”Hmm? What? People die when they are killed. Its important to remember not to die. ” He looked proud of his precious advice.

Sophia smiled back. ”We will be sure to keep that in mind. ”

My dad stared intently at Sophia for a moment. Sophia continued smiling back at him. Then suddenly his eyes widened. ”Sophia, thats amazing. You have gotten a lot stronger since the last time I saw you. ”

Sophia looked away slightly with a slight blush. ”I… Uh… Yes… I have been… Training. ”

Training? When? Has she been secretly training? I don see any difference…

Suddenly my dad tapped my shoulder. I snapped back to reality and realised I had been staring at Sophia as well, with her glaring at me, her face slightly flush.

Dad cleared his throat. ”Well, Ill leave you guys to yourselves. Have fun. ”

As he left, he put a hand on my shoulder. ”Well be leaving soon. ”

I nodded and he went on.

We four talked some more, sometimes other classmates came over as well for a chat. It was a nice enjoyable time well spent.

Some time later, after my dad went around talking to other teachers and the few parents who were around, he beckoned me over towards the door.

It was time to leave. Earlier than I would have liked, but inevitable nevertheless. I looked at my friends and without a word they realised it was time. We were about to part our ways here. Each of us would go on to adventurer towns, find our new party members, start doing missions, be away for it. We all knew there would rarely be chances for all of us to gather and have such fun. It made me sad, I didn want to leave. Even though I really wanted to be an adventurer, I wished this moment would last forever. It hurt in a different way…

My friends realised how I felt, and Lia even teared up at the thought of it.

Sophia was the first to come hug me. She dug her head in my chest and holding on to me she whispered. ”Ill miss you. ”

I hugged her back. ”Ill miss you too, Sophia. Be brave even if it gets tough. Ill come for you one day. ”

Lia was next, she slowly walked up to me, holding her hands together, as she slowly looked up at me her eyes were welling up with tears. I pulled her into a hug and after a couple moments of holding back her tears she started crying silently into my chest. No words were spoken and I just stroked her head slowly, letting her cry as I held her. After some time, she parted herself from me and went back to hold Karls arm.

Karl and I just looked at each other. Both our faces hard with holding back emotion, refusing to show any.

He nodded and held out his arm. ”Meet us whenever you have the time alright? ”

I nodded back and shaked his hand. ”Will do. ”

Just then other classmates realised I was leaving early, soon a bunch of my classmates and teachers surrounded me saying their goodbyes and wishing me luck.

Once done, I walked back to my father and Macys side. As I was about to leave, I heard someone call out my name.

I turned back to see Karl running to me and almost in a tackle he came and hugged me. ”Bro. You are the best dude ever. Ill miss you man! You ever need anything, or just wanna talk or something, just come over and find me alright?! Thats an order! ”

I hugged him back, tears welling up in my eyes too. ”Will do captain! You are the best as well. I will miss you too. ”

With that he let me go. ”Best of luck hero. ”

That was slightly embarrassing considering the real Hero was standing beside me, but I understood what he meant.

I nodded back at him and shaked hands once again.

Almost at the door, I looked back one last time at everyone.

Taking a deep breath, I exited the hall and the doors closed behind us by themselves.

My last day at Wintergrace Academy.

Thank you for everything.

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