Morgan Frost waved his hand and two yetis came to him. One of them grabbed Altar with all the ice he was frozen in and carried him on the shoulder.

”Good work ” he told them. The two yetis walked with Morgan carrying Altar.

”Hey! Where are you taking me? ” Altar yelled.

”To a far away Hell ” he replied, ”a colder one. ”

”Hey man er… ” the knight muttered, ”This is a misunderstanding. How about you let me go so we talk this out ”

”Theres nothing to talk about. And i have a clear understanding of the situation ” Morgan told him, ”You were captured by the yetis and myself for trespassing. You should know your kind is forbidden here. You Dornish pigs ”

”Yeah the Dornish are pigs but im not a Dornish knight ” said knight.

e a knight right? You
e dressed like one ” Morgan said.

”Well sort of ” the knight said. Morgan sighed, ”You
e all the same to me. You
e all scum ”

e getting the wrong idea here woman ” the knight got angry. ”Let me go or youll regret it! ”

Morgan laughed, ”What will you do? Look at yourself, look at where you are. You
e in my world. Do you know who you
e talking to, knight? ”

”Don know, don care ” the boy knight replied.

Morgan chuckled, ”You
e really not from around here if you dont know me. You Dornish scum. I am Morgan Frost, the Prince of The Land of Winter. ”

The knights violet eyes got bigger then he gasped.

”Prince Morgan Frost? Thee Prince Morgan Frost? ” He was shocked, ”The son of King Christyl Frost? ”

”The one and only ” Morgan said with a smile. He felt as though he was praised.

”If thats true Im awfully disappointed ” the boy said laughing.

”What did you say? ” Morgan got red with rage and pressed his forehead against the knights.

”You heard me princess ” Altar smiled crookedly, ”Wheres your tiara? ” He laughed.

Morgan smiled, looked away then continued on walking, ”Who do i waste my words on a dead man? Hell, you not even a man you just a child. Im disappointed in the Dornish….recruiting young fools like you to send them to early graves. ”

Altar said nothing. Morgan continued with a cool tone, ”What those cells are gonna do to you, i will enjoy it….very, very, very much. ”

e the second prince Ive met with a twisted personality, after that ass Daerason ” said the boy.

”Oh yeah? ” Morgan Frost said, ”well you haven seen nothing yet. Youll regret coming here ”

”I already have ” said the knight.

They entered the villages. They passed the houses and igloos made of bricks and warm dressed people who were fixiated on them. Everyone dressed in warm clothing apart from Prince Morgan Frost. He just wore jeans, a vest and a long white coat. He let his pale hair fall down till his back. All the ladies stared at him when he walked pass leaving a cold breeze.

Altar made a disgusted face.

”Im the hero in this place ” Morgan bragged.

Altar rolled his eyes, ”Dont make me laugh ”.

They went on ahead and reached the castle. Morgan led the yetis in and went to the throne room where he found his family waiting for him. His father King Christyl Frost looked mighty in his seat next to his mother Queen Zaakirah Frost. His sister Marissa sat on the side seats but with two guests that Morgan did not know of, a male and a female. The female caught the Princes attention then he paused and looked fascinated.

”Diego…Balon? ” the knight was excited.


Altar was pleased and relieved to see his friends. The looked safe, safer than he was. The yeti dropped Altar on the floor under the kings shadow. The royal Frost family didnt look happy to see him though, the queen had a puzzled expression, the princess sneered and the king had a dark look.

”Er….is this a bad time to be captured? ” Altar said. He gave a weak smile.

”Silence! ” King Christyl Frost ordered. Altar kept quiet.

”I found him fighting the yetis ” said the prince, Morgan Frost. ”Hes not one of them but as you can see for yourself ”

”A Dornish knight? ” Christyl concluded.

Morgan nodded

”In my City? ” The king got angry.

”Permission to speak sir ” Balon rose from next to Diego.

The king looked at him and gave permission. Balon stated, ”This is no Dornish knight. We know him ”

”You know him? ” Christyl asked. Diego nodded, ”Remember the companion we said we lost in the Forst, Altar Cleos from Dragon Isle? ”

”Yes… ” the king nodded. Diego said , ”Thats him, your majesty ”

Okay so they told them everything. Good, Altar thought.

The kings mood changed from danger to joy. ”Well then Altar, welcome to The Land of Winter ”

Not the welcome i expected Altar thought. He faked a smile instead.

”What about the yetis he fought? ” Morgan asked his father. Altar already could tell that Morgan wanted Altar to be punished for his own benefit.

”They attacked me first but i didnt kill any ” Altar immediately said. ”…yet ”

”Then its okay ” Christyl smiled, ”Morgan, free him. ”

Morgan sneered. Altar looked at him and showed him the middle finger, then winked.

A few minutes later Altar was in a room in the castle with Diego and Balon.

”Okay, start talking ” Altar said after they shut the door, ”Whats happening? What dream is this? How did you all get here? ”

”Slow down Altar ” Diego said.

”I cant slow down ” Altar said, ”do you know what i just went through? Those furry **s tried to kill me, then this Morgan freezes me up, literally. I thought i was gonna die ”

”But youre not dead Altar. Relax ” Balon said, ”after we got separated we tried looking for you but the yetis ambushed us aswell, but the Huntsmen got to us and rescued us, then they brought us here. We met the king, revealed our identities and he was actually pleased with us being here….well Diego. ”

Altar looked at Diego. She shrugged her shoulders, ”Hes friends with me dad, it was expected ”

”So he agreed to help us with a ship? ” Altar asked.

Diego nodded, ”He even insisted on building a custom ship for us because well….Im a princess, and the respect he has for my father and I ” she explained, ”The ship will take a month to build. So well be staying in his palace till then ”

”A month in this place? ” Altar sighed.

His wounds started aching again then he let himself fall on the bed.


The Prince didn know the two guests, the girl and the man. He noticed their clothing were from Earth Tribe. He could only guess that they came from the Earth City in Dorne. The knight he captured known as Altar Cleos was connected to them though, infact they all looked like friends.

The female Earth Tribers beauty caught Morgans attention. She was the most beautiful girl shes seen thus far. The first female Earth Triber hed ever seen in his life and he was impressed. He started day dreaming about her in the Throne room where everyone left him.

But shes friends with that wretched boy Morgan thought, Impossible. I shall make her mine! He closed his fist.

Morgan stood up from the couch then paused remembering a small detail about the Earth Triber lady that he had noticed: she had the eyes of a Pnevma.

Shes a host…? Morgan thought.

Morgan went outside where he found his father sparing with his ward Aries. Aquarius sat on a rock watching his twin brother train with the king.

”I knew youd be here ” Morgan said.

”Ah son ” Christyl said with a smile after pushing little Aries back with his blade made of ice. Aries held a real steal blade that was half his size. The boy was just ten, ”Fresh young blood huh…? ”

”Oh please ” Morgan rolled his grey eyes.

”You got something you wanna say Morgan? ” Aries said with his baby voice.

”Pay attention ” Christyl kicked the boy down then laughed.

Morgan greeted Aquarius then sat next to her folding his arms.

”I pity your brother sometimes ” Morgan whispered to Aquarius, ”He still thinks he can take on my father ”

”Hes training everyday to become stronger than him ” Aquarius said, ”besides he wants this. ” Morgan just shrugged his shoulders.

The twins stayed in the custody of the Frost Family, they were both King Christys wards from Liquid Isle. Their grandmother Love was the one who entrusted him with them since they were five.

Aries kept striking with his sword, every blow was repelled by the kings ice sword. The boy inhaled then exhaled, blowing a furious wind at the king from his mouth. Christyl just swiped it away with his arm then laughed. ”The yetis are teaching you a few tricks i see ”

”I spare with them sometimes ” Aries said.

Morgan slapped his forehead. ”You
e too young for this ”

”The boy has guts Morgan ” said the king, ”Respect that ”.

Aries prepared for another wind attack but the king froze him with a wave of his palm. In a second Aries was covered in ice.

”Free yourself from that then we continue ” Christyl said then stabbed the ice sword in the snow letting it dissolve into nothing.

”You didn really give a detailed report when you came back ” Christyl said.

”Yeah i didnt find them near the wall ” Morgan said, ”even the yetis said they didnt see them in the southern side of the forest, thats when i found that boy Altar Cleos. ”

”I thought the Rogues would escape to the wall and go to Dorne ” Christyl said, ”i mean they wouldn go back to Liquid Isle after escaping ”

”There destination isnt what worries me. What concerns me is how they got out of that maximum prison cell ” Morgan closed his palm in a fist.

He remembered the dead bodies of the guards he had seen when the report came that those four had escaped.

”Im sure they arent working alone ” said the king, ”But if they are out of my Land then good riddance. Say tell me about the knight, Altar Cleos. I never knew they had knights in Dragon Isle, and i couldve sword that the boy is from the Trident. ”

”He displayed amazing abilities when i saw him battling the yetis, he actually held his own ” Morgan admitted, ”Against a whole army ”

”Really? Hes that good? ” Christyl smiled, ”Yes but i doubt hes from the Trident. He is a Fire user….he didnt displayed any lightning nature. ”

”How disappointing. ” Christyl said

”Yes. Hes annoying and disrespectful ” Morgan said.

”You despise him? ” The king laughed.

Morgan ignored that question and said, ”Those guests father, who are they? I noticed their clothing. Are they from the Earth City? ”

”They came from the Earth City yes ” said the king, ”Who you saw was Balon Stone from the Earth City and Princess Diego Reed, the princess of Theronia ”

”Princess of Theronia? ” Morgan echoed, ”Is she here on a sight seeing trip or something? ” Morgan asked.

”Its alittle more complicated than that ” said the king.

”Shes a Pnevma ” Aquarius said, ”Just like grandma ”

”I noticed ” said Morgan, ”Tell me about her business here father. Shes caught my eye ”


The next day Altar decided to stay in bed and hes been in bed since they had arrived. Diego realised that Altar didnt like the cold. She closed his room door after checking on him and left him sleeping.

She walked down the stairs and saw photos on the wall, Diego assumed it was pictures of the past kings and queens. Most of them had pale white hair and only a few had black or brown hair. When she went into the living room she passed maidens who were walking up and down.

They bowed when they saw her, ”Your Highness ” they said. Her journey has made her forget her title so shed just be shy. She found a picture of King Christyl and her father shaking hands then stood there and studied it.

”Father… ” she said sofly and wondered what he was doing. ”He probably thinks Im dead…. ”.

The last time Diego saw King Zikhali Reed was the day before her capture, then they took her in the middle of the night. Nobody suspected a thing.

”Never really thought Id meet another Princess ” Marissas voices boomed behind her, ”Let alone the Princess of Theronia. Id only heard about you from my father ”

”They speak about me? ” Diego asked, ”What do they say? ”

”Only the obvious parts ” said Marissa, ”you were a child the last time Dad saw you so there wasnt really much to tell. ”

Marissa wore like it was summer: mini skirt and a sky blue top. She had a crown over her pale short hair and lazy grey eyes. ”He did say that you
e just like Aries and Aquarius Aquarius grandmother. Shes a Pnevma too ”

”Really? ” Diego gasped, ”Another Pnevma? ”

”Yes ” Marissa giggled, ”You thought you
e the only one with a Black Spirit inside them? ”

”No, i mean i always knew that there were nine more others like me but i never knew that theyd be in Beaunotique. ” Diego said.

”Come with me ” Marissa led her upstairs and into the King and Queens room where they found Queen Marissa replaxing while little Aquarius did her hair.

”Princess Diego Reed ” the little girl looked happy to see her, ”Hi im Aquarius ”

Diego awkwardly waved at her.

Zaakirah smiled, ”What have you girls been up to? ”

”Nothing, i just found her gazing at the picture of her dad and your husband ” said Marissa. She casuality reminded her of Altar, Marissa was personality was just as cheerful. She gave a weak smile.

”You miss your father? ” Zaakirah asked.

Diego nodded, ”Its been so long since Ive seen him, he probably thinks im dead ”

”I am sorry ” Zaakirah said, ”Youll see him very soon thought. After they finish constructing your ship youll be off to Theronia ”

”Why did you leave Theronia, Diego? ” Aquarius asked, ”Were you looking for an adventure? ”

Diego giggled, ”Far from it infact. I was taken. Captured by the King of Dorne and held prisonor for a month. ”

Aquarius gasped. Marissa said, ”I hate the Dornish, they
e so cruel. What does he want with you? ”

”He wants my power, well he wants the Black Spirit power inside me. He wants to be a host ” said Diego, ”Then he can take Beaunotique, thats what he said ”

”That man is crazy ” Marissa said.

”Selfish….he does know that the extraction process requires alot of energy and preparation, and will kill you right? ” Zaakirah said.

”He doesnt care about my well being ”, said Diego, ”Hes gone through all the neccessary preparations, when he was ready to take me Altar came and rescued me ”

”Altar rescued you? That child knight ” Aquarius gasped.

Diego nodded, ”Hes alot more capable than you think. ”

”He looks like trouble ” Marissa said. Diego giggled. Marissa added, ”And hes cute…for a hero. ”

Diego looked at Aquarius, ”Im told your grandmother is a Pnevma like me ”

”She is ” Aquarius said, ”would you like to know about her? ” Diego nodded.

”Her name is Love Moore ” said Aquarius, ”A water and ice nature user from Liquid Isle. She got along with the Spirit inside of her, she said her name is Ginger. ”

”Its a female…. ” Diego said, ”Just like mine. Did she name it herself? ”

”No she said it introduced itself to her as Ginger. ” Aquarius corrected.

Diego was shocked that Black Spirits had names. Shed lived with the blue woman all her life and she never knew her name, but then again she remembered that she didnt get along with her spirit. Her spirit was rude and antisocial, it only spoke to her when it wanted to or when it planned on taking over her body. Diego didnt like her.

She looked down and said, ”I wish i was as lucky as her. I dont get along with mine and i dont know her name. I never thought of asking her her name, we dont talk much ”

”Why is that? ” Marissa asked, ”If i had a Spirit inside of me wed be the best of friends. Id always have someone to talk to when Im alone ”

If only it was that simple befriending this one, thought Diego, she doesn want to be tamed, thats for sure.

Instead Diego said, ”Id like to meet your grandmother. ”

”Unfortunately i dont think youll get the chance ” Aquarius said, ”shes a traveler so we get to see her once in a while. Shes currently in the Free Cities outside Beaunotique. We dont know when shell be back ”

Diego frowned.

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