04:Central Collapse

He was out of breath when he rushed to the headquarters of the company.

Although it was not a very far place, the rush he made had his hand on his feet.

This was the main headquarters. The company was called ”6W9 ” for short.

6W9 was the main center that included all other companies. The main board.

The last and only safe center of humanity.

”Bamm! ” When the surroundings shook and the ground shook, he squatted down quickly, holding his head in his hand. The ground continued to tremble like an earthquake and the buildings continued to shake.

When everything stopped for a moment, he turned and looked back. As soon as he looked, his body stiffened.


Gritting his teeth, he tried to make his way to the centers door, but in vain.

The base was raided by insects.

Even if their bodies were modified and strengthened, how could he deal with a pack alone?!

”Haha, brain looks like we really **ed up this time! ”

”And what the **! ”

The brain spoke in a jovial chirp without breaking its agitation.

”Would you die if you helped? ” The man continued to move forward, tossing the scrap of metal he picked up from the ground.

”Okay okay don be mad! Given the situation you
e in, you have two options! Reaching the headquarters and syncing your armor with your vehicle, that way we can get on the device and hunt them down! Second, well, these insects eat first, then dung haha! ”

The man grumbled.

”How nice you are helping(!) My eyes were tearing up(!) ” He tied his gun to his arm and connected with the lens in his eyes. In this way, the lens would not only calculate the shortest route at the lowest cost, but would also act as the scope of the sniper rifle. He lifted the gun that almost merged with his arm, felt the coldness on the tip of his fingers and opened fire!

”Tararara- ” suddenly there was a sizzling sound, followed by the smell of burning.

Insects lay twitching on the floor, and light smoke was coming out of it.

”Good job! ” The brain was not selfish in praising.

”Squeak- 1021? 1021! Loud! ”

The mans attention was immediately drawn to the device in his ear.

”1021 is here! ” The man answered, but the scratchy voice still remained.

”1021 are you there? 1021! ”

”1021 can you sound! 1021! ”

Damn it! There was a problem with communication.

”You can hear me- back off-! Back off-! ”

Finally, there was an endless squeak.

”Damn it! ”

Feeling a sense of urgency, he took a few more steps and continued to swing his gun as the metal object in his hand shielded himself.

”Wizz-! ” He raised his head!

A colony!

”Wow, is that a queen bee? Pretty dominant! ”

”Will you shut up, its tasteless! ” The man cursed the brain more fervently.

”The company is collapsing, **, **, **! ”

The tremor in his voice was buried in the hum of insects.

”Haha, looks like the end of the road for both of us! ” The brain cried out with even wilder joy for no reason.

”If you want to die, you can die alone in a corner, don drag me! ” The man yelled even more forcefully!

”Behind you! Behind you! ”

He quickly turned his head and arm, making a full turn, cutting another insect body horizontally!

”Damn its a worm! ”

So 1 worm had 2 worms!

”How many mothers should I sell? ”

He ran with even more force.

-To be continued-

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