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Xu Juan hadn’t the slightest idea how others would answer, but his would be: It feels good to be needed, to be relied on. 5LFTsH

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Dating was a sort of special social interaction that was different from affection between family and friends, it possessed exclusivity.
This kind of natural exclusivity granted one a very particular satisfaction: I am special, the one and only; I am needed by my lover, and no one apart from me can fulfil his wants.

This was what Xu Juan was most captivated by.

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In his opinion, no one in the world could be naturally optimistic without fail.
There were only two categories of people who could constantly be optimistic: The first, because ignorance is bliss.
The second, those who had thoroughly dissected themselves, and accepted themselves for who they were.

He believed he was the latter.

But he had yet to fully accept himself for who he was.
Humans were creatures adept at seeking misery, or in short, they did not know how to be “content”.
Even if one were living decently at the moment, once they got used to it, they would find that “decent” had become mediocre and dull.
People always wanted what was better.

Xu Juan was one such example.


Sometimes, after he had messed around at a nightclub overnight, once the neon lights had dispersed and he was heading home while dawn broke, he would see all kinds of people on the way back, filled with vigour and life.
Often, a sliver of self-doubt would arise: Compared to them, it’s as if I am the insignificant one.

This feeling didn’t emerge often, but whenever it did, it rendered him quite uncomfortable, absentmindedly causing him to feel lonely, as if detached from society.

But, at this time, if his little lover suddenly called him or texted him on Wechat, acting spoilt: “Ge, why didn’t you come over last night? You made me wait all night”, he would immediately go back to normal.
All three immortal souls and seven mortal forms of his would resume their rightful positions, and he would blend in with society once again.

That’s why, dating was great.

Being in love could fill his cold and lonely hollows, it could let him coexist amicably with the world and forever enjoy the pleasures of life.

Would there be unhappiness, then? Perhaps there would be for others, but not for Xu Juan. 8fVylA

It was true that when two people were together for a long time, after the honeymoon period had passed, all kinds of problems would start showing up one after the other.
This was in accordance with the law of development for all matters.

If one had to consider marriage, buying a house and kids, then the problems would increase.
So, Xu Juan eliminated all the latter steps.
He only desired the honeymoon period.

He couldn’t possibly be the only one who thought this way, but regrettably, the majority of people weren’t as fortunate as him.
Those trapped by their socioeconomic status or some inevitable factors, including their indecisiveness regarding relationships, were incapable of something so difficult.

As such, Xu Juan made the best out of everything he had at his disposal and played the role of a scumbag to his heart’s content. P n6dq

After all, the Heavens were fair; He had done so many despicable things, so he had better take the opportunity to enjoy now, since it was uncertain what sort of junk he would reincarnate into in his next life.

Just as he was contemplating the possibility of being reborn as a pig and made into a sausage in his next life, his phone suddenly rang.

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It was a call from Pei Yu.

“Pei laoshi, good morning.” Xu Juan greeted, filled with spunk. dE71dg

“Good morning.” It was very quiet on Pei Yu’s end, with the sound of bowls and plates gently clinking; He seemed to be having breakfast.
He said to Xu Juan, “I suddenly remembered something.
The painting from yesterday is still at your house, I forgot to bring it with me.”

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“Oh, and here I was wondering what the matter was.
I’ll send it over to you another day.” Xu Juan let out a quiet laugh, lowering his voice some, “Was that all? I thought you called me this bright and early because you missed me.
I guess I was wrong.”


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Xu Juan didn’t say that he had been playing all night and was too exhausted to drive home, so he was currently taking a stroll toward the subway station.
He made up an excuse: “I have something on today, so I’m heading into the office earlier.” Then, he asked Pei Yu, “Are you busy today? Do you have time to get dinner together tonight?”

Pei Yu said: “No, I’ve got something on.”

“Why’re you always saying the same thing? You should at least come up with another excuse to reject me, Pei laoshi.” taGLZc

“… Not an excuse,” Pei Yu hesitated for a moment, “Just some social niceties.”

The radar in Xu Juan’s mind suddenly flashed: “Social niceties?”

What sort of social niceties would a university professor currently on summer break need to attend? Besides, it wasn’t as if Pei Yu was a people-person who enjoyed socializing.
Xu Juan laughed a little and joked: “Who’re you meeting with? You’re not going on a blind date, are you, Pei laoshi?”

Unexpectedly, he had hit the nail on the head. fxaQtI

Perhaps due to a guilty conscience, Pei Yu’s tone became somewhat muffled: “My aunt set it up, it wouldn’t be very appropriate to reject her.”

“Why not? Couldn’t you have just said that you’re not in a hurry to get married, and don’t want to find a partner?” Xu Juan was a little glum.

Pei Yu fell silent, only speaking up again after a long time: “My aunt treats me very well.
When I was in elementary school, my father passed away from illness and my mother was in poor health.
It was my aunt who took care of our family, that’s why I…”

Xu Juan understood.
This wasn’t just any ordinary relationship between relatives; His aunt was someone like a benefactor to him. 1bMDck

Recalling that his uncle was the old-school author He Mingshu, it was no surprise that Pei Yu had been raised with such a character.
After all, they were a family of scholars.

“All right, then.” Xu Juan’s tone was odd, full of grievance, “But we’re together now, and you’re still going on blind dates? What am I supposed to do if you and that lady happen to be a good match? Are you going to listen to your aunt and marry her?”

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“What are you going on about?” Pei Yu said, “I’ll only show up for a while out of obligation, it’ll be fine once it’s over and done with.
I never said I wanted to develop any relationship with her.”

“Really? I’m not assured.
Unless you promise me that you won’t look at her more than necessary.
Not even a single glance more.” lvqkGL


Xu Juan was the spitting image of a drama queen.
He was never like this previously, it was always others who were drama queens to him.
But he realized that when he was dramatic while dealing with an oblivious and naive blockhead like Pei Yu, the other would respond in a rather entertaining manner. POa7By

As expected, Pei Yu seemed to be out of sorts again.
His embarrassment and discomfort could even be felt through the phone.

“Why would I want to look at her more than necessary!” Pei Yu said, annoyed, “Don’t spout nonsense, I’m not that kind of person! What even goes on in that head of yours!”

“All right, all right.
It’s my fault for assuming that a gentleman like you would do such despicable things based on my own speculations.” Xu Juan said, “Then, if I may ask, what time will this gentleman Pei Yu be meeting with the lady? Am I allowed to know?”

Pei Yu was surprisingly frank: “I’ll be leaving in a while.
My uncle invited some acquaintances from his circle, so she’ll be visiting with her father.
Everyone will be having lunch together, then tea in the afternoon.
Dinner will probably be at my uncle’s house too.”

“So it’s not just the two of you meeting up alone.” Xu Juan nodded, wondering just how many tricks these people in the literary circle had up their sleeves.
They went through so much trouble just to organize such a proper event, all for the sake of playing matchmaker for the two young people.
But to meet with one’s partner in such a reserved setting, what even was the point?

Pei Yu said: “I’m going to change and head out.
I’m hanging up.” YPd kD

“Wait!” Xu Juan blurted out, “I want to go with you.
If I stayed home on my own, my heart will get restless once I think about you having a blind date outside.”

Pei Yu: “……”

“Let me know the address, I’ll wait for you outside, okay? Meet them and find an excuse to leave early, then let’s go on a date.
I’ll take you out to have fun, it’ll definitely be more entertaining than that old-school tea event, please? —— Please, Pei laoshi?”

“……” X3U0un

Xu Juan half-coaxed and half-conned him, until Pei Yu wavered.
He actually gave Xu Juan the address and told him that he would text him on Wechat depending on the situation.

Upon hanging up, Xu Juan took the subway home.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

He wasn’t in a hurry at all.
The first thing he did when he got home was to shower.
Being a playboy was a very precise line of work and required professionalism; Everything else he could just make do with, but he absolutely could not compromise on his appearance.

Xu Juan removed the clothes that he had worn while messing around all night, smothered in the heavy stench of cigarette smoke, alcohol and makeup, and then went into the bathroom for a good wash.
After that, he stood in front of his wardrobe for quite a while, carefully considering his options.
In the end, he gave up on a flashy outfit.
He picked a random pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, put on some sneakers and headed out. 2PRaj5

He realized that ever since he got to know Pei Yu, he had been drifting further and further away from the path of being pretentious.

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In front of people like Li Mengzhou, he was the unapproachable one.
Not only did he have to maintain his role as an overbearing president, but he also had to be more serious and upright.
How else would he be able to preserve his dignity as a sponsor?

But Pei Yu was different.
If he were to dress impeccably in a suit and stand in front of Pei Yu, tossing out banknotes, Pei Yu would definitely not like him.

Sigh, he really was too dedicated. LX6J2f

Xu Juan yawned, picked up his car keys and left the house.

This morning, someone else had sent his car back.
He had just gotten into the driver’s seat himself, but he became sleepy the moment he sat down.

He was a little regretful, he shouldn’t have made such big sacrifices just to indulge Pei Yu.
Was the air conditioner not strong enough, or was the bed not soft enough? No, but he just had to run over to the lobby of someone else’s home and guard the entrance for Pei Yu like he had nothing better to do.
But once he thought of Pei Yu having a blind date inside, he really did feel quite upset.

He’d had so many bed partners, and if any of them had dared to treat him this way, he would have already given them a kick. y6d0K4

He was only this tolerant of Pei Yu because he hadn’t gotten to sleep with him yet.
Men were always exceptionally patient before they got the other into bed.

Sustained by his patience, Xu Juan drove over to the given location.

Pei Yu’s aunt lived in the western part of the city, and the environment here was pretty decent.
Xu Juan was unable to enter the residential estate, so he found a parking lot outside and killed the engine.
Leaning against the seat, he texted Pei Yu on Wechat: “I’m outside, have you all started yet? Have you seen her yet? If you have, come out earlier, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Once the text was sent, Pei Yu replied with a word: “Mn.” pXQbzn

It was only nine now, even if Pei Yu were anxious to leave, he couldn’t possibly excuse himself this early.

Xu Juan made a rough estimate of how much time it would take, put his phone down, reclined his seat and decided to take a short nap.

In the end, he slept like the dead, not even waking in the afternoon.

When it was almost ten, Pei Yu sent him a text, asking him if he was in a rush, and if he was, he should go first and they could meet up a little later.
Around twelve, he asked again: “Why aren’t you replying, have you already left, Xu Juan?” hNOU8t

His phone kept vibrating with Wechat notifications, but Xu Juan didn’t hear a thing.

This was Pei Yu’s first time on a blind date.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The girl’s family name was Huang, both her parents were intellectuals, and she had decent looks.
But to comment on her character, since it was their first meeting, both had their own reservations and were none the wiser, so neither could figure out what kind of person the other was.

Besides, Pei Yu wasn’t even in the mood to pay attention. WLnE97

He kept his phone clutched in his hand, and after lunch, he used the excuse of going to the washroom to call Xu Juan, but the other didn’t pick up.

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He had no idea what was going on at Xu Juan’s end.
He had clearly said he felt uneasy and wanted to accompany him, but suddenly disappeared.
Left hanging and suspended in this limbo, Pei Yu was absentminded the entire day.
Because his behaviour was too perfunctory, he caused some embarrassment for the girl in front of their elders.
His aunt didn’t look too pleased, and his plans to escape early had also gone to ruins.

It wasn’t until dinner ended, when the sky was nearly dark, that Pei Yu finally sent the elders off and regained his freedom.

When he came outside, Xu Juan had just woken up, but it was due to hunger. x XQbN

From nine in the morning to seven in the evening, Xu Juan marvelled at himself for sleeping like a pig.
Maybe he really was going to be made into a sausage in his next life.
It was at this moment that Pei Yu’s nth phone call came through.

“Hello?” Xu Juan let out a very prolonged yawn.

“Where are you?” Pei Yu’s voice was very deep, carrying with it a hint of restrained anxiety.

Xu Juan didn’t notice: “M’outside.
What’s wrong, you’re not out yet? —— Sigh, Pei laoshi, you couldn’t have really hit it off with that lady, could you? You forgot about me?” hfPsRX

“……” Pei Yu fell silent for two seconds, “Where? I’m out, I don’t see you.”

“At the entrance of the residential estate, walk towards the left.”

Xu Juan brought his seat back up and looked out the window.
In a single glance, he spotted Pei Yu, who had his phone raised in his hand.
He pushed the car horn, Pei Yu walked towards him, opened the door of the car and sat beside him.

“I called you quite a few times.” Pei Yu said, “I thought you’d left.” r4Penq

Xu Juan gave himself a couple of pats on the cheek.
His sleeping position wasn’t very good earlier, and there were some marks left on his face.
He was a little tired; Tired and hungry.
He deliberately leaned over to the passenger seat, sprawling himself on Pei Yu to say: “How could I have left? I waited an entire day for you and haven’t eaten anything.
Good for you, though, you’ve had two meals and there was even a little lady to keep you company.”

“What nonsense are you saying again.” Pei Yu paused, “She… has pretty ordinary looks, and her calligraphy isn’t as good as yours.”

Xu Juan was briefly stunned, he really hadn’t expected Pei Yu to say that.
But although this was a small victory, he feigned innocence, deliberately starting to bicker: “Yo, so if her looks surpassed mine and if her calligraphy were better than mine, the two of you would get together?”

“……” Pei Yu was getting miffed, “Don’t you understand the human language?” qLk2 x

Xu Juan let out a laugh: “It’s because I’m starved, I want to eat something, I haven’t eaten all day.
Can you cook, Pei Yu? Why don’t you cook for me.”

Pei Yu agreed.

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Then Xu Juan said: “Great, let’s go to yours.
I want to sleep over tonight.”

Pei Yu was bewildered when he heard this, looking away out of embarrassment.
He said in a small voice: “We’ve only just started dating, that’s not very appropriate.” uRCgsv

“So what if we’ve just started dating?” In the dim splatter of light, Xu Juan leaned over to kiss him, his tone ambiguous, “It’s just sleeping, what are you thinking of?”

Pei Yu’s face flushed even darker.

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