Daerason kicked the boy on the chest and he landed back into the shop. He grabbed him by the neck and flung him against the wall holding him there.

”How far did you think youd go? ” Daerason asked him.

”A bit further…. ” Altar choked. His legs had left the ground and his hands tried to get Daerasons hand off his neck but it was no use. The prince unsheathed his long golden sword with his free hand.

”Ive waited a long time for this ” he said.

”You want to kill me? ” Altar chocked, ”I thought you wanted me alive ”

”My father wants the girl alive ” Daerason said, ”You
e disposable. But before that wheres the girl? ”

”You probably will kill me even if i tell you so what difference will it make? ” Altar said.

”I guess you
e right ” Daerason said, ” either way ill find her. I found you didnt i? ”

Daerason gave the boy a headbutt and flung him away. ”Kill him ” he ordered.

His men went to the boy. The weapon smith was useless.

Sir. Raymond unsheathed his blade and swung it at the boy. Altar went under the attack and met with Sir. Cole who didnt have time to free his blade. Cole caught the boy with a slow punch till he staggered back. Cole went with kicks with his iron boots occupying the boy. Altar evaded and blocked where he could with no weapon in his hands. Cole caught him with a front kick on the chest and Altar rolled with his back on the floor.

Raymond appeared over him with his blade and was about to bury it in Altars chest. Altar grabbed the sword by the blade before it went through him and pushed it back while on the floor with his palms bleeding. Cole went for him aswell with and axe kick and almost caught him on the face. The boy evaded rolling away from both men.

Altar staggered back trying to catch his breath, Raymond went with his blade striking endlessly, destroying anything he hit. The sword got stuck on the wooden wall over Altars head. Altar knocked the knight away then saw Cole approach with his sword unsheathed this time, Altar grabbed Raymonds sword and blocked with hit.

He pushed back at the knight with their eyes meeting. Cole pushed back with greater strength than Altar. Altars grip on the blade loosened because of his bleeding palms and his sword was knocked in the air and almost got his face cut off by Coles blade. The boy staggered back and saw a chance against the knight, then caught him with a drop kick on the chest.

Altars violet eyes caughed Sir. Ruth approached unarmed, ready for hand to hand combat. Altar staggered to his feet and faced the third knight; Sir. Ruth missed him with a fast left fist then another, his third one caught the boy on the chin in an uppercut move then a back kick sent the boy crashing down and he was caught by Sir. Raymond.

Raymond had pulled out a dagger for the boy and when he struck; Altar thought fast, grabbed his arm and twisted it till the knight lost grip of the blade. Cole went to aid Raymond but the boy caught him with a back kick on the face, then flung Raymond on the ground with his twisted arm.

Altar finised Raymond with a kick on the face and started panting. Altars eyes found Ruth approaching him again this time with his palm on his sheathed sword handle.

Ruth got infront of the boy and and hit him with the swords bottom on the stomach the the chest. Altar pushed the sword back into its sheath before the knight pulled it out. Ruth knocked Altar with a headbutt then proceeded in unsheathing the longsword while knocking him on under the chin till he crashed on the table down opposite him.

Sir. Ruth held the greatsword on both hands.

Altar rubbed his head and his hand grabbed a chain on the table then he fell from it. He staggered to his feet, swung the chain and pulled Ruths leg with it. With unbelievable strength Altar swung the knight with the chain and threw him straight out of the shop through the wooden wall, then fell on one knee.

He scanned the chain he held and realised what weapon it was: a kusarigama.

Altar faced Daerason this time, spinning the ball on the edge of the chain with his right and its hook kama blade with his left. Daerason already had his golden sword out and went for the boy. He swung his blade at him and it was caught by the kama. Altar pulled it closer to him opening the Princes defense then he kicked him on the chest till he rolled on the ground.

Altar spun the kusarigama and was about to finish Daerason Daerason with its hook blade. Daerason appeared behind the boy, grabbed him by his back and flung him on the other side of the shop with one hand.

Altar staggered to his feet, spun the chain of his weapon and caught Daerasons sword hand. When he pulled it, Daerason didnt move, instead he pulled him angrily and knocked him with his shoulder. Daerason kicked the boy whilst on the ground before he could recover to his feet and he Altar hit against the wall. Before the boy could blink Daerason appeared infront of him and placed his foot on the exhausted Altar Cleos.

”Any more tricks? ” Daerason asked him pointing his goldsword at Altars face.

”One more ” Altar caughed panting.

He grabbed Daerasons leg with both palms and his hands turned red with heat , burning the prince. Daerason kicked Altar on the face furiously. Altar rose to his feet disarmed and tired.

He held up his palm and snapped his fingers, then a cloud of black smoke and ashe covered the shop.

”What the…? ” Daerason knew it was a smoke screen.

When it cleared the boy was gone. He had escaped.


Theyd left Altar Cleos in the armory shop and thats how they lost him. Diego had got all the groceries shes needed fir the supper she planned to make.

Diego and Balon had walked to the other side of the city showing Diego around.

”Im sure hes still at the armory shop ” Diego said.

”Yes ” Balon said, ”its getting late, i doubt hell be able to find his way home. ”

Balon lead Diego back to where the weapon shop was. They walked passed all the busy people all around the city streets. All the groceries they had got made it look like Diego was going to cook for a nation.

”Been a while since Ive ate food cooked by a female ” said Balon Stone.

”Oh yeah? ” Diego said, ”so you cook your own food? ”

”Mostly yes ” said Balon, ”sometimes my uncle would send maidens to my home with cooked food ”

”Who was the last female that cooked for you then? ” Diego asked.

”My mother ” said Balon, ”but she died a long time ago….with my father ”

”Im sorry to hear that ” Diego said, ”my mother died too… ”

”Welcome to the club ” Balon replied.

”They never used to let me cook back home ” said Diego.

”Uh? Why not? ” Balon said

”My father ” said Diego, ”shed tell me that we have maids to do that. So i had to. Learn from them without him knowing ”

”You had maidens working for you? ” Balon gasped.

”Er….. ” Diego noticed that she had said too much to Balon.

”I knew it ” Balon said, ” You are the Princess of Theronia….Princess Diego Reed, daughter of King Zikhali Reed….right? ”

Diego frowned and said, ”I wanted to keep that as a secret ”

”The truth can be denied not avoided ” Balon said, ”i understand why you didnt tell me. Your secret is safe with me ”

Diego nodded, ”Thank you….howd you know though? ”

”I could see the signs ” Balon said, ”Ive never seen the princess of Theronia before, ive never even been there but my uncle educated me once about the Ten Black Spirits that roam the world. Not many know about the story of your late mother who sacrificed herself to seal the Spirit that appeared in Theronia years ago. The story goes that when Queen Aaliyah sealed the Spirit inside her, it was sealed within the baby she was pregnant with….the baby which is you. ”

”Wow….you know your history ” said Diego.

”I get that alot ” said Balon, ”with that information and your actions i pieced it all together. Dorian is after you because he wants your powers right? ”

Diego nodded, ”How do you know? ”

”The king of Dorian is a typical man ” Balon said, ”powerful but typical. He has a lust for power and wasn a fan of the Theronia since the incident of his wife. I think its only natural to come after you, the daughter of his enemy, King Zikhali. ”

Diego learned that Balon Stone was actually much more smarter than how he acted. The Earth warrior knew alot of things about the history of Theronia, and about Dorne. It made her interested because she wondered what else he knew, maybe he knew more about herself that she did.

They reached the armoury shop where they found a crowd of people gathered around it.

”Wait here ” Balon went on ahead and met the smith who was a friend to him. ”What happened here? ”

”They made my shop into a fighting pit! ” He said to Balon.

”Whos they? ” Balon said

”The prince of Dorne and a purple haired boy ” he replied. ”Look at my shop now….its ruined ”

The weapon shop indeed was damaged inside. There was even a hold on the wall and the smell of ash and fire.

”Do you know where they went? ” Balon asked him.

The smith replied, ”The boy disappeared in a smoke screen. The Prince took his men and went that way…. ” he pointed.

”Thank you ” said Balon, ”ill inform my uncle of this ” he went to Diego and told her what hed heard.

They walked to Balons house, Altar clearly wasn there. The sun was setting and when they got to Balons home, Altar was there treating wounds.

”Altar! ” Diego threw his hands around him, ”what happened to you? ”

”Touring ” said the boy, ”i met with Prince Daerason. We talked ” he wiped the blood off him.

Balon layed all the groceries on the table and sat, ”The smith told me what happened ”

”Yea they came out of nowhere and ambushed me at the shop ” said Altar, ”there were four of them. I escaped though ”

”Did they see where you went? ” Diego asked. Altar shook his head, ”The smoke i produced was too thick for them to see me slip out ”


That night Diego had cooked a delicious home made full plate meal.

A meal fit for royalty, she said ”I still got it ” Diego commented on her food, ”after years of not being in the kitchen ”

”Been a while since i even ate normal food ” Altar said, ”Ill savor this. Might not even get a meal like this again. ”

Balon Stone just giggled.

”We need to leave this city as soon as possible ” Altar stated.

”I hate to admit it but Altars right ” Diego said, ” the Dornish know that we
e here. ”

”Where will you go? ” Balon asked them.

”Im not sure yet but we definitely can stay here ” said Altar.

”We dont want to cause you any trouble, Balon ” Diego told him, ”if they find out that your harboring criminals… ”

”I thought you said you weren criminals ” Balon said.

”Fugetives ” Diego corrected.

Balon knew they were right but deep down he enjoyed being with them and did not want them to leave.

”We need a boat first of all ” Altar said, ”you
e the nephew of the Lord of this city. Can you get a boat for us? ”

”Well i could talk to my uncle ” Balon said. ”Its worth a shot ” Altar said.

The next morning Balon was in the presence of his uncle Lord Rickard Hyde.

e up early ” Rickard told him. Balon had went to his palace and into his room where he found him laying in his bed. Balon found a glass and a bottle of ale next to Rickard bed on the dresser.

”To drown the sorrows ” Rickard took the glass and held it up for Balon to pour. After he did, Rickard finished it all in one gulp, then put the glass there. Balon took the same glass and poured for himself and relaxed on the glass.

”Been a while since you came to see me ” said Rickard.

”Well Im here arent i ” Balon said.

”Yes and you want something ” Rickard yourned, ”how are your guests? ”

So he knows, Balon thought, saves me some explaining

”Or should i say the fugetives that you
e keeping in your residence ”

Balon knew that the Dornish had paid his uncle a visit if he knew that much. ”They are my friends ” Balon said

”Try telling Prince Daerason that when he pays you a visit ” Rickard said, ”hes looking for them here as we speak. Your friends know that right? ”

”Yes ” Balon said, ”thats why im here ”

”I knew you were wanted something ” said Rickard, ”they need a boat so sail out of here ”

”The girl wants to sail back to Theronia? ” Richard Hyde. Rickard was just as quick minded as Balon.

”So you know who she is? ” Balon asked.

Rickard nodded, ”I do. Theres not many people in Beaunotique with eyes like those. Im happy that they
e thinking of leaving because if things get out of hand and she loses it, she could destroy my city…and you know that ”

”So will you help them? ” Balon said.

”Im afraid that i cant help you with a boat or a ship ” said Rickard.

”Uh? Why not? ” asked Balon.

”The City of Earth is an ally of Dorne ” Rickard said, ”to aid fugetives of Dorne would be treason on our end and the king will demand my head and probably yours if they found out. Our ships and our docks also belong to them. ”

Balon coiled his fist in disappointment, he knew his uncle was right. Rickard said, ”If the Dornish weren after them then i would be able to pull a few strings here and there but this situation is out of my hands young one. ”

Balon said nothing, he let out a sigh.

It was worth a shot, he thought of Altars words.

There was a silence in the room and Balon finished his glass. The Lord broke the silence and suggested, ”There is a way though…. ”

”There is? ” Balon asked.

His uncle nodded and said, ”We are bound by the Dornish so we cannot help. But The Land Of Winter is a different story. They have the largest docks there. With Princess Diego on your side, getting a ship from the Frosts wont be too hard. King Christyal Frost is a friend of her father and im sure he will recognize her. Hed be happy to help. Once they cross the Boarders, no Dornish shall follow them, and they know that ”

”Yes….yes you
e right uncle ” said Balon after giving it a thought. The Earth City had no conflict with the Frost family so Balon could take them across.

”But ill have to go too ” he said.

”I know ” Rickard said to him calmly, ”only and Earth user can open a bridge to the other side of the wall, thats what the Dornish dont know. ”


The two were playing a board game still under their blankets that morning. Diego layed on the couch and Altar had a mattress on the floor.

”Balon has everything in here ” remarked Altar. ”Even my favorite games. I still dont know why you insisted on challenging me in a game of chess ”. Its almost been an hour and theyve been at it, it was a tight game.

A loud knock on the door paused their game.

”Hes back already ” Diego said, ”that was fast ”.

Altar got up and went to answer the door, while Diego sat there pampering her hair long black hair.

She heard Altar open the door then a curse followed, ” Shit…. ”.

When Diego lookes again, she saw Altar flying back and crashed on the table with his back then fell on the floor.

Diego jumped off the sofa, ”Altar! ” she cried.

There stood Prince Daerason in full armour with three of his men. Altar struggled to his feet moaning.

”So this is where you
e hiding ” the prince looked around the house, ”not bad…..but well have to cut your vacation short. Get the girl ” he told his men, ”this ones mine ” his sword was already out, he attacked the boy breaking anything in his way.

Altar moved around avoiding being cut. While the prince was busy with the boy, his men slowly approached her. Diego moved back, she grabbed anything that was close to her and threw it at the men to keep them away from her.

Altar kicked the prince on the hip but he felt nothing because of his metal armour. He moved him back with a front kick then jumped to him with a knockout punch missing him.

Daerason slid under his arm then swiped his blade to take the boys head off. Altar grabbed his sheathed sword and blocked with his face with it then pushed back. It was a battle of brute strength, but Altar didnt have time for that. He broke Daerasons defense and hit him with a back kick on the chest.

Altar ran to Diegos aid and grabbed one of them from behind and sliced his neck open. The second knight ran to him angrily and swiped his sword mindlessly breaking Balons Balons furniture, when the boy blocked, his sword was hit from his hand.

Altar staggered back evading the deadly attacks then got knocked against the wall. When the knight got close and swiped his sword, Altar lowered moved his head and gave him a headbutt, then smashed his face against the wall then kicked his legs till he fell.

Another one grabbed Altar from behind and forced a dagger on to his throat. Altar tried to push it back then caught a glimpse of Diego who staggered back while the prince towered over her. ”It will all be over soon ” he said to her then grabbed her by the neck, ”You dont deserve the power that you have ”.

Altar knocked the knight with his backhead then flipped him over to the front till he crashed on his back then buried the knife in his neck. Daerason appeared infront of him then kicked the boy on the face so hard he rolled.

e a problem child ” Daerason already had his sword in his hand, he walked to Altar ”Your the cause of all our problems. Our castle damaged, our wall is destroyed and my father prize escapes…all because of you. A simpleton like you….but no more ” Daerason stood over the boy with his sword then brought it down on his chest.

His aim wasnt accurate then the sword went through his left shoulder.


Altar was on the floor screaming as the prince shoved the sword deeper inside him. He had his foot on his chest smiling.

”Ive waited a long long long time to do this ” said the Prince.

Before Daerason could pull out his blade a palm touched his left shoulder. When he looked behind him and fist appeared knocking him so hard that he went through the brick walls and rolled outside.

Prince Daerason tried to struggle to his feet, ”What was that? Who was that? ”

Before Daerason could make sense of anything, a wall shot from thr ground infront of him, another behind then both sides were covered.

What the…. Daerason thought Someones doing this…

The ground beneath Daerason opened and he fell in. The prince teleported himself away from the danger.

He appeared inside his fathers Throne room bruised and exhausted.

His nose started to bleed due to that rock hard fist he got from an unidentified enemy. Two Dornish men found Daerason and helped him up.

”Take me to my father ” he told them. The men took him to King Dorian.

”What happped? ” Dorian asked.

”I found the girl ” Daerason replied, ”she hides in the Earth City under the protection of one……Earth warrior ”

”An Earth Warrior? ” Dorian gasped. ”Are you sure? ”

The prince nodded, ”i was at the verge of getting her until he ambushed me, father. I lost all the men aswell. ”

Daerason was huffing and puffing. He realised that hed even lost hid golden longsword when he felt on his sheath.

He remembered leaving inside the boys shoulder after stabbing him with it.

”Rest son ” said Dorian said, ”you did a good job locating the Pnevma. ”

”What will you do, father? ” Daerason asked. Dorian replied, ”Ill have a word with an old friend ”


Balon Stone appeared after knocking the prince away. One of the Dornish knights was still alive, Diego remembered that one. He guarded her door back in the kingdom of Dorne. Sir. Ruth Steel she reflected.

The knight crawled back when he saw Diego looking at him with eyes full of tears. The knights palm reached for a sword then Diegos eyes turned red and purple energy started to steam from her body like smoke.

Balon acted quickly and knocked the knight away with his Earth powers. Diego went back to normal and her eyes were blue again.

Balon rushed at Diego who cried next to the boys body. Altar had stopped moving, he just layed there like he was dead. Balon pulled out the sword from his shoulder then carried him out.

”I know someone that can help, follow me ” he rushed outside his damaged home.

Diego just sat there contemplating and drowning in her sorrows.

”You couldve saved him ” the Spirit whispered,

”instead you stood there like a scared little mouse. But thats what you
e good at aren you? Asking people to die for you ” she then laughed, ”the privileges of being royalty right? ”

”I didnt know what to do ” Diego replied.

”You shouldve came to me…. ” smiled the blue woman, ”you like how my power tastes don you? It fits you like a dress ”

”It does doesn it? ” Diego was being hypnotized by the Spirits aura. She walked to the spirit like a zombie, the spirit reached out her hand at Diegos face then felt her smooth skin while smiling.

”I want more…. ”

”I know you do…..take it ” the Spirit smiled, ”take as much as you want and burn down Dorne ”

”Diego…. ”a faint voice seemed to be calling her. Diego was in her own world.

”Diego! ” Balon shook her back to reality.

When Diego snapped out of it she found herself in Balons bed with a blanket over her.

”Are you okay? ” Balon asked.

”What happened? ” She asked ”Wheres Altar? ”

”I took him to a Healer ” said Balon, ”when i came back i found you unconscious…..are you alright? ”

”Yes ” she nodded. She remembered her encounter with the Spirit and their talk. ”Come then ” Balon said, ”let us go ”

Balon took Diego to the place where he left Altar. There they found a blind old woman with a stick, ”Lady Rose….how is he? ”

”I covered up the wound ” she said, ”it wasnt very serious, the boy will live. ”

”Thank you ” Balon said. She escorted them to his room. Diego sat on the chair next to the boys bed and clutched on his hand.

”Im sorry ” she said softly, ”i couldn protect you ”

Balon said nothing. He just looked down.


Its been hours since Altar passed out. Diego had also slept while holding his hand. Balon saw Altars violet eyes open, then scanned the room. The boy tried to lift his upper body up but the pain kept him down.

”Don move around too much ” said Balon.

”Not really mobile in the condition ” the boy replied with a dull expression, ”what happened to me? Did i die? ”

”No ” Balon gave a puzzled look, ”or you wouldnt be here would you? ”

Altar felt the wound in his shoulder that was already tightly bandaged with his arm.

”The Prince of Dorne struck you there with his sword ” said Balon. He held the golden blade up for him to see, ”This sword ”. He sounded cool about it.

”Thats a very pretty sword ” Altar layed his head back, ”its mine now ”

Diego woke up and saw Altar awake, ”Altar! ” She wrapped her hands around him hugging him, pressuring the wound.

Altar moaned in pain

”Oh sorry ” Diego said. She went and called the old Healer. Rose walked in the room with her walking stick and her pale eyes were on the boy.

”Is she blind? ” Altar whispered at Balon

”Yes ” Balon said, ”and she saved your life ”

”This place gets weirder and weirder ” said Altar.

”You should stay in bed for a week ” said Rose to Altar, ”then you will feel much better ”

”A week? Lady i- ” Altar said but Diego put her hand over his mouth and replied to Rose, ”he will…..can we take him to our place tomorrow? ”

”Yes ” Rose said then disappeared.

”Im not staying in bed for a week ” Altar said, we should leave here next light. We dont know when the Dornish might come back. With the Princes annoying teleportation they might even be here already ”

Balon knew Altar was right. ”I spoke to my uncle this morning ”

”I even forgot about that ” Diego said, ”howd it go? ”

”Alright ” Balon said, ”he said he cant help us because that would put this city in danger for helping you with resources that belong to Dorne. ”

”I knew it ” said Diego.

Balon said, ”so well have to go to the Land of Winter, there you might get a ship ”

”The Land Of Winter? ” Diego echoed.

”Doesn sound like a nice place to be in ” Altar said.

”Apparently it is ” said Balon, ”for one, the Dornish cannot enter that place so atleast well be safe from them with king Frosts protection ”

”I see ” Diego said, ”I think ive seen king Christyl Frost before. I was still very young when he and his wife came to Theronia to see my father. They were very good friends. ”

Just as uncle said huh…? Balon thought.

”So how are we going to cross the Boarders? ” Diego asked.

”Well thats why Ill be tagging along your journey from here on out ”

”You wanna come with us to Theronia? ” Altar asked.

Balon nodded. ”I layed my hands on the Prince of Dorne. Chances are hell come back looking for me seeking my head for helping you. ”

”Cool. We leave tomorrow ” Altar said.

”Will you be okay? ” Diego was worried about his shoulder.

”Tomorrow ill probably be at fifty percent ” Altar smiled at Diego, ”thats more than enough to take on the world ”

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