Bae Sejin Bday Interview (1/3)

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KakaoPage has invited Bae Sejin

KKP: Hello! I am the owner of the KaCafe.Today, we invited the oldest member of TeSTAR~
Please introduce yourself and say hello to your lovers from Korea.

BS: Do I start now?

KKP:That’s right !

BS: Greetings.
I am Bae Sejin, the sub-vocalist of TeSTAR.
And… I am also the oldest among our members.
Please take good care of me in today’s interview.
Thank you.

KKP: First of all! Happy Birthday, Sejin-ssi  Loviewers have sent us tons of questions!
Let’s start with the question that’s been asked the most, haha
The meaning of Sejin’s name in Hanja! And Sejin, please tell us your height~

BS:輩世進 (輩 – Generation, 世 – World, 進 – Advancing forward.
Together they make Bae Sejin in Chinese)
It is ‘World Se’, and ‘Advance towards Jin’.
My mother said she named me that so that I could ‘Advance towards the world all the way through’.

KKP: Such a warm-hearted meaning!
Sejin-ssi, do you like it’s meaning?

BS: Yes.
Of course I like it, but…
I don’t know if I am living as firmly and well.
But still, I think I am giving my best effort!

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KKP: Of course you are living like that~
Because our Sejin-ssi was born into this world, so many fans are happy!

BS: That… Thank you very much.
It really cheers me up!
And my height (This message was sent at 12:07 am)
Even when I measured it again just now, it is still 177cm.
Same as my official profile. (This message was sent at 12:15 am)

KKP: Wow, you even checked it again for the birthday interview!

BS: Yes… Actually, I thought I had gotten a bit taller recently, but I guess that was just my feeling.
Since I am not at an age where I can still grow taller…

A lot of people were also curious about this question.
The person nicknamed ‘Rothy’ wrote,
I am curious about Sejin’s night and morning routine!!

BS: That… I suppose by routine it is right to assume it’s about habits that I always do.
Usually, I wash my face with water at least once before going to bed.
Then I believe I am ready to sleep once I put on some lotion.
And I always make sure to fill a cup with water and leave it at my bedside.
So I can drink it immediately after I wake up.

KKP: Lovie’s are you seeing this! Water by the bedside! Please make sure to remember that haha
The next question was sent by a Lovie who wishes to know more about Sejin-ssi’s past(?).
The person nicknamed ‘JamGem’ asked.
I want to know what kind of roles Sejin played during his childhood days…

BS: The role I was the most famous for was as a shaman, but since I wasn’t really picky with work I played various roles.
Kidnapped children, Neighborhood leader, Math genius… I often played the role of the youngest child of a large family.
I remember I also shot some Public Service Advertisement posters, as well as local festival advertisements. 

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KKP: If you had to choose the most unique one?

BS: That
A circus member? It was a horror movie, but even though I was in it I couldn’t watch it since it was an adult movie.

KKP: How did you feel when watching it later?

BS: I was a little embarrassed because I thought I had done well.
But I think it might have been because I was a child.
I’ll be sure to show you better performances in the future!

KKP: The next question is… Oh!
Personally, I am also very curious about this.
It’s a question from the person nicknamed ‘Sweet is the best’,
It seems you have the tendency of a homebody*, but I am also a really big homebody**! In that sense if Sejin have anything to recommend to homebody boys and girls who are also loviewers, please share it haha (*/** The person refers to Sejin as a boy homebody and themselves as a girl homebody)

BS: Me?
Hm… I don’t know if my advice will be any good since everyone has different tastes and constitutions, but… I often use a foot warmer.
It’s good during winter, and it’s also good for your health if your feet stay warm when there is strong air conditioning on a hot summer day.
I recommend it.
But that doesn’t mean you have to use it no matter what!
I’m just saying th

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