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It all started on this very day, one thousand years ago, February 12, NE-567, the day when the visitors came crashing down on the planet of Garshna, a meteorite that stretch two miles across made landfall at the edge of the Grandall Empire, one of the strongest empires in the entire world.

Potentially killing ninety percent of civilian life stations there as the shock wave made quick work of the great empire, in a matter of seconds.

No one was prepared for it, no one was aware of it, and no one wish for it.

However, where there is death, there will always be life.

Because as soon as the meteorite made its landing, it cracks open like an egg, releasing the life forms that were sealed tightly within the meteor.

They didn come as one either, instead, they come as many, as trillions of microorganisms unseen to the eyes, were freed from the rocky prison that keep them sealed.

As they float, swam, and spread across the worlds atmosphere, looking for various suitable life forms to assimilate with.

These creatures had no minds of their own, nor were they intelligent in any way, and like all living animals, they survive and behave purely on basic instincts.

They were like a parasite, a virus that infects all living beings in the world of Garshna, their arrival marked the dawn of a new beginning, as their presence forever change the world for what it is.

At the time, before technology improve, and before further research was conducted on these microscopic creatures that infected the entire planets atmosphere by the trillions.

These parasites showed the ability to induce evolutionarily change upon their host according to their inner desires.

Many Humans evolve and become superhumans with supernatural abilities via evolution, what was impossible, became possible.

Humans with all kinds of powers began to show up one by one, some that can fly, some that could manipulate the elements, some that clone objects, and some that split the sea and sky with pure strength alone.

However, humans weren the only creatures that were given the opportunity, because animals, insects, and even plants began to evolve, some became even more dangerous, and others become ben beneficial.

Even the weather changes and becomes unpredictable, for example, black rain capable of dissolving the strongest of alloys, Glass winds, which is a phenomenon that makes the winds as sharp as blades, or even Gravity storms, which make gravity several times stronger in a specific area.

They have been countless reports of the weather behaving anonymously, of course, the reason for these changes was due to these microscopic creatures.

Eventually, years passed, and these nameless creatures were dubbed the Darwins, and with the arrival of their kind, history changed like never before.

Many wars were fought with neighboring nations over the years, many new species were discovered, and many legends were born.

Skip one thousand years into the future, and the world has been split in two, on the side of humanity they have the three great empires of Yggdrasil, which connect the three great Kingdoms, Asgard, Olympus, and Skyland, its leading figure is consist of three great elders.

Zeus the Elder King, and founder of the empire.

Odin the Wisdom King, and connector of the empire.

Ra the Sun King, the hope of the empire.

While on the side of the Jagers, monsters that feed, abuse, and treat humanity as nothing but live stocks, they have the three great Jager Empires.

The empire of the cold abyss Niflheim, which is under the rule of the Frost queen Hel.

The empire of the Giganjager, Jötunheimr, which is ruled by the Titan king Uranus

And finally, the empire of the dark ones, hidden from the sun, The Underworld, which is ruled by the Sightless king Ophis

These were the three great empires, that humanity, was at war with, for the past 300 years, and so far humanity is at its last straw.

The Jager, after all, was far superior to them in all aspects, physical and none physical, and when faced with an overwhelming number of them, they were hopeless, so much so, one Jager can kill an entire army of hundred-strong infected humans.

For years this has been the norm, fighting a war that was putting humans kind more and more to the brink of extinction and enslavement as each second passed on.

This continues for centuries, till human numbers reach the lowest it has ever been, what was once seven billion strong was reduced to nothing more than a mere fifty million.

However, its thanks to this that, that the Darwins within the human had become the strongest it has ever been while in human possession.

Due to countless death at the hands of the Jagers for many centuries, nature found it necessary for humans to evolve for the race as a whole to survive.

And that was when humans were now capable of passing on their powers naturally to the next generation, through sexual intercourse, and even fusing said power with another partner.

However, the success of this was one percent, as these new children that had the privilege to be born into the world would be far superior to the current superhumans.

So much so, they couldn even be considered humans anymore, and hence fort they were referred to as ”The-Raubtiers ” a human that transcends even that of a normal human, a natural-born superhuman with superior strength, speed, defense, and special abilities.

And in this world, with a population of fifty million plus, they are a small amount of Raubtiers in existence, but despite the small numbers, it was enough to make humanity catch a break from the man-eating Jagers.

And with the existence of Raubtiers, the war has become, so much easier than before, humans were now capable of fighting on equal footing with the Jager.

Although it was a massive victory and an improvement on humanitys part, they still couldn win against the Jager due to their number increasing at a rapid rate.

However no matter the massive disadvantage we shall not give up any time soon, thats why I encourage you guys the sign up for the army Raubtiers or not, your service to this great empire is much needed, do you have any questions?

A tall dark-skinned woman, with blue eyes, and long blond hair that reaches her back said as she turned to the grand crowd of people, who was watching her as she continues with her presentation.

She wears a full suit of armor, bronze in color, to her sides were a pair of large twins dagger, and above her forehead was a mark known to all, it was the mark of the Valkyries, one of the twelve daughters of Odin, and the princess of the land of Asgard.

Her name is Gunnr, the war Valkyrie, she is one of the Raubtier an elite version of the current superhumans that roams these lands.

She normally does this grand announcement once every month to find recruits to join the army and fight alongside them in war.

She began to speak once more, as she announced.

”Apply now for a greater cause, too long has humanity been under the foot of the Jagers, at this rate the Jager will soon invade the great motherland that the all fathers Odin created for us, we are the first line of defense, if we fall the entirety of the empire will fall with us. ”

Her voice was strong, firm, and direct, she screams motivation if anything all those who met her gaze felt a strong sense of responsibility, and all those who heard her voice could not help but listen to her.

”For Odin! for Asgard! for the motherland! ”

She screams to the top of her lungs in an exaggerated manner that shakes the entirety of the kingdom shake.

Meanwhile, not too far from the kingdom center, a young man with smooth clear skin, a tall, slender, and muscular body, fiery golden eyes, and long green hair that was styled in a messy hair bun, was sleeping peacefully until he felt his house shake.

Above his head was a prized giant Axe his mother gave him on his thirteen birthday, it had a sharp edge, and the handle seemed to be made of bones, it was hanging on the wall like a trophy, however, due to the shaking, it gave loose, and slip from its hold, as it fell from the wall and began to fall towards the sleeping mans head.

However right before it claimed the neck of the handsome man, it stops right before it made an impact, as it suddenly changes course and flies into the hand of a woman, as if the ask recognizes her as its a true master.

She had an annoyed look on her face as she said out loud.


However, the sleeping man that goes by the name of Loki slowly got up, and as he turn to the woman who had clear skin, green hair, and titan green eyes, while upon the majority of her body were many weird tattoos plastered all over.

She had huge breasts, that were tucked tightly in her chest plate, and a great figure, her beauty was quite imminent, despite the violent expression that was plastered on her face.

She had a large scar going across her face as if she took a sword to the face, some time in her life, whoever was married to her truly won at life.

The golden eye man looked at her with an equally annoyed expression, one could tell from an instance that they were mother and son, as he said while rubbing his eyes.

”Yes, mother. ”

e late…

”Late for what? ”

”Training. ”

”You mean public execution, no thanks, I will rather keep all four of my limbs intact this time aro…

However, before he could even finish his sentence, a loud cutting sound could be heard as something stabbed the wall behind him.


Upon looking to his left, he saw his mothers axe stuck in the wall, inches away from his head, as she threw it at him, he slowly looks her direction to see that demonic look on her face as she said.

”Boy, I don have the time for this bullshit today, backyard in five. ”

With those words said she walk back downstairs.

Loki sighed as he pulled the axe out of the wall and got up naked from his bed, in an instant his body began to summon clothes from nowhere, or more so pants, as he walks downstairs while saying.

”Honestly father… what the hell are you doing, with your absence mother has been very miserable lately, by Odin, please hurry come home, and ** her back to normal, I have died ten times this week alone. ”

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