It was a cold rainy fall evening in the suburbs of Baltimore. The night blankets city for the day dwelling citizens. The subjects of the night however are just waking up and preparing for the queens arrival. It has reached her attention the vampires of First Presbyterian Church and Manse are giving aid to the Clydesmith family. This action if proven to be true can end in the death of the individual or individuals. The black carage with purple silk curtains pulls up to the front. Two dark Elf females step out of the church. They were average height for a human female with the signature ash colored skin topaz eyes flowing silver hair. The two were in maid uniform this was an indication of the job the two preform. A female vampire in a butler uniform opens the door of the carage. The sent of jasmin flower fills the young queens nose. The vampire had a tan tint to she skin wine colored eyes long white hair pulled into a ponytail slender build also average female height. ”Welcome your Majesty My name is Percephany Songwinter head maid of the Temborsal family. If you may fallow me to the dinning hall they are expecting you. ” She said bowing to me is a similar fashion of a butler. Iris steps out and follows Percephany while the two dark Elfs follow behind her their heads down in submission. The halls were long and made of limestone. Torches lighting the way to a marble floored room with a long Birchwood table. The table was lined with food a fifty sittings. At the head of the table sat Edward Temborsal the man in question. He was not a tall man standing about five foot four with a hefty build green eyes like lush grass after rain his hair looked like sault and pepper. The man prefers a more of the renaissance attire. Even with being announced no on acknowledged he. This upsets the queen and proceeds to make herself known. Stepping onto the table with every step food, dishes, candle holders flew to the nearby wall. When she reached the head of the table Edward was looking up at Iris in disbelief. ”Y-y-Your Majesty ” he said shaking. ”On your hands and knees traitor. ” She growled knowing not to cross her even farther Edward did as he was told. Walking across his back ignoring his cries of pain. The dark Elfs come to either side holding out there small hands. When Iris was seated comfortably in the gold chair with red velvet cushion Percephany brings her a glass of blood. ”I suppose you know why I am here Temborsal. I do so hope for your sake that the rumors aren true. I mean think of your family who has enjoyed this life of splendor, only to have it be shattered because someone got greedy. ” She said looking down on him this made him snap pointing at her. ”You think you earned my respect! You are nothing more than a power high slut like any other female vampire! Hell the whole female of any race is nothing more than a cock sleeve to be used. ” He said before striking her making everyone gasp as her drink was spilled staining his shirt and the floor. She stood up causing the chair to fly back and brake. She Grabs him only to have him fly to the other side of the room. His back hit the wall causing a crater to form. He stood up only to be brought to his knees by Percephany. ”What are you doing you filthy maid unhand me! ” He yells making it clear he never supported a woman in power. ”Didn you find it odd that she was sent by me a month ago to be a maid. Let me tell you her skill set dose not fit that of a simple maid. She is know by many as my Executioner. I am afraid you crimes are far to great to allow you to live. Edward Temborsal you are here by charged with treason against not only your Queen but your race. This would normally land you two hundred years in the prison, However for striking your Queen is looked apon as an attempted association. With that in mind I can not let you live by the decree of your queen, you Edward Temborsal are sentenced to death by fire. ” She said making Edward look at her with fear as he pleaded for his life apologizing to her. She shook her head before nodding at Percephany. She was about to pick him up when smoke engulfed the room. Guards surrounded the Queen. You could hear the sound of people hitting the floor. When the smoke cleared Iris was pind to the wall by the very man she has grown to hate. ”Flower must you be so cruel the man was pleading for his life. ” Iris pushed him away as the two started fighting. Those in a dress and heels she could hold her own. If you did know the were fighting you could mistake it to be a dance only more violent. Percephany shaking her head seeing the the situation throws hidden blades hitting him in the shoulders. Iris took this opportunity to kick him away from her sending him to a wall. The daggers ripped threw his skin only for the tips to be seen. He stood shaking unable to move his arms. He looked at Iris with a soft expression ”I love a woman who can bring a man to his knees. ” He said before screaming now. The room was engulfed by another puff of smoke allowing him to escape with Edward. This enraged her making the rest of the Temborsal family bare the punishment Edward will soon face. All were killed and stripped before tossed in the flames of the brick oven. ”My lady the order was carried out as request. I was unable to track down Clydesmith. We will catch and make that traitor pay for his crimes. ” She said kneeling down kissing her hand. ”Our prey is like an octopus Percephany, without a finely woven net or he will find the tiniest whole and slip threw. I need you to help me and be that net. I know its a lot I ask of you Percephany. You are my best soldier and friend. ” She said having Percephany rise up to meet her Queens eyes. ”I will not fail you my queen. ” She said before leaving Iris to watch the moon rise.

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