Dania has light from her cheek till her tubules reach the area just below the canine, but she is still uneasy because she didn make it all the way to the point where the floor was sung. Dania has a sore spot on her forehead, but she isn moving or even moving backward. Due to the fact that she knows she won lose, she only has a single dime.

Darren is the lad who is carrying out Dania with a burst of energy. Pace, Dania by yourself. Darren continued to harass Dania till she was already past her prime. Dania is currently in danger, as evidenced by the fact that Darren has relocated to the area where Dania is currently located. Darren attacked Danias long hair before Danias head struck the ground while still in a tense state. Darren was shivering, but Dania was shivering too. Darren believes that she is stronger and more capable than Dania, allowing her to carry out whatever form of retaliation she chooses against the woman in question.

”Honey, You seem to believe you could defeat me, huh? ” Darren meshed Danias face to hurt her and make her skin red. Dania was grabbed by Darren with a sharp elbow, but Dania was working hard to avoid grabbing Darren as well. Danias afraid. She understands that anything she does will likely make Darren more upset.

”You know Ill never let you go, right? ”

”Kill me!!! Kill me now! ” Dania stared blankly at the burly man. She gritted her teeth until her molars hurt, but Dania ignored him because she hated this jerk so much.

”Honey, if you die, who do I hit again? ha ha ha. ” The man smirked then laughed evilly, making Dania want to strangle him, but she certainly wouldn win against Darren.

”Put the clothes I bought for you on the table, we
e leaving in an hour! ” Darren removed his hand from Danias hair, then he stepped towards the exit. ”Ahh… don forget to cover your wounds too. ”

”Arrrrrrrrrgggghhhh!! ” Danias shouted angrily at herself, the girl even hit her head with a fist. She despised the last year of her life.How could her parents entrust Dania to a demon-hearted and psychopathic man like Darren, who could kill her at any time? The luxurious dress that Darren chose even looked disgusting for Dania to wear.

Dania Rivera is a 24 years old girl whose current age for Danias parents is ripe for her to start a family. Until last year, her father asked Dania to marry a man whose family they knew well. Darren Hayes, a son of her fathers boss while working in Manhattan, has had such a close relationship with Danias dad and Darrens dad from the beginning that they often visit Danias house in her hometown, Cooperstown.

Dania has known Darren since the girl was in elementary school and Darren was in junior high school. The two of them are good friends, even Darren sends Dania gifts when he is in Manhattan while Dania is in her hometown. Thats all, until Darrens parents sent their son to study in Japan for 4 years, and the two of them never exchanged news. This may also be because social media is not as sophisticated as it is today.

Dania has forgotten how Darren used to be, which is surprisingly Darrens own parents, who asked Dania to be their daughter-in-law. They came even after Danias dad was no longer working for the Darrens family and they only sent word to each other on the phone sometimes.

”You know, Darren, Sweety … hes a good guy. Want to try it? ” pleaded her dad.

Danias father became the most enthusiastic person when the Darren family expressed their intentions, perhaps because her father had a considerable debt of gratitude for the Darrens family and the feeling of wanting to repay it all arose. Even so, Danias father understands his daughter very well. He will not force her if Dania refuses.

”I miss thinking about it, Dad. ”

Dania doesn want to be in a hurry. She probably knew Darren when they were both small, but its different now. Even Darren didn come when his parents asked him to marry Dania that day. They said Darren had not returned from Japan.

A week after the request was submitted, Darren himself came, asking Dania to be his wife with all the attention he gave, so that Dania agreed with his intentions. Darren even stays at a nearby hotel, so he can continue to meet Dania while he spends time there.

”We can start dating first before you decide to agree, ” offered Darren, the guy who treated Dania like he thought that there was nothing wrong with trying. After all, Darren is a handsome man who is an idol to many people. He is rich and has everything she wants in a partner. Dania must be someone who is very lucky.

Darren looked so happy, he even knelt down to kiss the back of Danias hand. Maybe its true if people say matchmaking is not as bad as imagined. At that time, Dania, who had just finished college, was asked to come with Darren to Manhattan to work in his familys company, but Dania refused the job offer because she did not feel comfortable having to enter through just because she was Darrens fiance, even though Dania accepted the idea of leaving. She goes to Manhattan to experience life in the capitals harshness.

Darren helps her take care of everything, including the house that Dania will live in, quite luxurious for someone who is just starting to work, even her room is equipped with air conditioning and a mini refrigerator. Darren paid her for the first time of the year. Once again, all that kindness made Dania feel bad.

”Its okay, you
e my future wife, ” Darrens answer was always the same every time the girl refused his gift.

The man lives in a luxury apartment in the central Manhattan area while his parents live in Los Angeles to take care of his new business there.

After only one month of looking for a job, Dania received an offer to work as a receptionist at a large Shopping Centre company in America. Darren was even happy because of it.

Danias big boss is a 33-year old young man, handsome and of course, rich. Dania saw her boss almost every day, and all the female employees would gossip when her owner smiled, because it is something that happens rarely. Except for Dania, its not that she doesn admire her boss, but being attracted to someone like that does not differ from admiring K-Pop idols she couldn get.

Dania finished putting on the clothes that Darren chose for her, a black mini gown with a shorter inner than a transparent outer with a small dandelion flower motif. A beautiful gown and of course, expensive. The young woman was putting on her make-up. She, who usually only rubbed a thin cushion and a little blush, this time wore full make-up even though she still looked natural. Dania felt pain in her cheeks and her scalp when she put a flower headband on the back of her head. The girl folded her hair and let the strands of hair fall slightly, showing her long and white neck.

The beautiful girl came out of her room and reached Darren who was ready to nag because Dania spent more time than he provided, but the man instead smiled and approached Dania hugging her body and kissing the ladys nape. Danias body trembled, but she was frightened only by Darrens big hands touching her exposed skin.

”Go now? ” Darren took the girls hand and asked her to hold on to Darrens muscular arm.

For the first time when Dania was in a relationship with Darren, the girl always blushed and flowered whenever the man did sweet things for her, but after the six months the two had spent together, Dania became afraid and still didn understand the emotional changes that happened to Darren that way. Too fast. She didn know how Darren could be angry and curse Dania because of a trivial thing and then hug the girl only 10 minutes later, as if it weren Darren who said inappropriate and rude words.

Darren brings Dania to a dinner party for the high society. To enter, they need an invitation that is only given to a few rich people in Manhattan. A party to launch the construction of one of the elite housing complexes, where living in the place explains everyones caste.

”Darren? ” A woman in a black long gown that fits her body greets the man beside Dania. The womans body was exposed elegantly because her cleavage was low and the bottom of her gown had a high slit to reveal almost all of her long legs.

The two of them hugged each other and kissed each other on the cheek, something that Dania did not do to anyone, just because Dania didn feel this was something she could do.

”Oh, wow, who is she? ” the girl asked.

”Nobody, ” Darren explained.

Dania could only open her mouth in surprise. She didn understand why she was brought to a place like this if Darren thought Dania was nothing. Although the girl didn expect more, this was a different way of hurting Dania. He was humiliating her.

The girl then went to greet the others. She didn even try to be friendly with Dania as if the girl weren there. She had no idea that educated people like them would do such a thing.

”I should go home, ” said Dania, turning her body.

But Darren held Danias hand tightly until the girl was in pain because of Darrens grip, Dania couldn scream. She knew the risk she would take if she crossed the line Darren had set for her. The girl could only bite her lip until it hurt. Even Darren didn allow Danias tears to fall and made her the center of attention.

Dania looked up at the high ceiling with a large crystal chandelier above it, and when she lowered her gaze again, Dania only realized a pair of eyes were staring at her with a look that Dania couldn describe. The man who Dania knew, hastily averted her eyes so that the man also did not see the pain in Danias eyes.

”I want to go to the washroom, ” said Dania with her mouth clenched.

”I have little time to wait for you, ” Darren checked his watch, ”ten minutes! ”

Darren let go of his grip on Danias arm, and then the girl could breathe a sigh of relief. She hurriedly went in an unknown direction. At least Dania wanted to get away from this demon man first.

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