“…The dance?” 

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Ballet and modern dance movements appeared from the opening choreography of ‘Into A New World.’

It’s dim and dreamy, but it’s also, as expected, not very intense.

“It’s pretty, but—” 

Gold 1, who had opened his mouth, was speechless.

In other words, the difficulty of arrangement has again gone up vertically because of this choreography.

Following the lyrics played over and over, they began to learn the choreography in an atmosphere very similar to a house in mourning.

“Let’s get it as soon as possible!”


However, it was surprisingly nice to practice because everyone closed their mouths and worked hard.
This may have been because the hopelessness of the future made everyone feel like they were in a crisis instead of desperate.

They also seemed to know that if they complained for no reason, their negative comments about the song could be broadcast.

‘It’s nice because it’s comfortable.’

I continued to practice silently without saying a word.

Anyway, I had zero experience with choreography, so I couldn’t say that I was particularly impressed by what I saw, as it was all the same to me. 

“Here, if you grab my arm and turn it like this—” 


“Oh, it was similar.”

And waited for the right timing.

Now that the atmosphere has been set, the thing that really matters is the picture, which should be so powerful that the editors won’t want to remove it when they’re editing.
It was also important how the arrangement process came out on the program. 

The chance came two days later when the trainer came to check on them.


“You must have been very worried when you got this song, right?”

At the choreographer’s words, the team members laughed awkwardly.
They can’t say that they just learned the choreography without putting their worries out of their minds.

The choreographer didn’t seem to like this response very much, but for now, he didn’t say anything about it.

“Let’s start by seeing what you’ve done.”


And the team members, including myself, finished the first verse choreography without any mistakes.


People who were breathing hard around me let out a sigh of relief when they thought there were no mistakes.


The choreographer nodded.
It was a fairly neutral move.

“How did everyone memorize the movements? Who got the choreography?”

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“Uh, the team members who are a little more used to dancing and all together…”

We did it all together!” 

Big Sejin added words to Gold 2. 

The 4 Gold indeed took the lead, but Seon Ahyun was the one who did the most.
I found out that he was a dance major.

Well, he wasn’t completely alone, and the main dancer became Big Sejin, so it looked like he would crush it to the extent.

The choreographer just nodded.

“Yeah, you’ve worked hard.

The choreographer snapped his neck.

“I can’t see anyone.”

I could hear Gold 2 taking a breath right next to me.
Whoever sees it would think a ghost came out.

“What are you going to do? It’s just ‘They’re dancing.
They’re doing this move.
They’re doing that move.’ This is a compliment you might hear at a school trip talent show, but didn’t you come here to make money with this?” 

The team members flinched whenever the words came out.

“It’s not worth watching.”

In fact, it was a natural result since they didn’t try to figure out what the song meant and only learned the choreography mechanically.
Still, the choreographer kept saying the same thing, like using abusive language instead of advice.

“There are kids who are below the level at all.”

It was obvious to look at actor Lee Sejin while he was speaking.
Lee Sejin was bowing his head.

To be honest, I was at a level where I could barely remember the choreography, but should I think it’s a good thing that they become human shields for me? 

There was constant feedback to the point that it wouldn’t be strange for one person to be dragged on. 

The choreographer openly moved his mouth.

“You, Seon Ahyun.” 

“Y, yes…” 

“I heard you majored in modern dance.
But why does it seem like you’re weaker than Moondae?”

Seon Ahyun’s face turned pale.

I had a strong feeling that they would never edit those comments.

This punk who will get hair loss—was he trying to intentionally shock him by making a comparison between myself and the person who couldn’t do that right now?

“That kid sings well.
You’re auditioning here, so the feedback has been positive so far.
But if you make your debut, someone will write a story about you, but do you think someone will tell you you did a good job?”

There aren’t many fields that are as skilled at storytelling as the entertainment industry, but those who work in it like to play it cool and insist that they are judged only based on their skills. 

It was still the same.
No matter what, it looked like it hurt Seon Ahyun a lot, and he looked like he was about to sink. 

‘’This is a bit difficult—’

He was already in strange condition, but I’ll get in trouble if he couldn’t do his part because it got worse. 

“Anyway, your current level is just an amateur who practiced a little.
Think about what you want to convey through this song, and then perform it again while you’re in a state where you’re worth watching.”

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“Thank you…” 

The team members walked quickly out of an evaluation room as if they were mop.

They already had no lives.

However, a similar situation occurred in the following vocal feedback.

What do you guys want to do?” 

Mudie tapped on the keyboard as if she were frustrated and sorry.
But, instead of attacking a person, she poured out specific instructions.
It seems like she really wants to give advice. 

“The concept of this song is the fairy of flowers.
It’s a clear and beautiful song.
But all you’re doing is singing the notes.
It had neither a beautiful nor a sad feeling.
Isn’t it embarrassing for you to sing it that way?”


Aside from the fact that this song wasn’t suitable for an audition program, I honestly wondered if there were any team members who didn’t think of that.
But, of course, it was because they are around the age of high school students.

But I can’t honestly say that I’m embarrassed, so this is the answer.

“Since it was an audition, we wanted to arrange with a stronger feeling—.
Because the concept of the song is so pure, it’s difficult to naturally change it to a stronger direction.”

“If the arrangement seemed hard, you should have thought about trying to keep the original song as close as possible.”


Mudie waved one hand with a sad expression.

First, you have to know which direction you want to go.” 

And as soon as the production team stepped in to help, the team members began discussing the situation immediately.

The camera was close to the front, and the production team was sitting in front of it.
Unfortunately, the atmosphere was so bad that we couldn’t even say anything. 

But someone had to say something, so the guy with the armband was the first to speak up.

It was Big Sejin. 

“Uhm, we worked really hard these two days.
Thanks to it, we learned the choreography quickly.
I believe we can do well enough with the quality of the stage if we immerse ourselves in the song with that momentum from now on.”

It was a natural comfort as if he had prepared for it.
Look at this punk? 

“Let’s not get distracted and work hard to keep the original song’s meaning! It may be a little embarrassing, but naturally, if we do our best— it’s like a hit song by MallangDalkom Sunbaenim, wouldn’t it be fun?”

“Ah, just like Moondae did?”

“That’s it! If you’re humorous and pure, you’ll also feel fresh.
Why don’t we just make the beat a little faster to make it more exciting?”

In the end, he suggested that we should shamelessly overdo the song of the innocent female idol and that we should digest it in the same way as MallangDalkom’s cute concept did back in its heyday.

‘…I think he really prepared this.’

At that moment, I realized.
This punk was waiting like me.

‘He left it alone on purpose until the trainer gave them feedback.’

Because if he tells them to stick with the original song, which has a more innocent concept, there will definitely be people who disagree with his decision.

It also eliminates the possibility that Seon Ahyun, a major who fits the original song, will be the main dancer. 

He picked the episode cuts that were like this and took the impact of being the leader.

It wasn’t an ordinary skill.

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But that’s too bad.
It would be useless for this guy to draw a big picture.

Because my opinion was better.

First, let’s throw the bait. 

“The idea is good, but wouldn’t it seem like a mockery of the original song if we make a mistake?” 

Still, it’s a senior idol’s song.
I didn’t know what people would say if we went too far and looked ridiculous. 

Of course, I did not expect this objection, Big Sejin replied with a smile.

“We just have to do our best to make sure it doesn’t look like that!”

“Isn’t Moondae Hyung doing too much?”


Suddenly, Choi Wongil stepped forward and interrupted the conversation.

“Uhm, Wongil-ah?” 

Big Sejin rarely looked embarrassed.

Rather than being supported, it’s a fun development in which I gain more from being attacked.

I can hear the Big Sejin’s big picture shattering.

Choi Wongil poured out angry remarks to Park Moondae.

It seems that he keeps forgetting that there are cameras.

“Does Hyung have any great ideas? You may feel at ease because the trainers like you, Hyung, but you also need to think about how the other team members feel.
If you just oppose it so blindly—” 

Oh, that’s a surprisingly plausible statement. 

“Oh, of course I do.
My opinion.”


“I’ve been thinking about it, but it seems like there’s a way to go strong while keeping the feeling of the original song.” 


“Is there such a thing?”

The sudden idea of idealism surprised the other people on the team.

In contrast to Choi Wongil’s momentary dissatisfaction with the atmosphere, which was quickly resolved, Big Sejin put his hand on the back of his head in an embarrassment.

This punk is really not normal.

“Of course, it’s good if it’s real— but what is it?” 

I said with a smile.

“Let’s mix it with horror.”


Let’s go not just as a flower fairy, but as a flower fairy who went to America. 

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After a short period of silence that was followed by an exclamation mark, a reaction erupted.

“O, oh! I think it’s good?” 

“Hey, I think this choreography would be really scary if we added a horror concept!” 


From Gold 1, who shouts Eureka while roughly swaying the choreography he memorized with his hands, to Lee Sejin, whose expression looks better, the majority of the responses were positive, though the level varied. 

At this age, if you were an aspiring idol, you would want to do something cool rather than something terrible, so I figured it would be better to say horror.

Big Sejin also gave a brief exclamation and then nodded his head.
He turned right after seeing the member’s opinion.

“It’s a little embarrassing to say this right away, but—I think I like Moondae’s opinion?”

“Wow, he gave up his opinion and switched!”

“As expected from a leader!”

The atmosphere brightened in an instant.
Behind the buzzing team members, Mudie could be seen with a happy expression. 

Since Mudie is also caught on camera, I think that cut will also be used—.
I hope it’s well cut and edited. 

But there was a guy who messed up the heartwarming cut scene. 

Choi Wongil was— anxious, but it wasn’t him.

When he came to his senses, he seemed to be worried about how his actions would turn out to be edited.

He is trying to get into the mood somehow, but he tries not to look at me because he is too proud to apologize.

If it were me, I would say that I was too harsh, sink into the situation, and end it.

We’re in a situation where the opponent has to accept me, but I don’t know why he’s acting this way.

Maybe because he was young, he didn’t know how to get along with other people.

Then who is the culprit, Seon Ahyun?

“Ghost! Let’s go with ghosts! There’s a flower with a story about a dead person.”

“What kind of horror movie is this? I think you’re too serious? Ah! You know the movie, the black swan if you do it with that creepy feeling—” 

“Wow, the choreography would be really scary if you do that.”

In what looked like a happy episode of the group project, Seon Ahyun was stuck in the corner with a gloomy expression.


Perhaps because of what the choreographer trainer said, it seemed that he couldn’t recover his mental condition.

I had a moment of hope that Big Sejin would come out and show what a true leader looks like, but there was no sign of that happening.

Seon Ahyun seems to be afraid that when he comes to his senses, he will be mistaken for the main dancer with a major’s buff.

The rest are just guys with bright minds or lack social skills, so am I the only one who doesn’t need to be checked because my positions don’t overlap? 

It can be so annoying— I was frustrated that I had to do something for a mental protector that wasn’t in my fate.

In any case, the fact that the stage quality has decreased is a source of great regret.
So let’s get some words out. 

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