03:Entomo Raid

The man donned the suit that covered his body like armor, grasping the hot weapon that looked like a cold weapon but was a firearm.

(Cold weapon: ancient weapons. Sword, dagger etc.)

Hot weapon: modern weapons. pistol etc.)

He stared silently at his gun for a while, then turned around and stared at the empty room.

He had neither family nor relatives.

He, they, the people of this age have always been alone.

Stealing someone elses resources for a living was nothing short of extraordinary.

In the end, it was necessary to be wary not only of invasive species, but also of humans.

For a moment he didn want to take that step.

Why do people selfishly cling to life despite such a filthy life?

Even so, they persisted in bringing babies into this disgusting world.

And the children born cursed their parents.

What not to do to your enemy.

As if they could cover up their fear of loneliness with these selfish acts.

”Such a shitty world still suits shitty people ”

The man was silent.

Well, her shitty mom and shitty dad gave birth to her just fine. But he wasn going to do this crap at such a crappy time!

So was that shit or not?

Who cares? If youve even breathed the breath of this shitty world, you
e dirty!

”If we
e shit, they
e sons of bitches- ” he scolded the entomos as usual.

”They give birth to more children than they breathe, such a dishonor has never been seen ”

He paused for a moment talking to himself, and then laughed.

”Haha, 1021, you
e speechless as always ”

”Hey, brain! Whats up? Where have you been away for a while- ”

”Yeah, you
e talking so brainlessly because Im not around! ”

The man continued to talk feverishly to himself, as if they were two different people.

”Its a shame though! ”

”Good, shut up and walk. If you
e a little late, youll be fired. If you don have a protective company, you shit, bugs will eat you, huh! ”

”Fuck, Im late! ”

The brain chuckled.

But only the man heard it from within.

He continued to talk to himself.

He didn turn around.

Because his room always felt like a prison. He was choking her.

A sandstorm filled with dust and pebbles scratched his face as he stepped outside.

He advanced without frowning, the sharp wind continuing to prick his skin like a needle.

He paused and lifted his head to the sky.

Silently, he just looked up at the sky covered with dark clouds and polluted air.

According to an old legend, stars used to be seen in the sky.

Now its just cloudy air, sandy dust clouds, and a swollen world. The air was so polluted that the sky enveloped the dome.

Feeling like you
e being held captive.

Or cage fighting.

”Yes, cage fight! Insects are rivals, the world is cages and you are the victim hehe! ” The brain chuckled again.

He drew his gun.

Why was he alive?

He took a deep breath, anyway, he would stubbornly live to wipe out those bastards!

As the boots stepped into the dust, a gust of wind covered that boots trail on the ground, and it moved forward in silence.

The weather was reminiscent of before the light day broke out.

It was night, the moon was there, but the sky was light blue, as if it were morning.

”Beep- ” his optic brain reminded him again that he was too late.

”Fuck it, I was lost again! ” The man rushed forward.

-To be continued-

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