Bindiya\'s story

”….Ulmi is left shuddering…. If he would have taken it to small fairs by mistake, he would have handed over the children to her and started roaming around. Even if she likes something, he never gives it… Ulmi slowly started to understand his trick…. She doesn start opposing anything, even before that….. Even before that, her husband again gave the responsibility of a child…. So that they lose their ability to think. Ulmi slowly started losing her power of thinking… slowly her husband started humiliating her… asking her to leave the house… she has no right at home… was telling her in the matter… the atmosphere in the house was tense. started living… the children grew up… 1 day Ulmi along with the children took her husband for a walk in the hilly areas… The mind of that bloodthirsty person started moving fast… He pushed Ulmi while protecting eyes from the children… But came Stone in her hand she grab it.. … She started shouting save-save… Her husband pretended to save her and seeing Ulmi pretending to save her husband, her heart was filled with hatred. Was full…. She pretended to hold her hand to her husband and smiled lightly…. Her cruel husband spreading a sarcastic smile…. Proceeded to hold her by the hand, instead of holding his hand, left her whole body loose…. Her husband did not expect this from her…..he considered Ulmi weak… Seeing the mother falling in the ditch, children started crying loudly. The children could not understand the deceit of their father till the last moment… I was going from there… I saw Ulmi falling and also heard the cries of her children… I held her by spreading my power, that is, my wings… I told her her husband and started taking her to the children… then she wept bitterly on my chest… and she did not want to go to him…. She loved her children very much. But there was also her cruel husband. He eats it by scratching it. She wanted to take revenge on him… I was just listening to her talk, she was looking very sweet to me… I fell in love with her at first sight…. ”

”Does she love you too? ”

Bindiya asked him.

”I don know, but it seems that she loves me too. ”

Uthappa said Bindiya smiles and asks

”Where is Ulmi now? ”

”Has gone to my friend Dravs kingdom for 10 days. ”

”Why haven you gone with them both? ”

Bindiya also told Bindiya

”It is a curse on our tribe that if we go into the state of Drav, we will be scattered to ashes. He is a very dear friend of mine. I have full faith in him. He will take full care of Ulmi. ”

Saying this he fell silent. Bindis was staring at her

”You want to marry Ulmi? ”

”Yes. If Ulmi wants then yes… ”

A smile floated on Bindiyas face. Suddenly Bindiya saw the flower changed color. She stood up in panic. She understood that someone was spying on both of them, otherwise she would not have felt strange.

Uthappa asked the reason for his sudden rise. Bindiya said

”Nothing just….. there… ”

Uthappa asked Bindiya

”There is something you are not telling me, Bindiya. ”

the bindiya said

”I don know, I have a feeling over and over again that someone is here. You see with your divine vision and tell who he is and what he wants. ”

Uthappa said, patting her cheeks.

”Well, Ill try to watch again. ”

The power left as soon as he closed his eyes, both of them started walking in the garden holding each others hands.

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