”My soul lives and breathes for the words my heart wishes to convey… ”

(Authors note: I will be adding beautiful quotes at the beginning of every chapter, I feel like it makes for a good beginning of any reading experience)


”This is it… ” I looked at the mirror, water slowly dripping down my face…

”This is it!! ” I splashed water on my face one more time and dried it off with a face towel as I exited to my room.

There was Sebastian, my personal valet. ”Good morning, master Liam. Looking fresh today, excited for your big day? ”

”Morning Sebas. I told you to call me just Liam. Its weird to have you address me so formally when its just two of us here. ”

Sebas smiled. ”Now now, master Liam, you know I cannot do that. I am just a servant in this household and you are my young master. Itll be inappropriate to address you as just by name. ”

”Even if I tell you to? ”

”Even if you tell me to. ”

”Well to me you aren just my servant. You have been around and cared for me too long. You are my trusted friend as well. ”

”I am unworthy of such honour. ” Sebas said as he helped me get dressed for today.

”Looking good. You will have to do everything by yourself from here on, master Liam. The life that you seek to enter isn easy. I won be there to help you. If there is any way I can help you now as long as you are here, please… ” Sebas looked at me worried.

I extended an arm and held his shoulder, smiling. ”Sebas, I will be fine. Ill come visit often as well. I am a man now. ”

Sebas sighed. ”Oh how you have grown up, master Liam. I still remember when… ”

”Ahhh stop! Don bring up my embarrassing childhood stories now! ” frantically looking to change the subject. ”So I assume breakfast is waiting? ”

Sebas smiled with a slight chuckle, I liked how me and him could be so light-hearted around each other, unlike in front of my father or his elder brother, our head butler Lance. ”Indeed. Whenever you are ready. ”

”Alright then lets head downstairs. ” I said taking one last look at the mirror and my room.

As I head downstairs, I pat the side of my waist where my sword and its scabbard are supposed to be. No weapons in the house. Thats what dad said, not that he would ever need any. Not much looks threatening when you can split mountains with a single swipe.

I head to dining hall, only to notice 4 more seats prepared.

”We have guests? ” I asked as Sebas pulled the chair for me to sit down.

Just then the door to the dining hall opened once again and Lance walked in followed by 4 figures behind him.

A tall built man with a well trimmed beard and scruffy hair. His name was Dias, a water magic user in his late thirties, perhaps the strongest in the kingdom.

Following him was a spectacled guy as tall as Dias with an ice-cold stare and silver hair tied back in a ponytail along with a chiseled clean-shaved face. This guy was Charles, a legend among rune magic users in the kingdom.

Next behind him was Macy, a beautiful young woman with short blonde hair and just a few years older than me. Not many have heard her speak anything, she is kind of shy I guess, although around me and my father, its the opposite. A nature magic archer, once again a rare type to find, even rarer than a wind magic based archer.

Finally the last one to enter the room was a dark skinned muscular woman, with a bright smile and dark hair tied back. Michelle wasnt shy to show off her arms that could easily pluck the head off the body of anyone who pisses her off. And rightly so as her magic was specifically Enhancement magic. She could turn anything she touches into a deadly weapon. She emanated the word warrior.

I beamed as I saw them enter. ”You guys! When did you return? ”

Dias smiled back at me, giving me a high five as he pulled a chair for himself and sat down beside me. ”A week back with your father. We didn meet up with you at your graduation as we had already set out to do that work your father had told us to. ”

”So you are the ones who recruited them? ”

”Indeed, handpicked and chosen out of the best from the same rank as you. You will not be disappointed. ” Charles said as the maids started bringing in the breakfast with Lance directing them and Sebas standing behind me.

”I am really not suited for this kind of work so I just stayed in the capital for a week. ” Macy said as she pulled her hood slightly down over her face.

”William went in her place. Id dare say he was even looking forward to it. ” Dias said.

I was surprised. ”Even Dad?! ”

I always saw my Father as a symbol of strength and authority. As an absolute pillar of justice. Yet they refer to my father so casually… so at ease with my fathers strength. So unintimidated… Sometimes I wonder if its even the same person we are talking about.

”He got someone really special it seems. As special as our little Macy here. ” said Michelle as she bonked Macys head with a small spoon, resulting in a cute little Eeeep from Macy.

Michelle looked at me. ”As for me, I couldn find anyone nearly as strong as I was at your age. Kind of disappointed, I guess youll have to fill that role now. How about some intense physical training, huh kid? ”

I nervously waved it off. ”I would rather not have my bones broken on my very first day. ”

Michelle laughed. ”Haha well just get Charles to fix you up. Anyway though, I did find someone very interesting. Enough to even get me serious. He was very grumpy though and didn want to accept the offer. So I just grabbed him up and came over haha! ”

Charles raised an eyebrow. ”So… you kidnapped him? ”

”Pfft, he stopped complaining after two days of being tied up. ”

That makes me worried, I thought.

As time passed, we had our breakfast and talked some more. It was refreshing to talk with them after so long. But it was difficult not to notice the empty seat at the head of the table.

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