Da baby’s life

My first enemy

We head into the forest of DeBussy so we can level up and get op very quickly

Joe:Look over there theirs a legendary amoung us imposter by the rock legend says that if you say amoung us amoung us amoung us three times it will come and **** you

Kelly:amoung us amoung us amoung us

Joe:No what have you done youve doomed us

(After kelly repeated the words amoung us three times the imposter started running at 69km/h at them and took him 2 seconds to reach their location and pulled out a bloody knife)

Imposter: susususususususususususu

Dababy:Don worry guys I got this (proceeds to turn into a convertible and rams into the imposter )

But it has no effect as imposter is Lv 69 and throws dababy on a nearby tree

Dababy:UGH!! Its no use his too powerful

At the same time a black shadow moved at the blink of an eye and cut off the imposter head in a milasecond

Joe:is that Crewmate??????

The black shadow looks at us menacingly

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