Before I was even born, my fate was decided. I can never be a normal human, nor do I want to. Who am I? What am I? Let me tell you a little story… a story that defines the core of humanity…

A long long time ago there used to be six beings of divine nature. Three were terrifying Lords of Darkness and for the salvation of all existence, there were three Gods of Light. As the Divine beings battled for the fate of the world and beyond, the heavens remained embroiled in chaos of war, the Gods relentlessly suppressing the Dark Lords from leaving the heavens to bring ruin to all mortal life.

And thus the last battle of the Divine Beings came forth. The Gods and the Dark Lords clashed in an ultimate battle to end all battles. However, unbeknownst to the Gods, the Lords of Darkness had managed to breach the walls of heaven partially, thus sending forth an unstoppable horde of demons to the mortal world.

As the Gods and Dark Lords fought a grueling battle that lasted for time unknown, the mortal world was being razed to the ground by demons they had never seen before. Eventually the Gods emerged victorious by their righteous strength. The reign of Darkness was finally over. Two of the three Dark Lords were utterly defeated. The last remaining Dark Lord, greatly injured, tore through the walls of heaven and fled to the mortal world.

The Gods pursued after the remaining Dark Lord as they descended from the heavens down to the mortal world. What they saw in front of their eyes was something unimaginable. The world burned. The sky burned, the land burned, once beautiful oceans of the world had turned dark and bloodied red. All beasts and birds had perished, demons walked everywhere and death was all one could see. Standing on their last legs, billions of humans had been reduced to a meager few thousand, scattered and facing endless hordes of demons.

Shocked and horrified by the ruin they feared for all eternity, the gods set foot in a fortified mortal settlement. For the first time the gods met the mortals they fought so long to protect. Humans they called themselves and the world itself was known as earth. As the Gods approached them, what surprised them were the bright smiles that greeted them. Even in the face of doom, they smiled as they welcomed the Divine Beings. Kindness in their eyes, but also a defiant strength the gods hadn expected to see. All members of the same race, that had blonde ha

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