Chapter 3

Anthony pov

Watching for behind the paintings I saw Iris put on a show of power. She has grown to be a beautiful rose in the night garden. However like any rose she has her thorns and they are sharp. I have tried to tell her it wasn me who killed her parents. I remember that night clearly though not many agreed with the merge of the two families. I just never thought anyone would kill them. It was a cool night when I was helped out of the carage by some maids. I remember being nervous with every step entering the throne room. There I saw a man in a black cloak standing over the stone bodies of the king and queen. When he saw me his lavender eyes widened , and like that he vanished. No one believes me the maids that helped me act as if they didn see me. Why is it when you try to tell the truth no one wants to hear. Its because they have tunnel vision and lost sight of the world. Having the vampires rule everyone was a mistake and one I intend to correct no matter the cost. ”Sir your orders. ” One of my men asked pulling me out of my thoughts. ”Smoke screen get Temborsal and flee. I will catch up with you at the ridge. Under no circumstances is harm to befall the Queen. ” I said putting my plan in motion. Temborsal may be a pig but his skills are what I need at this point. I will make him pay for striking her I will make sure of it. Getting past her guards was easy pinning her however was not. When the smoke cleared I could see her beautiful eyes more clearly. If it were not for the mission I would indulge her more. This fight however was just a pointless dance. Flower I wish I had more proof to show you now. I promise you when I find the culprit responsible he will pay dearly for the pain he is putting us threw. I silently vow ”I love a woman that can bring a man to his knees. I am afraid our time is up to be continued mon cheri ” I said before the room was once again engulfed in smoke. I felt her rage as we fled to the ridge and I also know we can hide and run forever. Iris will catch us sooner or later I just hope I have the information by then. Please god have mercy on my soul and give me time to right this wrong.

No ones pov

It was the year 1943 war has thrown the world into utter chaos. Iris sent troops to help the best they could but in the end this is a war started by power hungry humans. ”My queen it appears Clydesmith is fighting with the nation that started the war. What are my orders your grace? ” Percephany asked kneeling before Iris who had a unamused look. ”He is a traitor I honestly was wondering when he was joining the war. Oh send some men to do damage control. ” She said wondering what is going threw his mind. He must surely know it was a matter of time before he got caught. ”What is that rat up to? ” She said out loud before standing. ”Percephany bring in Solea to me he is needed. ” She said before walking the the doors of the throne room.

”My queen has sent for me surely it must be for good reason. ” A warm smooth voice came from behind her. The sent of sandalwood filled her with joy. ”Solea I have a problem you need to fix. ” She said turning so she could see the male sun elf who was smirking. Solea stood six foot with shoulder length black hair that made his gold eyes seem menacing light tan skin and muscle tone, he only wheres black cotton pants and hunting boots. On his chest is an X shape scar. ”What needs fixing name the bastard who threatens you. I assure you my queen they will be silenced. ” he said looking into her eyes as he tucked some hair gently behind her ear. His words alone made her shiver. ”Solea Anthony Clydesmith is becoming a bigger rat than my forces can handle. I want him gone Solea do this for me and your freedom is assured. ” She said knowing this would make him work harder. ”As her Majesty commands but one thing Iris Im not here because of my job. ” He said bowing to her. ”What do you mean by that? ” She asked confused by the words. He smiled with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. ”I shall tell you when I return. ” He said takimg her right hand in his before kissing her knuckles. ”Untill then keep this memory of me so it may warm you at night. ” He said before leaving Iris stunned before running after him only for it to be too late. Solea had ridden off to confront Clydesmith as an equal. Iris waited for two years the war was over but Solea never returned. Iris fearing the worst as she falls to her knees crying Percephany holding her. She feels as though Clydesmith yet again took someone important from her. ”He needs to die Percephany. I don know how much more I can take of this. Its been 81 years since I became queen and he still draws breath. He takes sick pleasure in torturing me. ” She cries till her body gives out from stress. That night Percephany went an did something drastic called the court for the royal sleep. Percephany knows it is against the law to call for the court but she sees no other options. the Queen was heading for a brake if they don act fast. ”Forgive me my queen this is for your own good. twenty years of sleep will do you good. ” she said before walking with the gaurds dragging Iris to the chamber. a cast Iron black and purple with gold rose designs. ”Percephany what are you doing stop this! ” Iris yells but no one listed to her. ”Have a good rest your Majesty. ” was the last thing Iris heard before her world went black. ”

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