Chapter 6

Walking threw the woods Iris felt an odd sense of peace the air was cool and crisp. Soleas words replayed in her head she ran into something or should I say someone. ”Oh Im sorry I wasn paying attention. ” She said looking up to see to glowing green eyes. ”Itssss ok dear no harm wassss done ” a Naga out here since when. She thought before everything went black. Jackson picked her up carrying her to some soft grass. He gently rests her on his tail while he kept watch. ”Her body is still getting used to being awake. All those years spent sleeping in an underground toomb. It makes one wonder, just what you sweet dreams were? ” He said before softly brushing hair out of her face. ”What are you doing here Jackson? ” Solea demanded arrow at the ready. ”I am here on our masters order. My job is to keep this sweet little mouse safe. Something you have failed to do as of late. I wonder if he is looking for someone else to take your place. ” Jackson said with a bit of a snear. ”Your kind is nothing more than filthy bottom feeders. It will always be like that way filth so stay away. ” Solea said the air freezing around them. ”What about you elves hmmm? Your kind has been in service to all manner of beings. While we Naga have remained independent. So please do tell me Solea who is the filth here. ” Jackson hissed the two males glaring at one another. Till a gun shot was fired hitting Jackson in the shoulder. His right hand grabbing the wound. His eyes glowing with rage before grabbing Iris and flees deep into the forest. ”You are more truble than you are worth girl. ” He said lossing the three elves as he entered a cave system. The cave has a glowing pool of water switching to human form Jackson rests Iris on the dirt floor. Once he was satisfied knowing she was comfortable he entered the water. He sighs letting the cool liquid heal him.

Iris pov

I woke the smell of earth and fresh water fills me. Once my eyes focus I find myself in one of the reflective catacombs. ”Ah ssso your awake don move to quickly. Your body issss ssstil adjussting to being awake. ” A smooth voice came followed by a splashing sound. I turn to see the same man from earlier. He had a wound on his left shoulder was he shot. That must be why he fled to here then. Why would he bring me though? ”Are you ok?…..Im sorry I didn get your name. ” I said feeling a bit embarrassed. ”Mmmm Itsssss Jackson and I am sure you know what I am by now. ” I nod knowing what he is and could do. ”Are you afraid of me girl? ” He asked taking his half form curling around me. ”I should be but Im not. ” I said unable to look away from him. Iris you need to look away before he. His hands gently rest on my cheeks. ”You are very brave but possibly very foolish. ” He said before placing his lips over mine. I felt a slight pin prick followed by light dizziness. ”Don worry the venom won kill you its something to help you relax. You will be perfect the royal bloodline they will be unmatched. ” Was the last thing he said before he started. I remember everything and the worst part I couldn stop it. The venom coursing threw me made me limp while he could position me in anyway he pleased without me fighting back. I couldn tell you how long this lasted but when it was over, I knew without a doubt I would be pregnant. He curls around kissing my cheek, my neck anywhere he could reach. His hand resting on my stomach. He was not violent but it was still unwanted. ”The children that come from you will be powerful. They could over throw the queen of Nagas and take her place. I am not a violent monster as someone believes our kind to be. All I want is equality and peace. Iris our children will make that happen. The queen of the Nagas is a vicious and cruel woman. She is working with the very people that killed your parents. ” I shoot up after hearing the last part only for a surge of pain to hit me. He gently grabs me placing me back down. ”Careful the venom is whering off. ” He said looked at me with concern. ”Anthony killed my parents. ” I said with disbelief only to see him shake his head. ”He is currently hunting the ones responsible for the attack. Only Naga venom in high quantities can turn anyone to stone. ” He said gently stroking my hair. I didn want to believe it but it was true I often thought it odd they were turned to stone and not ash. ”Can you tell me who then? ” I asked only for him to shake his head no. ”Im sorry flower but I don know much. The queen wants to over throw the vampires and to do that…She needed you to think Clydesmith and his family were traitors. I wish I knew more but I don . ” He said before going to the reflective pool. Slowly dipping his hands in the water offering it to me. The water was cool and the pain in my body melted away. ”Thank you Jackson but it doesn explain why you did this in the first place. ” I said making the half serpent blush. ”Your body needed a jumpstart to keep you awake longer than a few hours. I also wanted a nest of children strong enough to over take the queen. ” He said before his head jerked to the entrance. He started to hiss taking to his full serpent form. His brown and orange scales shimmer. When he was gone I dressed myself and waited but nothing. I grew to be afraid till I see someone enter I hid behind one of the large rocks watching the hooded figure. ”I know you are there Iris lets talk. ” The all to familiar voice of the man she blamed for everything. ”Im sorry I don talk to people with hoods up. I can see your face making you a bit suspicious. ” I said making him chuckle. ”Trust me you don want to see my face. Its not as you remember it to be. ” He said with a bit of sorrow in his voice. Stepping out from to rock her body screaming at her to run. She was not listening to her instincts instead she was now in arms reach. A decision she will soon come to regret for the rest of her days.

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