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rd feelings for Xu Qingguang, always on the lookout for an opportunity to take revenge.
Likewise, he expected that Xu Qingguang definitely wanted to take revenge on him as well.

As artificial as their relationship may be, since Xu Qingguang had taken the initiative in wanting to meet up, he was willing to go.
Even if it was merely because he wanted to see how Xu Qingguang’s newly-done nose looked “offline”, without the use of beauty filters.


But this wasn’t something Xu Juan dared to say directly.
His older sister was widely reputed as a natural beauty of a pianist.
Should he dare to expose her, Xu Qingguang would no doubt send him to the Arctic with a kick.

Xu Juan spent the entire afternoon in the office, chatting with Pei Yu on WeChat while he did his work.
Once it was time to clock off, he drove to the airport to pick up the beauty of a pianist. 

This time, Xu Qingguang didn’t let him wait too long, he was able to pick up his passenger at seven.
The two then left the airport and went to a nearby commercial district to eat.

Xu Juan especially despised eating with his older sister, because this beauty not only wished to eat good food, she also wouldn’t stop whining about losing weight and maintaining her figure, taking a good half a year to pick her order.

However, this was a very unusual day.
He watched as Xu Qingguang randomly ticked two strokes onto the menu before handing it off to the server and turning to beam at him.

Xu Juan’s entire back iced over under her gaze: “What’s wrong, jie?”

Xu Qingguang said: “I’ve good news for you.
Mom wouldn’t let me say anything, so don’t tell her it was me who told you, yeah?”

“Are you certain it’s good news?” 

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“Of course.
You’re telling me that finding a wife to marry isn’t good news?”

Xu Juan: “……”

Good, my ass.

Xu Qingguang was obviously finding delight amidst disaster: “It’s, you know, Guo Shao’s younger cousin Yue Xuelin.
You’ve met her before, she was at your birthday party last year.” 

“Yeah, I remember.” Xu Juan had never once provoked bossy young ladies like her.
Firstly, it was because dealing with princess syndrome was annoying.
Secondly, the circle was quite small and their parents were often in contact with each other.
If trouble arose, it wouldn’t be good for their reputations.

“What’s Mom playing at?” Xu Juan didn’t get it, “You and da-ge aren’t even married yet, why would she rush me to?” 

“Mom probably wants to hold a grandson.” Xu Qingguang said, “Da-ge is so busy and prioritizes work over everything, where would he find the time to get married and have kids? Although I have a boyfriend, I’ve already said I’m DINK, whoever wants kids can go have their own.
Aren’t you the only one left, then?”

Xu Juan: “……” 

Xu Qingguang continued: “In any case, Mom’s just worried about you.
She thinks it’s inappropriate for you to always be fooling around and that you should settle down.
After all, once your birthday passes next month, you’ll be almost thirty––”

“Twenty six, thanks.”

“Right, what’s the difference? Isn’t twenty six basically almost thirty? You’re not young anymore, do you still think yourself a frivolous youth? You’re constantly indulging in alcohol and living a life of debauchery, aren’t you worried it’ll lead to kidney deficiency?”


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Xu Juan was irked beyond belief.
He just knew Xu Qingguang had only hit him up with bad intentions.
He hadn’t even taken a few bites of his food, but he had already been lectured to the point of getting a stomachache.

After much difficulty, he managed to send this great educator away, and got home close to ten.

He had only just parked his car in the garage, yet to get out before he was hit with a sudden impulse to change his mind.
He turned around and drove in the direction of Hong Uni.

Arriving at his destination, Xu Juan called Pei Yu from downstairs: “Pei laoshi, have you gone to bed yet?” 

Pei Yu went to bed promptly at ten every night, and he had just fallen asleep not long ago before the call woke him up.
But he wasn’t angry, asking: “What is it?”

Xu Juan said: “I’m in a bad mood, wanna see you.”

“What happened?” Pei Yu seemed to have already gotten up, and there were quiet rustling noises from his end.

Xu Juan said: “Nothing happened, I’m just in a bad mood.
I’m downstairs, will you come out for a bit, Pei Yu?” 

“How about you come up instead.” Pei Yu’s tone was very gentle, somewhat husky from having just woken up, “Sleep-over tonight.
If there’s anything upsetting you, tell me about it?”

“Nope, why don’t you come out? Let’s go somewhere.” Xu Juan said.


“I’ll take you stargazing.” The night was quiet and still in the university town.
Xu Juan’s low voice was both romantic and seductive, “At my secret base.
Do you want to take a look?” 


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