Darklight Hero’s Bloodline

Last Day of Wintergrace (Part 1)

”Father… Isn here? ”

Macy looked at me warmly. ”He had some unavoidable work back at the Capital. We came here instead to see you off. ”

”Oh… I see. ”

Dias leaned over to pat my back hard. ”Cheer up, pal. We came all the way here for you. Charles and I even went to two different cities to get the perfect recruits. Don make such a sad face and break this old mans heart will you? ”

I took a deep breath and sat up straight. ”You are right. No time to get gloomy. Its my day. ”

”Haha thats the spirit! ” Dias nearly broke my back as he pounded my back a couple more times.

Charles was looking at me intently the entire time. As I looked back at him, he smiled and got up from the table. ”Come on, we have a gift for you. ”

Everyone around the table smiled at me as well and got up, followed by me too.

Charles looked at Lance. ”Lance, if you may… ”

Lance with his ever frozen poker face, nodded, bowed and left the dining hall.

Charles looked at me and shrugged. ”He is too strict with Williams no weapons in the household rule. ”

I sighed. ”I think I am the only one who even needs weapons. Even Sebas is stronger than me. ”, I said looking at Sebas. He just smiled back at me.

”See?! He won even deny it. ”

Michelle grabbed my shoulder, with a bit too much force if Id say so myself. ”Don worry kid. You have power in your blood. And lots of raw potential and talent. You might even surpass your father one day. ”

I thought about it for a second and shook my head. ”Miss I don think you have met my father yet. Thats impossible. Its never happening. ”

Everyone laughed as I said this. Just then Lance entered with a long wooden box in his hand. It looked light, but I am sure its not. Lance is just too strong physically.

Once he placed the box on the table, Charles beckoned me to open it. I slowly walked towards it and removed the lid off the box. Inside was a stunningly beautiful dark leather and gold scabbard with some more gold embroidery on it. Inside was a sword with a hilt of gold and adamantine, so beautiful that it seemed to have a power of its own. On a closer look i saw it really did. On both sides of the hilt and the grip, there were runic inscriptions glowing light orange. Probably the work of Charles.

Even in all its beauty, I somehow knew it would pale to what was about to come. I looked at the four people around me and as they gave me a nod of approval. I picked up the sword and its scabbard from the box, pulling out the blade. It came out cleanly, seamlessly… and I was stunned.

Stunned by the unparalleled elegance of what I held in my hands. The grip felt perfectly fit to my hand, as if it had molded to become one with me. The blade itself was broad and wide at the base and tapered to a sharp point upto the lenght same as my arm, just as I liked. When I swung the sword it felt as if the sword was a perfect part of my arm, part of me. The weight, the balance, the center of gravity, the range… everything felt perfect.

But what truly held me speechless was the blade itself… It was unlike anything I had ever seen. Even though it was undoubtedly metal, it shined and gleamed like a like beautiful majestic crystal. However I turned it, it seemed to glow a different color. Its unparalleled beauty was beyond words.

Macy leaned in close to my ear as I remained transfixed with the sword. ”Its magisteel. ”

I suddenly broke out of my trance. Magisteel… The rarest metal in existence. Said to be the only metal that could actually host magic. ”This must have been very expensive… ”

Charles folded his arms. ”Magisteel is not something you can acquire by money. A certain Fire Swordsman from the east let us have it for a… certain price. ”

”I hope you know why Magisteel is so special, especially for you. Since your fighting style involves imbuing magic into your sword to be used as a Light magic weapon, using a magisteel sword will make it a whole lot effective without using too much mana and it will also boost the power of your magic output. Since you already know how to imbue magic into a regular sword, you shall see a significant increase in your combat abilities with this. ”

Maybe I can finally use that technique I have been trying to get started, I thought to myself.

Dias nudged me. ”Don let your father know we told you this, but it was all his idea. This is what we spent our last two months trying to get our hands on. ”

I gripped the sword slightly tighter, even though he wasn here, I still had only one thing in my heart, Thanks dad.

Charles pointed to the sword. ”Well go ahead, name it. And use some magic as you do it. ”

I looked at the sword again. I couldn take my mind off it, how it beautifully caught the natural light and split it into the different colors of a rainbow, like a diamond would… I looked into my heart and uttered the first name that came to my mind…

”Lightbreak ”, I said aloud as I let magic from my arm flow into the sword. All of a sudden both my forearms and hands burned searingly. I tried to drop the sword but couldn as if it were stuck to my hand. Slowly through the pain I noticed runic inscriptions similar to those on the sword start appearing on my forearm.

I might have been screaming, I don know… My mind was too busy filled with pain and my eyes could barely see the runes as they appeared on my hand. A few minutes later it ended and I got up, with Sebas holding me up for a while.

Charles nodded. ”Perfectly done. The sword is now yours. You can never lose it. Or have it taken from you. If any of that happens, you can just call the name of the sword and it shall come to you. It would barely consume any mana at all. You can also make it appear in your hand, but that would consume a bit more mana. ”

”A little warning next time please. ” I said glaring at Charles as I let go of Sebas and got myself on my own feet.

”In case you ever find that your sword has been destroyed, though I doubt anything in this world can do that, you can also recreate the sword in your hands, but remember thats extremely risky. It consumes a lot of mana, so you might die if you don have enough to recreate it. Even if you don die, you will definitely be bedridden for about half a day or more as its gonna leave you terribly drained. ” Charles continued with a serious face.

Dias shrugged. ”Wow I hope this gift is worth the risk it comes with. Well nevertheless, your sword is your partner in life and combat. Take good care of it and keep it close if you don want to spend any needless mana. ”

I put the sword back in the scabbard and attached it to my waist. ”Well, I guess being a weapon user isn such a bad thing after all. ”

Macy gave a slight laugh and smiled at me. ”Alright then, shall we go meet them? ”


Dias pushed me forward. ”Yep lets go. They must already be here waiting for us. ”

”Wait what? They are here already? ” I looked at Lance.

Lance nodded. ”Yes Master Liam, they arrived a few minutes back. ”

I hope they didn hear me cry out in pain coz of Charless runes.

Lance opened the door as we followed him to the reception room.

On our entire way to the reception room, my heart was pounding intensely. We all walked but somehow it felt as if only my footsteps echoed through the hallway. Every step reverbed through my body. I had been waiting for this day for so long… The day I would finally meet them.

We reached the door and stopped for a moment letting Lance open the door for us. As he did light flooded through the doorway onto us… I took a deep breath and steadily entered the room.

Right then in an unreal moment of speechlessness, I faced the four figures who would from here on change my life forever…

”Well, well, if it isn the Heros boy. ”

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