Its morning, I freshen up,eat breakfast,bid mom,dad and ureal good bye, dropped Belle at school then I headed to school.

Nellys locker was the first in the hallway so when I entered I saw her in her locker. I looked at her thinking she would at least look my way but she totally ignored me,I knew she saw me there. I really feel bad

Literally,I expected it but I really feel bad right now. I just felt like having my privacy. I felt like crying my eyes out so I went to the most quiet place in the school, the toilet. like no one goes there.

I entered and went to the sink,I looked at the mirror as tears started flowing down my cheeks.

why do i have to suffer?. i did nothing wrongi cried it that im not beautiful? I asked my self then looked down at my hands.why…. Before I could complete my statement I felt a warm, Comforting but tough hand crawl on my skin,it held my waist. Usually,I could have panicked but the hand felt so innocent and there was a mystery behind it. I tinted my head up to the mirror and I saw him there.

I saw a tall figure hovering behind me,his deep ocean eyes looked so sincere that it made me smile upon my tears. Those strawberry lips of his that I craved so much for and his dark brown hair that shine in the sunlight, he was every girls dream,the only person I wanted. why do I feel so much comfortable with him?.

Don blame yourself Leah, its all my fault. I can be with you because Im cursed,I was born cursed and always will will be better if you stay safe with someone else .he said.

My heart shook. how would he think like that?. Hes not cursed, hes the only one who has ever made me love, hes the one who makes my heart skip a beat. Is that being cursed?. I really want to explain all these to him and I want to also tell him how I feel about him.

I looked back at the mirror but he was no where to be found, he was gone. that feeling of h been close to me and the feeling of his hand on my waist were all gone. He was gone for good.

I jerked up my bed with beds of sweat lined up on my forehead. it was all a dream. it felt so real. I know for sure that I felt Mike hands around me. I just know it.

Or may this be a vision of what is to happen today?. If so,I can wait..I can wait to tell him that hes not cursed and even if he is I don really care. I just want to be with him,thats all.

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