Chapter 4

”Mom I don remember you telling this part of the story. ” The old womans son said scratching his raven black hair. The woman chuckles patting his shoulder. ”Oh my dear Solea you always got excited for this part. You would always inspire to be like the Solea in the story. ” The young man blushing ”I think you still made all this up mom ” he said looking away with embarrassment. The children laughed as their father was speechless. ”Come now children don make fun of your father. ” His wife said sitting by her husband. The children still laugh because they found it funny. ”Grandma what happened to Iris? Did they wake her up after the twenty years? What happened to the Clydesmith guy? ” Simon asked looking up at her with wonder. It honestly reminded her of herself when she was his age. That however was many many moons ago and wouldn return till her next life. She smiled ruffling his hair gently. ”Ah yes young Simon I was about to continue the story. I just need a moment to catch my breath. You know Simon you strike me as a noble and fearless individual just like Percephany. She was a force that not even nature could defy. ” She said making the boys cheeks turn pink but still looked up at her. The boy however felt something was off but couldn place it. This was his grandmother surely nothing would happen to them. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his head but couldn react to it. He was so focused on her that he didn realize what was happening. ”Now where was I oh yes now I remember. ” She chuckles knowing Simon was starting to see something.

No ones pov

The coffin lid was opened to a still sleeping Iris. ”I am sorry your Majesty it is time for you to wake. ” Percephany said slicing her wrist allowing her blood to fill Iriss mouth. Iris eyes flew open in a fit of shock. Percephany jumps back before kneeling before the now sitting up Iris. ”I should have you thrown in the dungeons for what you did. I however understand why you did it. I can ask for a better friend than you Percephany. So did you do as I asked? ” Iris asked stepping on the cold stone floor. Percephany looked up at her Queen and nods. ”Its as we all suspected the council is working both sides. They don know you are awake my queen so we should flee and lay low till the time is right. The twin dark elves are waiting for us Solea is going to meet us. We need to move now before anyone sees. ” Percephany said taking the girl by the arm running threw the corridors. The sun was almost in the sky the beautiful hues of purples,blues, yellows mixed perfectly. Iris expecting a carage only to find a black AMG Hammer with purple interior. The twins who she found out were Cherry and Terry once worked for Temborsal. The two still had silver hair and topaz eyes but instead of the ash colored skin they had a caramel complexion. The two had on blue daisy dook short brown boots and a black blouse. Iris then took note of how Percephany was dressed a white blouse blue jeans and black boots. ”So I see you finally traided in that butler uniform for some fashion sense. ” Iris jokes making the twins giggle ”like she had a choice in the matter. ” One of the twins said they were flying down a dirt road when Cherry noticed a red Audi Quattro following them. ”I think we are being followed Terry. ” She said pulling out a Colt Python. ”I think your right Cherry. How shall we deal with them? ” She sain in a sickeningly sweet tone. ”Like this. ” Before we could say anything Cherry was hanging out the window opening fire to the poor soul behind us. Terry had one hand on the weel while the other was holding her sister by the shorts. A few minutes pass and we heard an explosion. Cherry got back in laughing looking back at Percephany and Iris. ”If I would have know bring you back was this much fun *Smirk* I would have miss frilly britches bring you back sooner. ” She laughed Before turning back around. The drive was not much longer after that incident . They pull up to an old rundown looking house on the outskirts of London. ”We should be safe for now. Well untill we can figure out what to do next. ” Percephany said a bit embarrassed to not thought things threw. ”Wait you woke me up knowing what you know without a game plan. This isn like you Percephany! ” Iris yells a bit scared now out in the open. ”They were going to stab you in the heart so the royal bloodline will end. I don want that to happen it will throw the supernatural world into chaos. The royal family exists to keep everyone balanced. ” She said explaining herself making Iris sigh. ”Ok lets just get inside and get out of the sun. ” She said having them follow her. The inside looked actually nice. It had that feeling of home the walls had lavender print while the furniture was made from birch wood. The sofa had lavender cushions while the arm chairs were this sinfully ugly yellow. The house had five bedrooms one was in the basement. It wasn the castle she was used to but Iris found it had charm for an old house. At the time none of them know what was coming. She always thought that Anthony was her enemie, but she will soon find out how wrong she was.

~Meanwhile back at the castle~

”Are you sure she is awake? Damb that Percephany ruined everything! What do we do now with the Queen awake she can take back over? ” A old man asked panicking on the phone. ”Listen to me under no circumstances are we to reveal she is awake. We run things as if normal. Iris can take back the throne! If she does we are done for. I knew keeping that bitch around was a bad idea. ” The person on the other end said. A single gun shot was heard. ”John what was that? John answer me you old fool! ” The man on the other line yelled. ”Im afraid John is nothing but ash at the moment. I had a feeling you all had something to do with this. But don worry one by one you all will fall. ” The assassin said calmly. ”Wait Clydesmith I thought you were dead? ” Anthony chuckles before hanging up the phone looking at the mirror on the side wall. A burn scar covered the entire left side of his face and part of his neck. ”Im not dead but you **ers are about to be. ” He said before pulling his hood over his head. Gaurds lay in the corridors of the castle. ”What do you want us to do sir? ” One of his men asked. ”Finde the queen keep an eye on her. ” Was all he said before being escorted away.

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