CH 21

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As promised, Xu laoshi shoved Pei Yu into bed that very night and began to personally teach him. 

Because Pei Yu was too shy, he ended up being somewhat apathetic.
Without blushing or breathing, he took his bathrobe off and allowed Xu Juan free rein.
That attitude made him seem like he was valiantly heading off to meet his death, amusing Xu Juan so much that he sprawled on top of Pei Yu, laughing.

Pei Yu didn’t get mad; He had discovered the truth after suffering at the mercy of the other, time and time again: Just ignore Xu Juan, the more attention he received, the more enthusiastic he would become.



Indeed, after laughing for a while, since no one was enabling him, Xu Juan stopped.
He pressed Pei Yu down onto the mattress and brushed his lips over Pei Yu’s neck, leaving behind the ghost of a kiss.


“You used my shower gel?” Xu Juan sniffed, it was a familiar scent, yet it didn’t feel completely familiar.
There was a scent on Pei Yu that belonged only to him, like a sort of natural cologne that was both there and not at the same time, teasing him to the soul.

“You smell so good.” Xu Juan couldn’t help but kiss him, biting a number of teeth marks into his neck.

To be bitten in bed, it didn’t matter if it was done gently or roughly, it spelt seduction.
With every bite, Pei Yu trembled, his body strung so tight it was as if he was being tortured.


However, with torture, there was only fear.
Instead, he was subtly expectant, his breathing becoming slightly heavier.

Xu Juan saw that he was motionless and marvelled at what a rare find such an innocent and unpretentious blockhead like him was, especially in present times.
What should he do, then? Of course, he should teach him well, and teach him sincerely.

“Won’t you stop ignoring me?” Xu Juan took Pei Yu’s hand and placed it on his own waist, “Cooperate with me a little, Pei laoshi.”


“How should I cooperate?” 

“Hug me.”


Pei Yu did, arms lifting to lock around his waist.

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“Kiss me.” Xu Juan continued, “Don’t you want to kiss me? If you do, why aren’t you making your move?” 

“That time…”

That time, he was too recklessly initiative and Xu Juan got upset.
And so, it made him overly cautious this time around, unsure of what he should and could do.

Xu Juan picked up on his unspoken words, silently meeting his gaze for a few seconds.

Pei Yu had started to sweat. 

He was too nervous.

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Xu Juan never knew that something as delightful and simple as going to bed would be worth getting this nervous for.
Perhaps, it wasn’t a matter of experience; If one was too beguiled, their heartbeat would speed up and their reflexes slowed.
Only someone who cared for nothing could remain habitual and at ease.


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Xu Juan could no longer endure it, pressing down onto his shoulders and kissing him hard.

“……Don’t be nervous.” He said against Pei Yu’s lips, “Just do whatever you want to do.”

Their scorching exhales intertwined, lips burning so hot they were near melting.
Once Xu Juan said those words, it was as if Pei Yu had been granted special permission.
The arms that were wrapped around Xu Juan suddenly tugged, and Xu Juan felt like his waist was nearly snapped, but Pei Yu didn’t notice he had used too much strength.
His entire body was trembling, partly due to his nerves, the rest was from the thrill.

Xu Juan’s lower lip was bitten, but he hadn’t yet felt the pain when Pei Yu began to suck on it with his lips and tongue.
It was as though he wanted to swallow him, the action clumsy with feigned skill. 

Xu Juan tried to regain the lead, but Pei Yu disregarded all techniques and only cared about stopping his attempts.
He bit him, kissed him, vented all his emotions into the kiss; It wasn’t often he showed this much initiative.

Since Xu Juan had promised to teach him, he was more tolerant.
He allowed Pei Yu to practice without restraint, lest it became a repeat of the previous time and caused the other any psychological aversion, such that he wouldn’t even dare to move in bed in the future.

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After a moment’s rest, Pei Yu put his forehead against his, asking out of the blue: “Xu Juan, did I do okay?”


They were face to face, bodies entwined, uncertain when one’s breath ended and the other’s began. 

Pei Yu’s eyes were glistening, bright and enchanting as he gazed at him, as if awaiting validation.
Xu Juan wrestled with his conscience for a short while, then finally admitted that he had indeed lost his mind to lust, he no longer had any principles: “You did okay, it was pretty good.”

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T/N: me vs.
struggling to read traditional chinese on my physical copy for the Goods [ in tears.
] thank god i was super into taiwanese pop a couple years back and had some practice. 

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