Anthony pov

I always thought getting this information would prove not only my innocents ,but also my devotion to my queen and county. I however realized that this information may prove my innocence but it also proves my guilt aswell. I obtained this by spilling so much of my brethrens blood. I killed so many people weather they were a man or woman it didn matter. If they had something I wanted then I would do what I had to. I sigh looking out the window of the abandoned warehouse. I think it belonged to a dog food company because thats all we found. ”Sir we found her. ” I was brought out of my thoughts by Solea the Sun elf that saved my life in world war two. ”She is in an old abandoned farm house on the outskirts of London. What are your orders sir? ” He said going to one knee like a knight before his king. ”Keep an eye on her report back to me their every move. I want to be ahead of them at all times. The war is not over yet but it will be soon. ” I said dismissing him Solea left to carry out my orders. He always had this look of resentment in his eyes. This always had me question his loyalty but was always proven wrong about my assumptions. I guess he just hates vampires I don know. This whole situation is ridiculous and will be over soon. ”Jackson! ” I yelled before a shadow appeared infront of me. ”Yessss massster what can I asssissst you with? ” Normally I would keep the Naga clan as a last resort but in this case, I need another man on the inside. ”I kneed you to go along with Solea and keep an eye on Iris. I don care if you have to seduce her do it just remembered she is mine at the end of this. I am going to be king as it should have been from the start. ” The Naga came into the light alowing me to see the orange and brown scales of the large serpent. His green eyes freezing me in place if it weren for me being a vampire I am sure I would have died of fright. ”One nest. ” He said confusing me a bit. ”You promised our queen that if one of the Nagas came to ask for something it would be done. I ask for a nest of Naga eggs. ” He said now in his bare human form. He has waist length brown hair, pail skin green eyes soft facial features. If he was in half form he would stand ten feet but in his human form he stands six foot. His body was sculpted with a lean fram with light muscle tone. It was true if not for the Queen of the Naga clan I wouldn be here. ”Fine you can have your pic of any female. ” I said only realizing the mistake I made but to late. I couldn take back my words all I can do is pray he doesn pick her.

Iris pov

The next night I woke to arguing upstairs. ”Your still playing both sides?! Solea she will kill you if she finds out! Anthony can be trusted! ” Percephany yelled only to get the same response from Solea. ”That is precisely why I am being the double agent Percephany! He can not be left to his own devices never could be! If she comes to hate me thats fine let her. I would know in my heart that all this would be for her. I would die for her she is my everything. My freedom means nothing if I can be by her side. ” He spoke the last words with a soft almost sad tone. ”You know she would never choose you right. She is a queen you are nothing more than a servant. ” Percephanys words were harsh but had something else laced in them. Cherry and Tarry tried to talk them down but the argument just continues. ”Im fine with that but I don think those words were for just me. Who are you really trying to convince Percephany because you are a double agent too. *gasp* she doesn know does she. ” Solea said before laughing Percephany stomped away. ”You know you could have gone without doing that. We are all in this to protect the queen…You know what she plans to do after Clydesmith is dispatched right? ” One of the twins said sounding sad. ”What throw a party finally bringing that filth to justice. ” Solea stood none of them hearing me enter the room. ”I plan on ending the Clearwater bloodline. I will leave ruling to someone else all these years have been draining and I am tired. I will join My parents after Clydesmith is sent to hell. ” I said looking at Solea who had a heartbroken look grace his face. ”You want to join him you mean. You can even deny it Iris everyone knows about you two. You still love him even though he killed your parents. ” He said with an edge of harshness. ” Iris you have people that love you and want to help you. We can do that if you are just going to throw away everything. ” He said now standing heading for the door. ”I have work to do have a pleasant evening. ” He sounded so sad not knowing what to say. ”Charry Tarry follow him ” was all I said before heading out to the forest. That night I will regret because I didn come out the same.

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