Bindiya\'s story 2

Both of them started walking in the garden holding each others hand. Then Uthappa asked Bindiya

”Can you tell me something about yourself? ”

”Yes! I will tell you everything…. Because your a very decent demon and youve become best friend, haven you? ”

the bindiya began to tell

”I was in love with a simple young man from a beautiful Far East country… I fell in love with that young man at first sight…. The young man also started loving me with all his heart….. I used to meet him in the form of an ordinary girl… he was in awe of my beauty… whenever I met him…. He used to stare at me… He would bring me colorful bangles and made me wear them with love… He knew I love bangles… He would bring me red, sometimes yellow, sometimes green bangles… when he used to wear me Then the bangles started shining with the brightness on his face. He jumps with joy and lifts me in his lap and spins round… We both kept on having fun in the fields… Our love started growing…. If both of us did not meet each other even for 1 day, then our life would have started going out….. 1 day I reached our meeting place but Jugnu did not come…. I kept waiting but he didn come… my waiting hours were getting longer… Suddenly dark clouds covered the sky, it started raining heavily. I started worrying about him…. At the same time, there was a fear that my parents would also be worrying about me… all these thoughts brought tears to my eyes… I have the power to realize as well as other that if the water flowing from my eyes falls on the ground I will fly away as a heron bird and cannot come in its real form until I take a bath in the lake of my palace. where I was waiting for him…. Now I was compelled…. No one could tell him anything, nor could I come back in my original form… Maybe he had seen me while taking the form of a heron bird… I sat there looking at him on the tree…. Jugnu was crying out loud calling me. I was crying sitting on the tree…he was telling the reason for his late arrival…his mother was very ill…. Her father had passed away 5 years ago…he was the eldest son in the house…had a younger sister…she was not married yet due to poverty…. He was very hardworking… he was collecting money for his sister… I wanted to help him but couldn even tell my secret to him. It was good. He never tried to know about me, who am I? where do i live Just kept on loving me….. used to gift me small things with gifts…. I used to be so happy that I have got a treasure worth crores…. But today I am very sad that he is calling me by calling Bindiya…. and I can not do anything… Suddenly the Jugnu fainted… I realized his condition… I immediately spread my wings and made him sit on them and went to my palace. I brought it to the doctor and got it treated…. Keeping slaves and maidservants for service in the guest house, I went to the lake very quickly because I really wanted to come and go to my parents immediately…. I was also trying to tell the reason for my delay….. I took a quick dip in the lake, I came out quickly… After coming out I saw that there is a very loud noise all around. Went. Till today Jugnu had seen me only as a beautiful girl… I ran….. Jugnu had come to its senses in the guest room…. He was already frightened to see the demons around him…. Then he saw me in the form of a demon, then his scream came out… I ran and put my hand on his face and said that I am Bindiya, Jugnu! Don you scream or else you will be killed…. He asked looking at me carefully….

”You won kill me right? ”

”Why would I kill you? ”

So I told him to explain that… I am a demoness… the princess of this kingdom… I love you… but the demons here have nothing to do with you… are looking for the human who came to the kingdom after feeling the human smell all around. …. These two slave maidservants are loyal to me thats why you are left…. And…. Tell me you are not afraid of me…. I will completely protect you… Just don you come out of here… Jugnu nodded and agreed… I turned to go back that Jagnu said

”You look so cute in this look too, Im not scared at all. You just take care of yourself. Say my salutations to the parents…. ”

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