Chapter 9

The morning came like any other sitting with my children as they prepare for their winter sleep. Arrow and Naserah rest in the center of the basement room as Jackson curls around them. ”Mama I *yawn* don want to sleep. ” Arrow said cuddling close to his sister. I rest my hands on their cheeks as they both look at me with tired eyes. ”It is not forever soon you will wake and spring will be waiting for you. Mama loves you both so sleep well and I will see you soon. ” I said kissing them on the head as sleep takes them. Once I was satisfied they are asleep I turn to Jackson who looks ready to fall over.

I hold him close as our lips meet for the last time till spring. ”Please think about what I asked you the other day flower. ” His voice heavy with sleep. While resting him I assure him I will think about it. I take one last glance at the three sleeping soundly.

”It may not be perfect but it is the family I created. I will do what I must for us to survive. ” I said closing the door I climb the creeky stairs to the main level. ”Lady Iris how are you holding up? ” Charry and Tarry asked but I shook my head. ”They are asleep so let them rest. ” I said walking past them. ”So the Naga and Vampire wonder what the family thinks. ” James voice came from the kitchen. I ignored his comment on the matter and continued to go about my day. It is only till April I remind myself.

”Must suck not having them around for Christmas or celebrating New years with them. ” He laughed till I slapped him. ”Know your place to speak. You know nothing so shut the hell up. Are you ready or did you waist time with those insults? ” He glares at me holding his cheek. ”Im ready no need to get you nickers in a twist. ” He said walking away. I can stand this prick already should have killed him. The walk seemed longer than it should have the sound of snow under our feet. It was a satisfying sound would be better if it wasn so bloody cold. Cherry and Tarry are meeting us at the human den oh sorry I meant school. I pray my daughter doesn end up like some of these slutbags.

Honestly all they are good for is making more food and when did humanity just become breeders. Its shameful at least cover up your bits you hedge whores. I thought to myself when James answered me. ”They became breeders when your kind began to feed on them. This keeps the numbers up. ” He said in a thick Scottish accent. ”You ever think that like all other laws of the food chain we help keep balance? ” I snapped he chuckled. ”All the hunters know that but its the same on our end. The hunters don enjoy killing we do it to keep balance. ” He said stopping infront of me. ” Its funny the hunters all started out as vampires,wolves,elves,and sorcerers. They mated with humans making strong offering to take over when they leave. Well one of the vampires that started the hunters guild. She left to marry another of her kind. He stole her heart wanting peace for all no fighting coexisting. He believes that humans could benefit from them. The knowledge they had could be given and used to better themselves. However they were met with resistance and pain. This went of for a decade or so before they had a son. Their son fell in love with the daughter of the rivals family and she for him. Before the two could be wed and put an end to the fighting, her family was attacked. She blamed the boy and swore revenge on him and his family. She to this day is said to harbor anger to the boy but cant bring herself to kill because she still loves him. ” I pin him to the nearest tree. ”Just who the ** are you?! ” I growl making him chuckle. ”I did think you would be offended by that story. Im sorry did you know one of them? ” He looked frightened by my actions and truth so was I.

”I know them both. ” I whispered before walking leaving him confused.

I couldn cry because if I did it would reveal more than what he already knew. The rest of the walk was quiet and awkward. Once we were at the school some of the witches walk up to me. ”Hello Iris dear who is your friend? ” A crimson haired witch asked. She was in a black fitted thigh length dress ripped on the sides, black and red band leggings, black flats, black jean jacket that stopped under her grapefruit sized breast. She was 5ft4 and fairly thin and appeared to be the leader of the cackling sluts.

”This is James Frederickson my cousin. ” The witches look at eachother and giggle. ”Well James Frederickson when you cousin lets you alone. Why don you come find me? Im sure I can give you a better tour and make it far more enjoyable too. ” I wanted to puke this bitch is already on the hunt. ”Oh ye mean the tour of the hedges where the tour is me rutting into ya. Nah I don want that but thanks for the offer if I find the need I know where to go. ” James said wrapping an arm around me walking to the school door.

”Well I see why you use colorful language about them. Ya can hardly blame them though the full moon makes them thirsty. Let me tell you it can be enjoyed when they are so desperate to gon their knees. Ive had my way with a witch or two myself. I just don mess with red haired oned they dabble to much in the dark for my liking.

Now lets get you to class master. ” He said as I lead him to my locker. That reminds me the full moon is dangerous for the females of the supernatural community. We don act like ourselves and tonight marks eight days of hell. May the grate mother protect us all.

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