her side. That night they just appeared in her room and cast a sleeping spell on her then they took her. Security in Theronia was as heavy as any ordinary kingdom and while the intruders were spotted escaping with the princess, they successfully escaped with Diego using a teleportation move.

It was obvious to her the Dornish prince was present anoungst her captors because of his signature move, the teleportation technique.

What confused Diego was the presence of a female knight that night that led the Dornish men through the maze kingdom she lived in and how she knew where her room was.

It was all blurry back then, but it all made sense to Diego now: the reason for her abduction and who her kidnappers really were. The Dornish.

Up until this day, there had not been any sign of men from the Order that come looking for her. It had been two months since she had disappeared. She was probably assumed dead. Her father King Zikhali Reed must have been devastated.

The Black Spirit was right, she mulled over this depressing realization. Diego was alone and stranded.

Now that she was in the hands of the Dornishmen, she knew of their plan to end her life by sucking the Black Spirit out of her being and transferring it to King Dorians own being. Diego knew that once the Spirit was extracted from her, shed die on the spot. Apparently, the experience was like having your soul sucked out of your body.

The story of the Black Spirit imprisoned inside Diego Reed went way back before she was even born. The first Black Spirit host in Theronia, known as a Pnevma, was her grandmother, Lady Mord Kross, who could control that unstable Dark Energy. Legend had it that said she had lived years as a happy Pnevma because she was gifted. When her body became weak due to old age, the Black Spirit forced its way out of her and thats how she passed away.

Back then, Mords daughter Aaliyah was expecting a baby with the king.

The Spirit roamed the cities of Theronia for weeks causing destruction until Queen Aaliyah Reed and King Zikhali Reed battled the monster and sealed it within the Queen.

A few days after the victory, the sealing of the Spirit caused the premature birth of Princess Diego and the death of the Queen. Ironically, when the Queen had performed the sealing on the Spirit into herself, the Spirit, for unknown reasons, was sealed into the unborn child, Diego. Zikhali took that as just a coincidence.

As she grew up, Princess Diego Reeds father hid the fact that she was a Pnevma from her. That is, until recently, when she had found out unexpectedly. Just as Diego was trying to accept this realisation she was kidnapped and there she was, about to die.

Her life had taken a big turn, probably the last turn shed ever witness. Before the ritual of her death commenced, there was a tournament that was to take place at the large amphitheatre close to the Eastern Sea. Men and women from across Beaunotique were invited to either spectate or perform in the tourney. The winner would be granted one wish from the King.

She walked to the edge of the balcony and looked at the courtyard below her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She thought about jumping to end it all, but as she readied herself for the act, she was caught by one of the knights of Dorne.

”The King awaits you ” he said, ” the tournament is about to begin. ”

Suicide attempt failed; the Spirit laughed.


The king of Dorne sat next to his son, Prince Daerason, who was sipping wine.

The crowd roared wildly waiting for the tournament to start. They were all gathered in an amphitheatre in the castle near the Sea of Dorne.

Dorian scanned the crowd silently and smiled. He wore a golden crown over his aging face, long curly black hair tied in a ponytail fell on his back. Dorians face was getting bony, he had a beard over his mouth and chin.

Daerason looked like Dorian in his younger days.

”You probably can wait for nightfall, ” Daerason commented.

”Nothing comes without patience, ” the king replied.

”Hmmm ” Daerason sighed.

”I shall change this world. ”

Daerason giggled, ”Please do father. ”

Daerason was tall, slim and despised almost everything. He had short black hair and a mocking expression.

”Where is the girl? ” Daerason asked

”I sent Sir Ruth to go get her, ” said the king.

A few moments later, Ruth came back escorting Princess Diego Reed.

”Speak of the devil, ” smiled the Prince.

As soon as everyone was seated and had calmed down, a host appeared in the ring and announced, ”Ladies and gentlemen I am Gilberto. Rules of the tourney are simple. This is a fight to the death unless you quit. Any victor is granted anything they desire from our King. ”

The crowd roared with excitement.

”Let the tournament begin! ” Gilberto blew a horn.

Diego Reed was the only one who did not look excited.

Two warriors emerged from the amphitheatre gateways and bowed their heads then faced each other ready to fight.

”An Earth Triber. ” Dorian could identify where one of the fighters was from because of their clothing.

The fighters poured fists at each other; the Earth Triber knocked his opponent away who wore an iron helmet that concealed his face. The man with a helm blew a strong gust of wind from his mouth that sent the Earth Triber flying toward the sky uncontrollably.

”Hmmm? ” Dorian thought out loud. ”Wind Nature? Interesting. ”

The battle was intense but in the end the Wind Nature user emerged victorious.

The winner bowed his head for the king. ”State your name, ” Dorian commanded. The warrior exclaimed, ”I am called Benson . ”

”Benson the Bold? ” Daerason wanted to laugh.

”I am from outside Beaunotique. I have travelled far to fight and prove my worth to the Dornish, ” Benson declared.

”Indeed, you have proven your worth, ” said the king. ”What is it that you desire? ”

”Money. ” Benson answered. ” My family is suffering, and I need to take care of them. ”

”I see. ” the king said.

Gilberto came with a bag full of golden coins. The warrior was pleased and left.

Many more fights followed. Some warriors emerged victorious and others lost. Watching the fighters was always exciting because warriors came from afar to display their unique fighting natures.

After the tenth match, the captain of the Dornishmen appeared in full grey-and- blue armour and a cape.

”Theo Alexand, the Black knight, ” Daerason whistled. ”I guess he just wants to test his strength. What a bully. ”

Apparently, Theo Alexand had not seen defeat in any of his battles, his might insured that he was feared.

”Who shall face me? ” Barked the knight. No one dared to come out. Everyone feared the big, black knight.

”Seriously no one is foolish enough to take him on, ” laughed the Prince.

”You exaggerate Theos strength. He can still bleed. That makes him man, ” the king said calmly.

After a silence in the crowd, a boy with purple hair walked into the arena holding one of his boots, pouring out sand from it. Then he struggled putting it on.

”Ill be honoured to face you, big guy, ” the boy said with confidence. ”Right after I get into these boots! ”

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