”Miss, let me help you. ”

”Aawwwwww! ” Dania squealed when a towel filled with ice grains stuck to her bruised cheek. Dania suddenly pulled away from her cheek because of the stinging feeling on her skin that suddenly appeared.

Dania didn feel her sore cheek earlier, but she knew that the corner of her lips was bleeding from Darrens hard slap.

”Please calm down, I will treat it again! ” The woman who treated Dania looked a little irritated because Dania kept grinning. Her treatment made Dania uncomfortable.

”Go! Let me do this!! ” Chris ordered the housemaid. Without arguing, the woman left with her head lowered, as if frightened because she had made a mistake.

Chris then replaced the task and gently squeezed the corners of Danias lips. Even though the girl scrunched her face in pain, Chris did it very carefully. Dania even had to close her eyes every time the pain was felt again. The girl didn realize that Chris was enjoying Danias innocent face at this close distance.

”Open your eyes! ”

Chris moved his hand that was holding a glass of warm water in front of Dania. The girl trembled as her hand moved up to take the drink that was handed to her. The outside of the glass was warm and spread to Danias numb palm, and to help Dania, Chris other hand moved into a clenched fist as the man sat beside Dania. A feeling of surprise made him hold his breath, but Chris ignored it and helped Dania to gulp her water. The steaming steam made the man reflexively blow it slowly until the warm air hit Danias cold skin.

”Drink! ”

The sip of water that went down her throat made Dania feel better. The girl now realized that Chris took her to a luxury house in an elite area of Manhattan. She didn even remember the front of this magnificent house, she didn even remember the road he had taken, but he knew that this house belonged to Chris after several servants opened the door for him without any orders.

Chris brought a warm orange blanket with a well-known brand printed as the motif of the blanket itself. The price was tens of millions, and even the nominal was greater than Danias salary for working for three months. He never understood why people bought expensive things like this. But now it is very useful, especially to cover Danias exposed clothes.

The man sat beside Dania on the cream-colored soft sofa in the middle of the room. His eyes narrowed at Dania with the same look that made Dania always feel naked around him. His scent was still the same as the last time the two had seen each other in Chris room.

Not a single question came out of her mouth. Dania didn understand, but feeling nervous and uncomfortable made her not ask. The girl just looked down, except when Chris went to get the blanket earlier, Dania was busy exploring around the room with her eyes.

The stately house has a high roof in the Mediterranean style and large wooden pillars supporting the roof. Large windows on all sides of the room make the lighting sure to be amazing during the day with good air circulation. There was a big fireplace in the middle of the room when Dania entered this house, with red brick walls and paintings hanging on the walls. Heavy curtains covered most of the large glass windows that didn know which way to look, but for a mansion, the views must have been stunning. It is very unfamiliar with the glamorous and modern city style of Manhattan, but considering Chris is Italian, this feels natural.

Dania thought a house this big would be lived in by a big family with grandparents and grandchildren in it, but it turned out to be just Chris and a lot of housekeepers. He didn see the rest of the family, and as far as Dania knew, his boss did live alone in New York. More or less, thats the news written in the business article when it includes the biodata of Danielo Chris.

”Thank you, Mr. Chris, for your help today. ”

Chris frowned with knitted brows. He didn like Dania calling him sir, but the girl was also confused because everyone in the office did call Chris name the same way, so Dania didn feel there was anything wrong with her words until Chris had to look at her like that.

”Im sorry … Sir. ”

This situation definitely makes Dania frustrated; she is now focused on what is now happening to her.

”I like it more if you say my name, ” said Chris. Chris sat on the sofa and caused Dania to believe that something was in her stomach. Chris then threw his hand across the back of the sofa and mumbled something that was meant to annoy Dania. Dania then spontaneously began to move away from Chris a little bit as a result of this.

”Sorry … no, I don suspect you of anything- ” Dania looked at Chris outstretched hand and the man followed her gaze. ”I just find it disrespectful to get too close to you. ”

Dania found another word besides Father and it was you a nickname which again didn live up to Chris expectations but was better than before so he decided not to complain anymore.

”You have a friends? ”

”What? Ya. Ahh yeah, I have to find a place to stay. But…. ” Dania looked down when she realized that she didn have any means of communication with her.

”Co-worker? ”

Dani nodded. ”Olivia, she works at reception too. ”

Chris took his cell phone and gave it to Dania but the girl was silent and stared at the thing Chris handed her with a confused face.

”You want to call her? ”

Dania shook her head biting her lip, she didn know Olivias cell phone number ”No, my boyfriend knows where Olivia lives, I can go there. ”

Chris raised an eyebrow, Dania can still call that jerk as a boyfriend? Though she almost died in his hands.

”In this place, there are several late-night spaces that are not attended, so you can choose one as you like. ”

When Dania realized that the body was referring to was a growing one, Chris jumped from his sit down position and caused Dania to lash out at the top of his head. Chris shirt which was open at the top showed his broad chest and was tanned like the color of his skin.

Dania swiftly triggered her head. Due to the fact that she used to look at Chriss tub, she is currently crazy. Danias body was in a state following Chris to wake up, who had been in his current location for a longer period of time, but this situation made the blanket that Dania was using fall down and nearly cause him to fall to the ground. Dania immediately rushed to the blanket and began to reposition Chris while the girl did not indicate that Chris had done so swiftly.

”No, Ill just find an inn. Thank you for the offer. ” Dania was walking with a blanket on her shoulder, but she suddenly stopped and turned around as if forgetting something.

”What exactly is it, or can I borrow your t-shirt? ” Although Dania doesn always seem to think the situation is ideal, she has no other options.

”Ill get it from the shop for you. ” Chris picked up the phone that he had just set down next to the sofa.

”Order? ” The man was being held back by Dania. ”No, no. Just give me the quilt to borrow. ”

Dania shifted her weight slightly before turning around and heading out of the room, but Chris stopped her this time.

”Do you have any money? ” The man gazed at Danias back, which came to a complete halt, and then nonchalantly placed both hands in the pants pockets he was using, placing them closer to the front than the other legs.

For the second time, Dania felt extremely foolish. She turned around and looked at Chris, who was giving her a strange look. Dania then shook her head and scowled with her lips like a duck. Chris struggled to keep a smile from bursting out of his mouth at the employees amusing antics.

Chris glanced at his pricey watch, its small needle indicating 10 p.m., as he walked up to Dania. ”There is no life without mobile phones, cash, and clothing …. ” Chris, who was covering Danias upper body with a quilt, stared at it. ”You must stay, and I must make you. I don have time to respond to reporters inquiries because you are not safe in the capital and I don want to risk your safety. ”

Dania could sense the mans frigid character; Chris, for his part, didn say anything other than when Dania impressed him. This person appears to be both hazardous and okay to seek assistance from.

Chris pointed to the waitress with his finger raised in the air. Even the female minister who had just crushed her face appeared to be wearing attire not dissimilar to her own. The maid was wearing a white shirt and long black pants, and her hair was pulled back in a bun. She and the other maid shared the same uniform, both of whom had name tags sewn to their left chests.

”Bring her to the room for guests. ”

The female maid carried out Chris instructions and let Dania follow her while she mutely thanked her. Dania walked down the corridor with its cream-colored walls and golden fluorescent wall lighting, which, despite the hallways efficient air conditioning, created a warm feeling.

A king-sized mattress and a pure white sheet that appeared comfortable and soft were in the room on the right when the maid opened the door and invited Dania inside. In contrast to her bed, which was only a double in size, the room was very spacious.

”Miss, please contact us if you need anything. The extension number is inscribed on the side of the phone. ”

Dania nodded. ”Thank you. ”

Dania was astounded to find the extension number, along with the kitchen and all the common areas, scribbled on the paper as she closed the door and approached the phone the maid had just mentioned. Dania couldn understand why Chris needed so many amenities when he merely lived alone.

Dania was able to put the blanket she had been wearing on the bed at this point. She also threw her aching and worn-out body onto the bed, which was so plush that Dania thought she might drown in it.

The girl didn understand why she was even staying at her own bosss house at this point, and she also didn anticipate how she could meet Chris when she needed help. But today, Dania just wants to rest; tomorrow, she will need to plan another strategy to protect herself from Darren, who will undoubtedly hurt her if he finds out that she is spending the night in a mans home. She had no idea how Darren would lose his mind.

But because Dania was so exhausted, she closed her eyes and slept deeper and deeper.

Chris sipped coffee from a cup placed on the table in his room, which had practically all of its walls and corners stained with ashes. His eyes were fixed on the computer screen on the desk, where a female was visible on the screen, laying still on a bed. Chris smiled mysteriously for a moment before it vanished when the coffee cup touched his lips.

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