In the past, people were unlucky.

Only a fragment of stone (tombstone) and a pile of bones remained that could prove their existence when they died.

But now people were even more unlucky. No tombstones or piles of bones remained. Maybe a piece of shit. They say how you live is how you die. Maybe the fact that they ended up being ingested by bugs and being a pile of shit was proof of how shitty their lives were?

”Don you think so, brain? ”

”This time I will reluctantly agree, ” the brain also confirmed his thought.


”Brain? ”

”Sorry ? ”

”Are we not dead? ”

”I don know, maybe with endosymbiosis your head and insect body somehow managed to survive, eh? ”

For a moment, the man trembled at the thought of his head being transplanted into the body of the insect. Even the thought was disgusting!

”No, thats really gross. You shouldve said, how crappy can your life get, you **ing scumbag! ” He scolded his brain angrily.

The brain fell silent and ignored him.

He felt humming in his head. When he tried to move his eyes, he actually saw a bright light! So bright-

”Brain I think we
e raising it to heaven! ”

There was excitement in his voice.

”God, I regret that I didn believe you, that I cursed you behind your back and said you were as disgusting as those bugs! But you still take me to heaven, thank goodness, ” he admitted for a moment. As he confessed, his brain scolded him for being an idiot.

The man was stunned and did not know what move to make. ”Oh my god? Which one are you? ” He really didn know much about religions.

The answer given to him was silence.

After a while, the voice of the brain was heard again.

”Idiot ”

He ignored the brain and finally opened his eyes, accustomed to the light.

He was stunned by the scene in front of him.

A room larger than his own room. There are colored and painted walls, not gray and dirty walls. Its a high bed, not a futon-style bed. The ground was not a pitiful ground that looked cold and icy. It was a rug that made your feet feel warm and soft.

No matter how advanced future technology may be, some things have changed. For example, when the animals decreased, the yarn obtained from wool also ran out. Carpet? What was that? Just lay the nylon on the floor!

Fortunately, he had no problems with the rooms self-heating feature.

But the absence that he had not felt before made him feel deeply when he saw this place.


Who cares about beauty where it is? Even when the only focus of people has become survival.

She felt her eyes dazzle.

The brain was silent at the sight he saw.

”Can it really be heaven… ”

As much as he wanted to reject logic, his eyes almost bled from this bright and clean place. Extremely clean!

He tried to stand up slowly. He frowned, feeling the weakness in his body deeply.

He watched with interest as his toes played with the fluffy carpet.

He got out of bed and moved to the first place that caught his attention, the window.

In an instant, his entire body was rigid.

”This is bad- ”

A clear sky!

The light blue is so vibrant and fresh that for a moment he wanted to cry.

-To be continued-

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