d to show their reaction as much as possible in advance, pretended not to know and spoke naturally.


“It’s totally— like that here.
I think it feels like we will have a very important interview.”


“It’s true about the important interview~ It was a Grade Interview!” 


“Is this an interview for joining Idol Joint-Stock Company?”


As soon as the judges are done talking, the light on the desk in front of where they are sitting turns on.




The words ‘SHINE YOUR STAR’ were written in colorful cursive on the desk.


As they did in other seasons, the judges started to applaud when this season’s catchphrase turned out to be grand.


But this time, surprisingly, the wall began to move. 




“What is this!”


With the skillful reaction of the judges, the walls of the interview room set went down to the floor.
The wall then disappeared, revealing the full open set.


“The re-listing of the new Idol Joint-Stock Company! The first gateway is—the full public evaluation!” 




What filled the backs of the judges was an open-air theater-like audience.
And the front seats of the audience were filled with participants. 


Participants, who thought it was just a temporary seat to wait, were shocked, which was in contrast to how the professional MCs looked.


“The 77 participants who practiced the same song will evaluate each other as an audience!”


In fact, the participants could see each other’s stages even during the first evaluation.


However, everyone’s expressions hardened because they didn’t know they would openly evaluate those who practiced the same song throughout the same period as audiences.


This was because during the last season, they entered the practice room alone and received a separate evaluation.


“The Grade Evaluation order is in reverse order of rank!”




“77th place, Chu Seonggu-gun, please come forward!” 


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The participant who was called to the stage looked like he was half-dead.
People looked at him with sympathy and whispered, but Park Moondae didn’t say a word. 


As with Seon Ahyun’s first ranking evaluation, the editing can make sympathy seem like a gimmick.


It was a feeling that came from the experience of periodically searching the idol community to set a price for filming data.



“Yes, thank you for your hard work.”


“…Thank you…” 


Naturally, the 77th participant missed most of the first verse and completely ruined the evaluation.




The next participant was also half-crushed on the stage in a cold and tense atmosphere.


After evaluating five or six people in this way, the judges couldn’t hide the discomfort on their faces.


It was a cruel and dry arrangement. 


However, the production team had nothing to lose.


‘Anyway, if they can’t do it, they’ll have to take a provocative cut to make up for the appearance fee.’


They were used as disposable cards.


However, it was also meant to shed more light.


Like a participant who has the mental power to grip and digest the stage even when the minds of those in lower ranks are falling apart.


Or the participants who showed significant growth in this short period of time.


There was also a guess that it wouldn’t matter if the participants with the worst skills were very good-looking or well-known since their terrible skills wouldn’t attract attention to them. 


Interestingly, some participants met both the former and the latter.


“Participant Lee Sejin, you must have worked hard.” 


“You’re doing great!” 


“H, h, huh—.
T, thank you….” 


It was Lee Sejin, who used to be a child actor.
He followed the song to the end with a red face and barely breathing without missing a beat.


It wasn’t enough, and it was awkward to say that it was “digested.”


But when people of a similar rank who rolled up the stage were put before and after him, it looked much better.


Park Moondae had a moment of doubt.


‘Is he the Lee Sejin who is debuting?’


Of course, he couldn’t say for sure, so he ended his thoughts right away by putting the participant on the watch list.


‘I should stay away from drug dealers.’


And the boring middle-class evaluation section followed.


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The participants’ skills gradually got better, and some of them stood out from time to time.


But it was hard not to get tired of hearing the same song more than 40 times.


After the tense mood at the start subsided, everyone showed their skills, and the judges regained their composure and began to feel bored.




“I think it’s fine.” 


When the boredom reached its peak, it was Park Moondae’s turn.


Seon Ahyun raised his fist to Park Moondae with a blank face.
It was such a grim expression. 


He had just finished the evaluation and had thoroughly digested the song.


“F, f, fighting….” 


“…? Huh, yeah.” 


Why is he suddenly so friendly?


Park Moondae was surprised, but he greeted him back calmly.
It was a victory of social consciousness.


He walked slowly onto the stage.
It was so unfamiliar to him that his head felt somewhat heated with a sense of excitement.


“22nd place, Park Moondae!”




The judges’ attitude became uninterested in him.


‘You’re good at singing, but you can’t dance.’


After a few days of trying, the choreographer’s expectations for Park Moondae disappeared.
He even thought bluntly.


‘It’s getting annoying.’


“We’ll begin the grade evaluation.”


The boring prelude came out.


Park Moondae started the first move.
Then, he turned around by pulling both arms in a big move.




The first person to feel out of place was the choreographer.


‘Is the line different?’


Until the last face-to-face class just two days ago, Park Moondae had no such thing as a ‘dance line.’ 


The sense of matching the point of connection and disconnection, the point of giving and taking power.


If that is the difference between rhythm and dance, then Park Moondae’s movements were rhythmic.


Obviously, it was—.


‘Why…are you good at dancing?’

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