August had just come around.
On a day where the summer heat assaults one’s face, Xu Juan was dragged into a clubhouse by a bunch of scoundrels.
Someone demanded that he throw a celebration.

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What celebration? It was all pure nonsense.
The excuse they used was “to celebrate Director Xu’s return to the ranks of eligible diamond bachelors”.
Xu Juan sat on the sofa in the private room and listened to their plans without much enthusiasm, nodding from time to time.
Apart from indifference, nothing else showed on his face. 

This was too strange.

Today’s event was organized by Hou Shijie, Xu Juan’s younger cousin.
He had lived within Xu Juan’s sphere of influence since he was young, and feared his high profile and promiscuous older cousin to death.
Over the years, Hou Shijie slowly but surely grew into the role of a lapdog who dared not be impudent before Xu Juan.



But it had always been a mere facade; He harboured personal intentions.
Rumour has it that their Director Xu, who usually prided himself in his gentlemanly demeanour, flew into quite the rage that day.
He chased his popular celebrity boyfriend out of the house and left him outside the villa for half an hour, crying and begging at the door.
Videos taken by the paparazzi were all over the hot searches, so how could Hou Shijie not be curious? If one is curious, they should just ask around and find pleasure in gossip.


And so, Hou Shijie began by beating around the bush, asking Xu Juan: “Ge, are you in a bad mood today? I saw the hot searches.
What happened, that little celebrity pissed you off? Then just ditch him and get a replacement, I’ll introduce someone to you?”

Once the words were out, everyone in the private room turned to stare at Xu Juan.

Rather than this being an important matter, it was because this bunch of people passed their days with nothing better to do.
They were bored out of their minds and enjoyed spectating drama.
It just so happened that drama involving their Director Xu didn’t come by often, much less one that had escalated to this scale.


Thanks to the other involved party Li Mengzhou being quite well-known in the entertainment circle, the trending topics were filled with fired-up fans scolding the paparazzi for starting rumours, “Our gege isn’t gay neither is he a sugar baby”.
Having been assigned his role as the evil and the bourgeoisie, despite not showing his face, the moment Xu Juan’s name was exposed, his entire family background was dug up and taken apart.
So, while the online users exclaimed “this rich bastard is actually pretty damn capable”, they also wove new rumours of “aristocratic melodrama”.


Considering things had escalated to this extent, it would be weird if Xu Juan didn’t get angry. 

Ever since they started the round of drinks, Xu Juan’s phone hadn’t stopped ringing.
The incoming call screen furiously displayed “Li Mengzhou”, these three big characters.
Upon the fifth ring, Xu Juan picked up and said just one sentence: “Scram, don’t bother me.”

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Li Mengzhou didn’t dare let out even a single squeak and hung up crying.
Too afraid to call again, he reverted to texting through Wechat.

Xu Juan paid no attention to his Wechat.
He leaned against the sofa and didn’t touch his phone, neither did he respond to Hou Shijie.

He raised his hand and gestured vaguely, signalling to everyone not to bother him.
Then, he shut his eyes; He seemed unexpectedly tired, as if at his wit’s end.
His face was so pale, it was almost sickly. 

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If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Despite that, Xu Juan wasn’t a complete asshole.
His exes, men or women, never ended the relationship with hard feelings.
He was generous with his lovers and never put them in difficult situations.

This unbridled fiasco with Li Mengzhou was truly the first of its kind. 

But judging from Li Mengzhou’s polite temperament, it was clearly Xu Juan who was one-sidedly making a big deal out of things.
How could Li Mengzhou possibly dare to provoke him?

Now this was even more odd.
Since Li Mengzhou didn’t provoke him, why was he so angry, to the point of chasing the other out the door? No matter how terrible it could have been, Li Mengzhou was still a recognized celebrity.


Hou Shijie inwardly mulled over this matter and secretly concluded that the problem couldn’t have been Li Mengzhou.
Chances were that Xu Juan had run into some sort of personal issue, Li Mengzhou was in the wrong place at the wrong time and inadvertently became cannon fodder.

But Hou Shijie didn’t dare to be the one prodding Xu Juan’s sore spot, so he nudged Guo Shao who was beside him, urging him to speak. 

It wasn’t just any random nudge; In their circle, one’s social standing hinged on their family background and status.
The Xu family sat at the apex of Hong city’s elites and the Guo family wasn’t too far behind.
Guo Shao completely forgoed asking what happened, neither did he feel it was necessary, and directly said: “Xing Yun got some newbies yesterday, all of them are not bad, pure and natural.
Since our Director Xu isn’t in a good mood, I’ll choose some eye-pleasing ones.
A simple matter like celebrities, whether they’re big or small, if they become popular or not, revolves around Director Xu’s words.”

Xing Yun was an entertainment company under the Guo family.
Once he’d said this, someone laughed: “Yo, young master Guo, could it be that you haven’t opened a company, but instead a low-grade brothel!”

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Hoots and guffaws filled the private room.

Xu Juan, too, showed a trace of a smile.
Truthfully speaking, Xu Juan had decent looks.
Although it wasn’t the face of a first-rate celebr

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