05: Heaven?

No matter how far he went, he had to bring half of the way by force. How could he move forward like this?!

A swarm of ants emerged from the ground, bees reigned in the sky, as if they were determined to strike the final blow in a planned manner.

His eyes darkened even more. Sweat dripped from the ends of his short hair.

The sky was bright, but the sun and sky just reddened.

Especially after a foggy place and a cloudy sky, light would hardly reach the earth.

The world was already in mourning.

At that moment, he felt the loneliness of death.

She couldn resist the feeling of crying.

He just wanted to ask, why?

Why was he working his ass off for such a shitty life?! Couldn he just give up?

No, he just wanted to cut out that annoying buzzing sound.

He would have given his life for this.

No, in fact, he could give his insignificant life to anything. Just like a sunfish.

(Sunfish: its actually a common internet joke. Its mocked that fish tend to die because they can easily die from stress, sun, fear, and just about anything else. Actually, its not that much.)

His skin was scaly. His body ached and began to tremble slightly.

While he was running, his foot tripped on a stone and he fell to the ground.

”Agh! ”

His forehead hurt, and blood began to flow from his cracked skin. The salty liquid hurt her as the sweat on her body touched the fine cut marks on her body.

His heart was beating in his ears with the effect of adrenaline, seeing a shadow above him, before his brain could react, his body triggered his reflex and immediately aimed and pulled the trigger of his gun.

The beetle lay back, and its rearing body swayed.


He fired his gun again, and the bug finally collapsed motionless to the ground.

Fortunately, the guns were effective.

Before he could take a deep breath, the ground shook again.

This is an uneven rocking. It was not compatible. Its like a flock is coming. A lot-!!

Insects appearing in the sky and quickly falling to the ground. They bounce like rabbits. These are fleas!

The fingers that gripped his gun turned white from anemia. In the end, he could only run desperately towards the center!

He was so agitated that he couldn make out his surroundings. It just attacked, everything close to it. Even if he were a human, he would probably die before he could blink, because his body was moving without thinking.

”1021, sizzle- do I hear it? ”

The sound was heard again.

”Here aa! ”

It was thrown forward.

”Base destroyed, I repeat base collapsed, retreat! ”

His eyes trembled.


Even if he escaped now, he might not necessarily be able to escape.

The metallic, pointed legs that seemed to be nailed to the ground moved quickly. Before the man could sense danger, an extra hole appeared in his chest!

”High-! ” He groaned, gasping for breath. His eyes darkened. The black widow was a venomous spider species. His job was now absolutely finished!

The red-stained armor in the black stared at the eight eye catches, his claws moved, his body approaching rapidly, indicating that he wanted to encircle her in his web.

He cut off the leg at his chest, pulled it from his chest and aimed it towards his eye. Forward stubbornly!

As long as he can reach that device! As long as he can get into central headquarters, a hope, a hope-!

But his response was that his leg softened, with a second hole appearing in his chest.

He reflexively pulled back while trying to escape, but it was a wrong move.

The worms mouth immediately snatched its head!

He gasped, the acidic mucus layer not only eroding his skin, but even making his wound instantly inflamed.

A little further, as long as I go a little further!

He desperately wanted to free his head with his hands and move forward to the centre.

His eyes reddened even more.

For some reason, he didn want to die suddenly.

No, he never wanted to die like this.

”Brain! ”

He spoke within. His voice was shaking.

”Wow, no wonder we ended up like this, ” the brain replied with a nostalgic sigh.

The scorpions claw was approaching his neck, and the worm was swallowing his helplessly fluttering body, convulsing like a vacuum.

”Farewell! ”

There was neither time nor need for another word!

The man seemed to hear the last giggle of his brain, tasted one last sensation as his head split from his torso as salty tears mixed with the mucus. Comfort.

Yes, he had finally reached the end of his journey.

He wasn sure if he wanted to die or not, but all he knew was that he was extremely tired.

Like mad.

Like an obsessed maniac, he devoted himself to killing bugs.

Maybe thats why.

An identityless and insignificant person, at least in blood and sweat he reached above the mid-range, almost a little below the best possibilities, alone.

He had not seen his mother or father since he was born.

In life, he only knew himself and only his brain.

But now neither he nor his brain remained.

-To be continued-

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