast and started going back without looking at the Drav, then Uthappa asked her to sit. Ulmi blushed and sat beside Uthappa. Then he said to Ulmi while introducing his friend

”Drav will be with us for a long time. ”

She was very happy to hear this. He nodded his head and agreed. Dravid also saw the happiness on his face and understood that she also wanted him to stay here.

All three started living together. Uthappa is feeling safe after being with his friends. Now he can leave Ulmi with his friend and go safely.

Here both Ulmi and Drav started loving each other immensely. Even Uthappa was not aware of this because of his absence.

He trusted his friend a lot. He could not even imagine that his friend Drav could take away his life.

Time was passing by. The time had come for Drav to leave. Uthappa asked him to wait more. Then Drav wanted to take Ulmi to his kingdom by making an excuse of not staying for long. He knew that Uthappa could not enter his kingdom because the demons of his tribe were cursed that if they set foot within the limits of the kingdom of Drav, they would be burnt to ashes.

He asked Uthappa to accompany him and also asked Ulmi to accompany him. Dravid said to Uthappa

”If Ulmi also walks with us, her mind will also change. ”

When Uthappa told his compulsion not to walk in the kingdom, then Drav had invited Ulmi to send it. Just got into thinking. Uthappa did not want to take Ulmi away from him but how could he avoid talking to his friend. He remained quiet. Drav asked him again

”I can only take Ulmi with me. ”

Uthappa reluctantly agreed. Uthappa said

”First, let me ask Ulmi about her mind. ”

Uthappa was thinking that Ulmi should refuse him.

”Ulmi please don agree. ”

Thats when Ulmi came out. Today she was wearing a sari brought by him. She was very fond of him. Dave was stunned to see her beauty. Uthappa praised her and said

”Ulmi, you are looking very beautiful today. Today Dave is going back. ”

Ulmi gets sad hearing this.

”But he wants to take you along… ”

Hearing this, Uthappa said. So a wave of happiness ran across Ulmis face. Then Uthappa added

”I know you don want to go with him but Drav wants to take you with him…. Tell me do you want to go with him…. Say….. ”

Uthappa did not know that both Ulmi and Drava had already planned their departure. Still she did not budge. then Drav said

”Ulmi you have to go with me. I will leave you after a few days. Come to take care of my mind. ”

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