Its my second day from my fourteen days of staying here,I really want something to happen today and I hope my dream come true

I got up from bed and I did my daily routine. I was so eager to make my dream come true that I wore the same clothes I wore in my dream after that I was pierced n my way to school

I entered school and it was like I was living my dream because Nelly was there,she was in her locker and Im very sure she saw me but she ignored me like in my dream but I felt worse, I felt like a dagger was just thrown at my chest. Like she was my best friend, we always used to do everything together and now she doesn even wants to see me?

I felt like having a quiet time to just cry my eyes out,for real. I quickly ran to the toilet but mistakingly entered the gentlemens and went straight to the sink.

At this moment I felt a little bit happy, maybe its time for my dream to come true,I can wait to burst out my emotions to him.

I looked at the mirror and said exactly what I said in my dream.

”why do I have to suffer?. I did nothing wrong. ” I cried more. ”is it that Im not beautiful ” then I looked at my hands ”why… ” .Before I could finish up,I swear I felt something.i definitely felt a hand grab my waist.


Mike hands felt warm, comforting and safe but this felt different. it felt so cold on my skin. At once I knew I was in trouble.

I immediately faced the person behind me and I met red and drunken eyes. His hair was scattered and he stinked of alcohol.


Everybody knows him. Hes sees himself as a bad ass cool guy but he does drugs and drink in the school toilet but never gets caught by school officials and even if he is caught,he always gets out like he has a connection with someone rich in school and I have a hint its Amy.

Remember Amy?, Mikes girlfriend.i heard they have an affair,like I care. All I know is Amy does not deserve Mike at all. And I also heard, Mike does not love Amy. if Amy is Mikes girlfriend then who is Nelly to Mike?….Gosh.

Back to present,u am trapped with a damn drunkard who could take advantage of the situation anytime. I don know what to do now. I push him away and he staggered down,I quickly ran to the door but Sammy held me back and drags me to himself and then my waist.i feel so disgusted and uncomfortable right now.

”Please just give me what I want and I won hurt you. And you would also like it ” he winked at me…eww…I rather sleep with an animal than give my self to a monster. Right now,my heartbeat rate increased,I felt dizzy and I think I would faint any time soon.

But I needed to get the heck from here,beside me,there was a small iron rod. I used the remaining strength I had and pick it up and swing it to his head.

He growled in pains as he held his already bleeding head. I quickly opened the door and wanted to run as fast as possible,as fast as my legs could carry me. But before I could even take a step, I hit a blockade and I knewi was going to fall and before I knew it I started heading for the floor but I didn feel panicked any longer.

I actually felt good at this point. who would feel good after experiencing what I just did and is heading for the floor?

Suddenly I felt it. that warm, comforting and ever tough but gentle hand. it crawled on my waist preventing me from falling. I felt so warn and every panic in me left immediately. just few minutes ago, I was terrified and scared that I almost fainted but when this mysterious hand was wrapped around me,I felt safe.


I slowly open my eyes and met deep ocean blue eyes down to his well structured pointed nose and his fair skin which had a pinch of tan and the best part, those strawberry lips of his that I can forget and his brown hair which hung above my face.

After what felt like forever,he just stood me up and left without a word. WHAT!.What kind of guy did I even fall for, at least he could have asked if I was okay..

Still poundering on what just happened, a voice approached and I know exactly who it is.

It was the Belle of the school and her two pons, thats what I call them because they always do what she ask of. But I can disagree to her position in school because she indeed very beautiful. She was curvy, a fashionista,the dream of all boys but if she had a good character and was not a sleep around and a whore, maybe Mike would like her.

” Hey Leah or what ever your name is. How dare you? ” she started staring deep into my eyes.

I don know why but I have a feeling Mike and Amy are somehow connected, not like siblings or anything like that….

Everyone has known Mike to be very different from others,like he was from another planet and Amy too.

Look, Mike has deep ocean eyes which is rare and the way he even acts, emotionless and very quiet. And Amy, she has dark Ruby eyes with blonde and she also have pale skin.

”Hm.. Amy..I… ” why am I stuttering too much?

”Just shut it Leah. All I have to say is just stay away from Mike or else you would regret ever knowing me. You know,I just assume you
e a novice and a weakling. so, don get in my way,Got it? ”. she said and walked away.


She can just threaten me and think I would just back off, HELL NO!.


I entered the caféteria and I saw Debbie and Aurora at our usual spot except that Nelly is not there. I then went over to them.

”Hi guys ” I said smiling trying not to feel sad about the whole Nelly and Mikes drama.

”Emm..Leah. I heard about Nelly. Im really sorry. I never knew she would do that ” started Debbie.

” Me too Leah. I don quite understand. I thought Any and Mike are dating so how did Nelly come into the picture? ” asked Aurora to nobody in particular.

Thats exactly what I need to find out.

”Just forget all that. Let me tell you guys what happened just few min ago. it was .. ”. I told them from what happened in my dream to how Amy warned me. they were both shocked and happy too because of the Mike helping me incident.

”see Leah ” started Debbie as she held my hand. ”I think youve got a chance with Mike. As you know, Mike doesn consider Amy as his girlfriend and Nelly too, he couldn even tell everyone. I think you should speak with him ” she said like it was that easy. I really want to speak with him but how?. I am really scared and shy too. Im scared of rejection.

”We are not saying you should ask him out or make advances but at least say hi. let him know you ” said Aurora.

”I can do this guys. I don just know how ”. I said almost crying. I really feel bad right now. why would he notice me when Im such a coward.

”You can do it Leah, I know you can. you have to step up or else you would lose Mike forever ” said Aurora.

”Promise us now Leah,that you would talk to Mike….latest tommorow ” said Debbie. They are right. I have to step up or else I would lose him completely.

”Yes. I promise you guys, I would make friends with Mike latest tommorow ”.

Recess is over and we all went back to class. This was the worst chemistry class ever. it was like she was doing all these purposely to make me jealous.

Right in front of everyone, Amy was all over Mike kissing him but surprisingly Mike didn return all the kisses back.

Finally, its closing, I was not able to talk to him but tommorow I will, I promise. I have already promised my friends.

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