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KKP: Lovies with cold hands and feet! Don’t forget the foot warmer! Next the person nicknamed ‘Moomoo’ asked~
Is there a place Sejin would like to travel to?

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BS: There… Isn’t anywhere in particular.
No, wait a minute, I sent that wrong.
That’s because I don’t travel often! I’ll think about it now, please give me a minute. (This message was sent at 12:32 am)
Oh… Hot springs? Hot springs are also very good.
A place with beautiful natural scenery… I think a ranch or a lakeside would also work.
Is that okay? (This message was sent at 12:40 am)

KKP: Of course it’s okay!

BS: Thank you!

KKP: I think this next question was sent by a teenage Lovie~ The person nicknamed ‘I wish Bosejji the most happiest birthday’ asked,
It’s the season of winter break now.
For student loviewers who are currently on break, please recommend a book like ‘If I write this book in the reading activity column of the student record will I get accepted to university too?!’ so that loviewers can read and write well 

BS: I don’t think there is one book that will help you get into university just because you write it in your student record…
Of course, it’s hard for me to say since I never got into university! Still, I think reading a lot of books about self-development would be beneficial for your lives, and of course, it will help enter university as well.
In conclusion… Uh, If you take a closer look and read a topic that really interests you,it will have more authenticity! Then I think that will show up well on your student record. (This message was sent at 12:44 am)
I’m sorry.
That was probably not the answer to your question right?  (This message was sent at 12:50 am)

KKP: It’s okay, I’m sure they will be happy with the sincere answer 
There were also many loviewers curious about this question.
It’s Sejin-ssi’s scent! The person nicknamed ‘’ asked,
Sejin’s perfume… Fabric softeners scent… Diffuser scent… Shampoo scent… Body wash scent… Conditioner scent… I’m curious about all your scents… I’m not a perv… I’m just very curious about Sejin’s favorite scents!!!!!

BS: Hmhmm… Uh, thank you for your curiosity.

I just like what everyone else likes… I like fruits and flowers.
Of course, I also love the scent of fabric softeners!

KKP: But if you have to choose just one!

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BS: Just one…
Then, there is this scent from a big library, and it came out as a product… So I use that as a room spray on my reading desk.
This is not meant to be an indirect advertisement! If it’s a problem, please delete it!

KKP: Haha that’s right, our interviews don’t contain advertisements (The KaCafe owner believes in the Loviewers feeling..!)
The next question is sent by a Lovie preparing for a test~ ‘Choux Kring’ asked,
People easily put the words ‘put effort’ in their mouth, but as a student who went through exams, I realized that it was difficult.
Among the TeSTAR members, Sejin is the member who showed the greatest increase in skills compared to when you first debuted.
Does Sejin have any secret that helps you overcome hardships whenever you bump into a wall?

BS: First, thank you for saying that.
I know that I am still lacking a lot of skills.
And the way I overcome that is… Hm
This might not be a special way, but… I just keep on going.
Since I am someone who has many thoughts, I keep thinking about bad expectations and limits, but no matter what I might think, I think it’s important to move my body first.
I also learned through a lot of trial and error.

KKP: “Let’s move first!” That seems like a very good way 
Next question is by the person nicknamed ‘:)’
What is Sejin’s favorite time? (Like as in 3 in the morning, or 12 in the afternoon…) And I want to know why you like that time.

BS: Around 9 PM?
Around that time, I am usually done with most of my schedule for the day and finish having dinner, so I feel free.
Sometimes I worry about tomorrow, but even if it’s a bit embarrassing I think it’s a good idea to take time and praise and encourage myself while reading books and watching videos.

The 2nd part of Bae Sejin’s interview will be posted on Tuesday 2/8- (T/N: It is currently Monday 2/7 on Korea as I post this)

Happy Birthday Bae Sejin!

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