A wealthy man with numerous servants living in his home was shown in a movie that Dania once viewed. Dania was unaware that this actually occurred in the real world, all the more so since she was a part of the narrative.

Even if she could, she always began her day with a simple breakfast that didn take long to digest. Dania ate nothing but a piece of plain bread that stuck in her lips as she ran to catch the bus. However, there is now a large amount of food in front of her that cannot be consumed by two individuals. Despite the fact that Danias basic bread, which costs no more than $3, is also available, the foods flavor is quite different. Baskets of colored fruits are also available.

All of those fruits have incredibly smooth shells; there are no flaws in the fruits exterior, and Dania thinks they all have a plastic-like sheen. They appeared to be real, though, based on the aroma that was released. Additionally, that wealthy individual, like his boss, is unlikely to provide the fake fruit on the table.

Not only that, but at six oclock, while Dania was wriggling in bed, the girl felt something unusual. She opened her eyes to find three or four maids standing on the left side of the bed staring at her while she was asleep.

”Miss, Im waiting for you to wake up. ” One of the four people gave Dania an explanation of why he was there.

”Mr. Chris requests that you get ready right away and attend breakfast with him. ”

”Sorry, but does your job description include looking at someone who is fast asleep? ” Dania was interested in the weirdness, but she didn obtain an explanation because it seemed like they were only interested in talking as per the script.

”Miss. Its time to use the heated water. ”

Dania stopped asking because it was pointless and instead entered the bathroom, pulled out every article of clothing Chris had lent her the previous evening, and sank into the warm water of the bathtub. The water had a soft, calming scent that reminded Dania of a blend of lavender and expensive perfume. Her body, which had been painful and achy the previous evening, started to feel more at ease.

A set of formal clothes was then already lying on the bed, which was now immaculate once more. A long-sleeved soft pink blouse with a straight cut in the front and a short black skirt appear to be basic, but when Dania notices the brand on the collar, she knows the cost is not so low. Dania completes her look today with a black handbag and white stilettos, too opulent, like she wasn .

”Mr. Chris has already informed us that Ms. Rivera may wear a free uniform because it is the weekend. ”

Dania was not even permitted to change her own clothing; the servants came over right away and assisted her without giving her a chance to object. Dania feels that the treatment she has been given is excessive because she is not the owner of this home. The servants continued by helping Dania style her long hair and lightly beautify herself. When Dania glanced in the mirror at herself, she saw a totally different version of herself.

Chris joined Dania for breakfast. Chris was dressed in his typical navy tuxedo, white shirt, and neatly-hanging tie. He also had a suit of the same color in his hand. The fragrance of the mans perfume permeated the sizable space, and Dania became dependent on it. Dania can still vividly smell it and she still has a good memory of it.

”In lieu of bread or bacon, I believe you would prefer fried rice for breakfast. ”

After he finished, a waitress came with fried rice with peas, carrots, sausage, and a sunny-side egg. Dania breathed in her aroma, which nearly made her saliva drip, but she thought Chris was testing her courtesy, so she waited for the man to get her bread first.

e waiting for me? ” Chris asked, leaning over next to him with his lips pursed. Dania then gave the signal with her hand to start her breakfast.

Dania once felt peckish. She didn eat anything to fill her stomach last night, so she dozed out right away. Chris didn bring Dania to the breakfast table for conversation, and the girl remained quiet as well, save for when the two had finished.

e headed to work, right? ”

Dania always winced, got goosebumps, and held her breath when she heard Chriss deep, seductive voice.

Dania managed to restrain herself long enough to quickly answer, ”Yes. ”

Dania was being observed by Chris, who had his hands clasped in front of his face as if he were contemplating something. Chris had a serious expression on his face, and his eyes frequently beckoned Dania to meet his gaze.

”Alright. ”

When the man began to get out of his chair and go, Dania was seated at the dinner table. Dania could hear the mans footsteps clearly reverberating throughout the room, but he didn get very far. Chris immediately paused his footwork.

”You don go? ” Dania was sitting quietly when Chris raised his eyebrows.

The girl appeared to read Chris eyes because she immediately started to follow him while keeping her eyes glued to the marble floor she was walking on. Danias shoes made the pricey floor look even more charming.

”Ouchh…. ” Dania paddled and instinctively held her nose when Chris halted in front of her, causing Dania to accidently bump into Chris back and create a noise.

Dania was gazing up at the man who was taller than him when Chris casually turned around to look at her.

Chris exclaimed, ”Raise your head, straighten your body! ” He continued, ”Its sad. ”

Despite Chriss final words being so softly spoken, Dania was able to hear them. How pitiful was she?

Strangely, Chris didn have a driver with him today, despite the fact that Dania was fully aware that every time the man arrived, he didn drive himself, save for a few circumstances.

Dania had actually previously constructed a response to Chriss invitation to ride in the same car, but she realized she had forgotten to bring a mobile phone and a penny, which prevented her from walking to her office.

Dania was feeling a little down because of the cold and stiff atmosphere between them, so this morning she wanted to open the window and enjoy the cool air while gazing out at the city streets. Chris didn seem to like it, though. Dania was only able to play with his two thumbs, which were on his lap, since the window he climbed up automatically.

Dania started to feel anxious when she saw the streets she used to travel on to get to the office. She worried about what her friends would think if they saw her getting out of her bosss car. However, Dania was actually preoccupied with thoughts about the man sitting next to her. Yes, Chris dominated Danias thoughts and became her main concern.

Danias hand automatically grabbed the item Chris offered her after Chris hand opened the dashboard of the automobile and pulled an ID card from it. There, her ID is printed with the identical photo that appears on Danias ID card. Dania recently learned that she needed the thin thing dangling around her neck in order to function, so Chris make a duplicate for her.

”Thank you, sir. ”

”Chris. Call me Chris. ”

”Chris. ” When Dania said the mans name for the first time, it made her tongue itch strangely, but Chris liked the way the girl said his name.

”Can I just call you by your name even in front of other clerks? ”

”Yes. ”

Dania is still confused; is Chris asking the others for the same thing as well? As far as Dania was aware, everyone called him ”Mister ” or ”Sir ” in the mans home. Rectify. The mans residence.

Dania was talking to herself in her brain when Chris asked, ”How are you going to handle situations like last night after this? ”

Dania grinned bitterly as she looked at Chris, who was occupied with the steering wheel, and said, ”I can handle it; its not the first time. ”

”You could have been killed by that man, but you chose to do nothing. You surprised me by how stupid you are! ”

Chris thought that he had already misjudged this girl and grinned mockingly at Danias comments.

Dania gave Chris a scathing look, feeling that he shouldn meddle too much in her private life.

”You don have the right to criticize how I live. ”

Dania was enraged by her feelings, not because she was standing up for Darren, but rather because Chris didn understand why she acted in this way and instead made comments about Danias life.

”Sorry, I should to say thank you for your help. ”

”I m sorry if my question is wrong; I just care about your safety. ” Danias delicate face caught Chris attention, but the wound on the corner of her lips was still visible.

”No. Its okay. I understand your concern because I work for you. ” Dania regretted insulting Chris, despite the fact that he had been of help to her.

Chris gave Dania a long glance before returning his focus to the street they were on.

e not worried that hell kill you, are you? ”

Dania remained silent because she believed she had no need to speak up or to inform Chris of her personal circumstances. But if Dania is being completely honest, its obvious that she is scared. She could have perished at Darrens hands or even lost everything she ever dreamed of. Her greatest worry is that Darren actually hurt her dad, as he threatened to do to Dania.

”Do you want me to send a bodyguard, or can you get in touch with me if something untoward happens to you again? ”

Dania rejected Chriss offer right away because she thought it was excessive. Unless Chris needed to do Dania a huge favor, she wasn that important.

”Im alright, I promise. ”

Chris saw Dania being treated harshly before; he had previously seen her as well. Chris couldn remain silent when he saw a mans hand reaching out to hit a woman or even just cause her pain with his words. Such a man is abhorrent.

Chris, however, finds a girl who needs to be rude voluntarily and still believes everything is OK to be more repulsive than that.

”I won assist you if you get harmed again. ”

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