01: Year 3030

In 3030, the world was like an old and weakened planet, going through one crisis after another.

Climate problems were reminiscent of the last times of humanity, with endless waves of extinct creatures and extragalactic beings.

So much so that although alien races have a short lifespan, they have always been superior to humans, who have decreased in number as time progressed, due to their reproductive power of hundreds of thousands at once and their rapid reproductive cycles.

Year 3030, smoky and polluted air, clouds of dust enveloped the city.

The 1021 was sitting silently in a small room style minimalist home. The house had no windows and had nothing but the door.

The optics on his wrist focused on the brain.

The optical brain is a thin wristband-style connection device. It can connect to the internet and do much more. It is the identity of the person as well as being a communication device. Also, the quality determines the status of the person.

Some optical brains are things you can buy even if you want.

The 1021 lay in his flat, futon-like bed with a relatively average optic brain.

At midnight, anti-gravity anti-etomo drones should be circling right now. There was a curfew at this hour. They were round, slow-moving, patrolling robots resembling giant eyeball-like cameras, programmed to destroy anything alive as long as they were outside. These are the latest version devices originally built for defense against etomo.

What happens outside is unforgivable as long as its a living thing.

Because entomolars can use the human body as a shield. There are even parasites that directly control the human body.

In this way, the new world brought new laws.


States fell, all saw destruction centuries ago in anarchy.

Now only army-style companies exist. People sign up with the most powerful companies and get access to the highest quality materials.

This era was at the level of technological advances, before becoming entomolar.

There were colonization-style buildings and fast track lines, as well as flying cars.

Mecha or transformers-style robots were not uncommon. Wearables were advanced, and the camera had advanced to the level of a bluetooth lens.

Whether it was genetic modification, transportation, or communication, everything was extremely simple and fast.

The fast age would have rapid construction and destruction.

One country can go bankrupt and another may rise in one night.

It is these invasive species that end such an era.

”They **ed the mouth of the bright age ”

1021 scratched his head and cursed.

People were arrogant, they trusted

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